Force Casting Rules

Force Casting Rules

Due to the unique portrayal of the Force within Star Wars, the Star Wars conversion has renamed spells from D&D and renamed them as "Force Powers", and "Force Talents" for Spells and Cantrips respectively.

In addition, there have been several important changes to the mechanics of spells, as described below:

  • Forcecasting has had their Verbal, and Material Components removed.

  • "Powers" unlike D&D spells, do not require Focuses.(arcane focus and the like).

  • The removal of "eight schools of magic" such as Evocation, Abjuration, Transmutation, etc, and have been replaced with Light Side, Dark Side and Universal.

  • Conversion of Spellcasting Slots into the "Force Point" system, which is akin to the spellcasting point system in the D&D DMG book, this forcecasting system is furhter explained below.

  • A large majority of spells from D&D have been removed, and only a fraction have been maintained and added, though heavily changed or refluffed to fit the force users.

Using the Force

To use the force it requires you to use force points, which are gained through specific classes. You expend a number of force points equal to the required amount to cast a specific level of spell. You cant reduce your force point total to less than 0 and you regain all spent force points when yu finish a long rest. The table below shows the force point cost for each level of spell.

Force Point Cost

Force Power Level                    Force Point Cost

             1                                                    2

             2                                                   3

             3                                                   5 

             4                                                   6 

             5                                                   7 

             6                                                   9 

             7                                                   10 

             8                                                   11 

             9                                                   13