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On A Roll

Starting at 1st level, when you roll a 1 on The D20 for an Attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll. If you roll another 1 on the same roll it automatically changes to a 20.

Striking it Rich

Starting at 2nd level, whenever you find a type of currency, you find twice as much instead. Also, you wield currency as a weapon. You gain the following benefits:

You can toss any type of currency at a range of 60/120, proficient, an finesse  
Using Copper currency deals 1d4+modifier piercing damage
Using Silver currency deals 1d6+modifier piercing damage
Using Gold currency deals 1d8+modifier piercing damage
Using Electrum currency deals 1d10+modifier piercing damage
Using Platinum currency deals 1d12+modfier piercing damage

As long as the currency is not destroyed in some way and you have access to the location of where you made your attacks, you can recover all expended ammunition. At 6th level, this damage becomes magical and at 14th level it deals an extra die of damage.

Lucky Wish

Starting at 5th level, whenever you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll, ability check or saving throw, you can immediately cast any spell of 3rd level or lower without paying any component costs and is done as an action regardless of casting time. If this effect is triggered out of combat, you must finish a long rest before being able to use this feature again. 

Odd Chance

At 6th level, you gain access to a certain list of spells that you have a chance to use. As an action you choose Support, Pain, or Change. When you do, roll a dice dependent on the number of spells in your list and cast the spell following the spells rules. You start with 3 Odd Chance points and gain an additional 1 for every level after this one in Half-Genie. You can use more then one Odd Chance point when using this feature. When you do you instead roll an amount of dice equal to the number of Odd Chance points you expend. You then choose one of those die and cast the spell of that number. You gain two additional spells at 8th, 10th, 12th and 14th level. You regain all expended uses on a long rest.

Support List                         Pain List                    Change List
6th Level:
1. Bless                                  Burning Hands         Charm Person
2. Cure Wounds                   Chromatic Orb          Command
3. Heroism                            Guiding Bolt              Fairie Fire
4. Protection Good n Evil     Thunderwave           Sleep

8th Level
5. Gentle Repose                   Melf's Acid Arrow   Alter Self
6. Lesser Restoration             Scorching Ray        Hold Person

10th Level
7. Beacon of Hope                 Fireball                     Dispel Magic
8. Mass Healing Word           Lightning Bolt          Fly

12th Level
9. Death Ward                        Blight                       Tongues
10. Revivify                              Ice Storm                 Greater Invisibility

14th Level
11. Greater Restoration           Cloudkill                   Awaken
12. Mass Cure Wounds           Cone of Cold           Seeming





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