Throughout the Wasteland you will encounter not only dangerous foes but harsh environments, sickly npc's, dieseased creatures, poisonous fauna and tempting chems and brews. In interacting with these things there are chances for you to acquire addicitons and illnessess. 

Doctor's Bag

A doctor's Bag is a special item that is more powerful then using a regular stimpack. This bag has the capability to heal all broken and crippled limbs. These are hard to come by but can be bought at a doctors clinic for a base price of 300 CAPS. It can also be crafted using the following items and succeeding on a successful Doctors Skill Check. If you fail the check one of the items is randomly destroyed and becomes unusable and cant be scrapped.

  • Scalpel or Surgical Scalpel x1
  • Bandage Scissors x1
  • Medical Tray x1
  • Duct Tape x1
  • Tongs x1
  • Yardstick x2 


Addiction can happen from using too many chems. An addict suffers withdrawal symptoms that can cause ill effects when a drug wears off. Many substances in Fallout are addictive. Each chem has a chance of addiction. One of the most addictive chems is Jet. 

Chance of Addiction

You have a stacking 5% chance with alchohol and a 10% chance with Chems each time you take or use something that has the addiction tag. Example. If you drink a beer you have a 5% chance to become addicted. If you dont become addicted, the next time you drink a beer you have a 10% chance to become addicted. See the table below for length of time for addiction and to have your addiction chances reset. If you partake in the substance again before your duration is up, the timer resets and you must wait the full time before your chance is reduced.

Jet is the most addictive substance in Fallout and starts off att a 30% base chance and increases by 20% each time. Additinally, Nuka Quantum falls under the Alcohol type.

Duration of Effects

Type            % Chance     % Stack    Time until % Decreases   Amount Decreases 

Alcohol               5%              5%                     1 day                                5%

Chems                10%            10%                    3 days                             10%

Jet                       30%           20%                   4 days                             10%

Effects of Addiction

ADDICTION                   CLASS     EFFECTS         TYPE  
Alcohol addiction         Alcohol    CHA/AGI -1      Various alcoholic 
Buffout addiction         Chem       STR/END-1      Buffout, Buffjet, Bufftats
Daddy-O addiction      Chem      INT/PER -1      Daddy-O  

Day Tripper addiction  Chem      LCK/CHA-1     Day Tripper
Fury addiction              Chem      STR/PER -1     Fury
Jet addiction                Chem      Agility -1          Jet, Jet Fuel, Ultra jet 

Med-X addiction          Chem      AGI -1 DR -10   Med-X 
Mentats addiction       Chem       Charisma -1     Berry, Grape, Orange variants)

Overdrive addiction    Chem       STR/AGI -1       Overdrive 

Psycho addiction         Chem      STR-1 DR -10    Psycho, Psycho jet, Psychobuff

Diseases & Illness

There is a chance of contracting a disease after eating uncooked meat, drinking unpurified water, taking damage from disease-ridden creatures, and using harmful chems; diseases convey a general drawback after contraction. Items the cleanse the body of radiation also come with the side effect of a suppressed immune system, leaving one more vulnerable to contracting a disease.

Diseases can be cured by visiting a doctor and paying them to remove it. Alternatively, antibiotics can be used to get rid of diseases. 


  Roll    Disease                Effect

  1. Molerat                Suffers from -10 to Max Hit Points( (Stacks).                                   Caused by Molerats
  2. Insomnia             Sleep is 50% less effective (i.e. the player                                     character needs to sleep at least 12 hours                                     instead of 6 to gain a Long Rest 
  3. Lethargy             Action Points regenerate 50% slower Speed                                is set to 5
  4. Fatigue               Sleep deprivation accumulates twice as fast                                (i.e. character needs to sleep twice as often,                                need a Long Rest every 12 hours)
  5. Parasites             All positive food and drinks are 50%                                              effective and last half as long. (acquired from                              food and drinks)
  6. Weakness           All incoming damage is increased by 25%.                                  STR based skills get -20
  7. Infection              Character takes periodic damage 1d4+1 every                               30m. Cannot reduce below 1. 
  8. The Blight            -1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats 
  9. Blood worms       You deal 25% of your damage 
  10. Bone worms        Take 50% more limb damage 
  11. Buzz brain            INT -3 (this counts against skills learned if                                      you have it during level up)
  12. Fever claw           -50% Damage with Ranged Weapons 
  13. Flap limb               STR -2, PER -2, AGI -2 
  14. Glowing Pustules  Bleed radiation from wounds when hit, Gain                                 Rads equal to half the damage you take.  
  15. Jelly fingers           Double Ranged VATS AP Cost, -20 to Traps 
  16. Lock joint               Melee AP cost double, -20 to Sneak
  17. Needle spine        -20 Carry Capacity 
  18. Snot ear                  PER -2, -10 Skill checks with detection 
  19. Swamp gas            CHR -2, you smell badly, -20 to Charm
  20. The Woopsies        LCK -2, -20 to Throwing


The chance for contracting a disease is determined by a roll, depending on the current Disease Risk Pool (DRP). The DRP is a cumulative indicator of the current risk of the character becoming diseased and starts at 0, accumulating percentage points from various environmental and food/drink sources. The DRP decays at a natural rate of -1% per hour.

Sources include:

  • Food: Unprepared and uncooked always adds +1% to the DRP. Foods can also have a low disease risk (+3% to the DRP), standard (+7%), high (+12%), or very high (+20%).
  • Drink: Dirty drinks adds +2% to the DRP.
  • Chems: Dirty chems add +7% to the DRP. These include Buffout, Daddy-O, Day Tripper, Fury, Jet, Med-X, Mentats, Overdrive, Psycho.
  • Fighting: Infected enemies will add +5% to the DRP if hit in combat.
  • Swimming: Swimming in contaminated water will add +3% to the DRP. The effect stacks every 2 hours.
  • Rain: Exposure to rain adds +3% to the DRP. The effect stacks every 4 hours.

When the DRP reaches the threshold of 25%, the GM starts rolling for diseases. Whenever applicable. When you do you can roll a d20 and consult the table above or choose one that applies. Once a disease is acquired their DRP is reset to 0.