Destiny Points

The Choices We Make

All Player Characters begin play with a number of Fate Points. The number of Fate Points a character receives is decided during character creation. Fate Points are what separates Acolytes from the ordinary people of the Imperium. PCs have destinies and the Emperor has marked them for greater things. While their ultimate fate is a mystery, with no guarantees that it will be glorious, enriching or pleasant, they are a cut above the rest. 

Using Destiny Points

Destiny Points allow you to turn luck to your advantage, hitting with that Ki shot when you would have otherwise missed, or cracking the security code on a door just in time to make a hasty escape. Using these twists of fate, you can take a few more risks, which makes the game faster and far more exciting than would otherwise be the case. That said, you have a limited pool of Destiny Points and whenever you spend a Destiny Point, you reduce your pool by one, so choose wisely. Destiny Points are restored at the start of the next gaming session. Spending a Destiny Point allows a character to do one of the following things:

Re-roll any one failed Check. The results of the re-roll are final.
Count as having rolled a 10 for their Initiative.
Add an extra degree of success to a Check or Ability that have one.
Instantly recover 1d6 Hit Points.
Recover from being Stunned. 

Destiny Burn

Sometimes a re-roll or an extra degree of success is not going to be enough to save a character's life. In these instances, the character may choose to burn a Destiny Point and permanently reduce their Destiny Points by 1. The result is that the character survives whatever it was that would have killed him, but only just. So for example, if the character was shot with a cannon and suffered a Critical Hit that would have killed him, instead he will only be horribly wounded, hideously burnt and its Hit Points set to its Toughness. In more extreme circumstances, such as being trapped on a space ship during a implosion, it is up to the player and the GM to work out just how the character makes his escape (Like when goku survived the explosion of Namek). There is no rolls that are done when burning a Destiny Point. It is assumed to roll the highest number possible and automatically succeeding. Note that you may burn a Destiny Point even if you have already used all of your Fate Points for that gaming session. This just means that at the start of the next session, when your points are restored, you will have 1 less Destiny Point.

Gaining Additional Destiny Points

Since Destiny Points are an expendable resource, you may be reluctant to burn them for fear of never gaining more. However, as your character undertakes adventures, he may gain  additional Destiny Points to replenish those that have been burnt away. Your GM may grant Destiny Points for particular acts of heroism, cunning or good roleplaying.