Very Rare


These items are stronger then the rare was before it and can contain several powerful features. These can cost around 15-20,000 gold pieces. 

Chain Weapon


This +2 weapon has a unique effect when hitting creatures, When you hit a creature with this weapon you can activate its ability with a bonus action. The weapon extends like a chain and targets each creature of the same race within 60ft of you dealing damage to each one. You choose which creatures to hit.

Cloak of the Phantom


As an action you can make a DC 20 Stealth check, on a success you become translucent and all creatures have disadvantage when trying to sense you even through magical means and blindsight. If your passive stealth is higher then a creatures passive perception you are considered hidden.

Menorah of Ritual


As an action, you can light all seven candles on the menorah. You can extinguish one of these flames to cast a ritual as an action. When you do, that candle cannot be relit for 10 minutes. 

Pieces of Eight

wonderous, attunement 

You can have a willing creature inscribe their name on to one of these pieces. You can telepathically communicate with that creature and know the direction of that creature at all times. This telepathy is not restricted by any distance.

Power Pole


This pole can be as small as 1ft or extend up to a number of feet equal to five times your strength score as a free action. This can be used as a +2 weapon that deals 1d10 bludgeoning damage and has reach equal to its size.. It just requires a command word to extend or retract it. 



You cannot gain any negative conditions. This does not include exhaustion.

Ring of the Expert

wonderous, attunement

When you attune to this ring, choose three skills, you gain proficiency in those skills. If you already are, you gain expertise in them. These cannot be changed except by leaving the ring unattuned for 30 straight days.

Ring of Spell Sealing

wonderous, attunement

As an action, call out a spell, while you wear this ring you are unaffected by the named spell and cannot take effects from the spell such as conditions, damage or healing. You can only name a spell that you know of and a spell level equal to half your level rounded up. You can only have one spell sealed in this manor.

Tome of Cantrips

wonderous, spellcaster, attunement

This magical book contains every cantrip within its bindings. When you finish a long rest, choose a class. The tome will reveal every cantrip that is on the chosen classes spell list. While you are attuned to this tome you can cast these cantrips using your spellcasting modifier.