Master Skill List


This is a master list of all the skills and abilities in the game. The basic skills are the ones that can be taken with the Skilled+ training. 

Basic Skills

Name Type Characteristic Reference

Name                                    Stat

Acrobatics                            Speed
Athletics                                Strength
Awareness                            Hit
Barter                                     Spirit
Carouse                                 Vitality
Charm                                    Spirit 
Climb                                Strength 
Common Lore (Land)       Intellect
Common Lore (Military)   Intllect
Deceive                            Potency 
Demolition                        Intellect
Discern                              Potency
Evaluate                            Intellect
Gamble                             Speed
Hide                                  Speed
Inquiry                              Potency
Interrogation                    Magic
Intimidate                         Strength 
Logic                                 Intellect
Medicine                          Magic 
Navigation (Sea)              Intellect
Navigation (Surface)       Intellect
Performer (Dancer)         Spirit
Performer (Musician)       Spirit
Performer (Singer)           Spirit
Performer (Storyteller)      Spirit
Pilot (Civilian Air)               Intellect 
Pilot (Civilian Land)           Hit
Pilot (Civilian Sea)             Magic
Pilot (Military Air)               Intellect
Pilot (Military Land)           Hit
Pilot (Military Sea)             Magic
Pilot (Spacecraft)               Intellect
Silent Move                       Speed
Sleight of Hand                 Speed
Survival                              Intellect
Swim                                  Strength 
Tracking                             Potency
 Wrangling                         Strength

Specialized Skills

Name                                     Stat

Chemist                                 Intellect   Can identify chemical compounds and craft chemical based items.
Commerce                           Spirit         Gain a bonus when attempting to track down a rare item, or ascertain the value of an item.
Lip Reading                         Magic   Can read the lips of the individual that you can see as long as you understand the language they are speaking.
Navigation (Space)             Intellect  
Security                               Potency     Open a locked doors, break into a containers and discover its secrets, or lay traps.

Trade: Many different types of work. 

Trade (Apothecary)             Potency
Trade (Armourer)              Strength
Trade (Artist)                    Speed
Trade (Cartographer)      Potency
Trade (Chemist)             Intellect
Trade (Cook)                 Magic
Trade (Copyist)             Intellect
Trade (Cryptographer)  Intellect
Trade (Linguist)             Spirit
Trade (Mason)              Strength
Trade (Miner)                Strength
Trade (Shipwright)        Intellect
Trade (Smith)                 Strength
Trade (Tanner)               Strength
Trade (Technomat)       Intellect
Tech                               Intellect    Repair a broken piece of tech, push a piece of technology beyond its normal limits, or determine how to use unknown technology.