FF Black Mage


Black Mage's are a magic role that assists their party members through their powerful magical techniques. They do this through elemental spells, death magic and storm magic. Their primary weapon is a rod. Though others can wield rods they are the only class that can wield dolls.

Base Stat Modifiers

HP: 2d8+8
MP: 2d10+10
Strength: Minus
Vitality: Normal
Potency: Plus
Spirit: Normal
Speed: Normal
Intellect: Normal
Hit: Normal
Magic: Normal

Inate Magic Training

Black Mage's start off with Inate Magic Training.

Black Mage Tier 1 Training List

Name                                  Cost          Prerequisite

Strength +5                        750
Vitality +5                           500
Potency: +5                        250
Spirit +5                              500
Speed +5                            500
Intellect +5                         500
Hit +5                                 500
Magic: +5                           500
Evasion +1                          500
Luck +1                               500
Acrobatics                         250
Aetherial Manipulation     300
Awareness                        150
Blizzard l                            150
Blizzard ll                            400          Blizzard l
Charm                                100
Deception                          100
Discern                             100
Fire l                                  150
Fire ll                                 400           Fire l
HP Up                               250
Lore (Basic)                       250
Lore (Basic Magic)          100
Manafont                           300
Manaward                        300
MP Up                               300
Rod Training                      100
Scathe                              250
Survival                            200
Thunder l                         150
Thunder ll                         400                Thunder ll

Note: The Stat increases can be taken up to three times each.
Note2: The HP Up can be taken up to ten times.
Note3: The MP Up can be taken up to ten times.

Black Mage Tier 2 Training List

This unlocks after you have spent 2500xp in Black Mage Tier 1 Training.

Name                                   Cost              Prerequisite

Strength +5                         1750
Vitality +5                            1500
Potency: +5                         1250
Spirit +5                               1500
Speed +5                             1500
Intellect +5                           1500
Hit +5                                   1500
Magic: +5                             1500
Evasion +1                            1500
Luck +1                                 1500
Acrobatics (Expert)             500           Acrobatics
Aetherial Manipulation ll     600          Aetherial Manipulation
Awareness (Expert)             300          Awareness
Blizzard lll                             300           Blizzard ll
Blizzard lV                            750           Blizzard lll
Charm (Expert)                    200           Charm
Deception (Expert)              400           Deception           Deception
Discern (Expert)                   200           Discern
Doll Training                         700
Dualcast                                500           
Fire lll                                     300           Fire ll
Fire lV                                    750            Fire lll
Flare                                      500           Fire ll
HP Up+                                500
Ley Lines                              500           Potency 45+
Lore (Basic) (Expert)            500           Lore (Basic)
Lore (Basic Magic) (Expert) 200           Lore (Basic Magic)
Manafont ll                           600           Manafont
Manaward ll                         600            Manaward
MP Up+                                600
Scathe ll                               500            Scathe
Scepter Training                  200            Rod Training
Spotcast                               500            Magic 40+
Survival (Expert)                  400            Survival
Thunder lll                            300             Thunder ll
Thunder lV                           750               Thunder lll

Note: You can take the Stat upgrades up to three times each.
Note2: You can take HP Up+ up to ten times.
Note3: You can take Skilled+ up to three times.
Note4: You can take MP Up+ up to ten times.

Black Mage Specialization 

When you have spent at least 5000xp in Black Mage Tier 2 Training, you can specialize into one of three Special Jobs. When you do, you cannot change it and you unlock the first Tier in that Job. You can still spend experience points in Black Mage Tier 1 & 2.

  • Elementalist
  • Necromancer
  • Thaumaturge

Training List Definitions

Here is the description of each of the above items. Note that some of these items such as Fire have a short description. See the Magic Section to learn more..

Aetherial Manipulation
As an action, you can teleport to an ally you can see.
Aetherial Manipulation ll: You can now do this as a Swift Action.

Deals Ice damage.

When you cast a spell that is higher then its base level, you can use a swift action to cast that same spell as long as you cast a lower level version. 

Deals Fire damage.

Deals great fire damage.

When you take this, you gain +5 to Max HP
HP Up+: You gain +10 instead.

Ley Lines
When you come across a draw point, you can absorb the magic from it. You regain MP equal to the Draw Value as a percent value. 

As an action, restore 15% of your Max MP. You can do this a number of times a day equal to your Magic Bonus Number.
Manafont ll: you restore 30% instead.

As an action, you can create a barrier of pure magic until the end of the round or until you dismiss it as a swift action. While active, 1/4 of the damage you take is instead taken out of your MP instead of your HP.
Manaward ll: 1/2 is taken out instead.

This grants you a +5 to your Max MP
MP UP+: This grants a +10 instead.

Deal non-elemental damage. 20% chance to double Potency Bonus damage.
Scate ll: 40% chance instead.

Once per round, you can activate this ability as a Swift Action. The next spell you cast requires 0 MP. 

Deal Thunder damage