Catching a Dungeonmon


Each Dungeonmon has a specific catch rate. These are used to figure out how difficult it is to capture certain dungeonmon. Catching one requires a special ball that will encapsilate a dungeonmon. Then is tested against its capture rate using the following formula. 

Capture rate = Rarity + Current Health
Ball Formula = 1d100+ Ball Bonus + Status Effects

Dungeonmon Rarity Catch Rate

Common = 20
Uncommon = 35
Rare = 65
Very Rare = 85
Legendary = 100
Artifact = 133

Type of Capture Ball

Dungeball - You get no bonuses when using this ball.
Ball of Holding - You get a +10 bonus when using this ball
Crystal Ball - You get a +20 bonus when using this ball
Sphere of Annihilation - You have a 100% catch rate with this ball.