Threads of Life

Starting at 1st level, as an action, you can expend a spell slot to conjure arcane threads that extend from your hands. These threads target an inanimate object of your choice within 120ft of you that isnt being worn or carried. The object is bound by its physical make up (ie. a teddybear is bipedal so it can walk. A chest is not so it can only crawl, GM use best judgement). It comes to life under your control and is considered a magical construct. It stays animated as long as it stays within 120ft of you, until it drops to 0 hit points, a dispel magic is cast on it or similar effect. 

While active you can sense through the creature using your same senses. While you control an object you cannot cast spells that require Somatic components. As a Bonus Action, you can command the creature to perform tasks such as but not limited to Attack and interact with objects. The creature shares your initiative and takes an interact with objects to move the creature. You can only control one object at at time. While animated the creature has the following statistics:

  • Speed: Tiny 20ft, Small 25ft, Medium or Larger 30ft.
  • Ability Scores: 10 + Spell Slot Used.
  • Hit Points: Tiny 1 * Spell Slot Used, Small 3 * Spell Slot Used, Medium 6 * Spell Slot Used, Larger or Larger 10 * Spell Slot Used
  • Attack: 1 + Spell Slot Used
  • AC: Tiny 5 + Spell Slot Used, Small or Larger 10 + Spell Slot Used
  • Proficiency: Share the same proficiency's as you

Program Doll

Starting at 6th level, when you use your Threads of Life to create a puppet, it gains the base features of any class you choose based on the level of spell slot you used. 

  • 4th level or lower: Gain the features of a first level class.
  • 5th level to 6th level: Gain the features of a second level class.
  • 7th level to 8th level: Gain the features of a third level class.
  • 9th level: Gain the features of a fifth level class. 

Mob Doll

Starting at 14th level, when you use your Threads of Life, you can expend additional spell slots up to your Charisma Modifier to target an additional object. If you control two or more objects you must use your action to control them and give them orders. When you do you can give individual commands to each object. Also, while you control two or more objects you cannot cast any spells that have the Somatic or Material component. 

Doll of Demise

At 18th level, you gain the ability to use your dolls as weapons of pure magic. As an action you can destroy one of your objects that you control. Target a creature within 60ft and make a spell attack. On hit the target takes damage equal to half the remaining health of the object destroyed. In addition, you regain a spell slot equal to half or lower of the spell slot used in the animation of that object rounded down. If a 1st level spell was used to create the doll, you dont regain any spell slots back. The damage type is based on the doll.

  • Warlock: Necrotic
  • Sorcerer: Element of your choice
  • Bard or Wizard: Psychic
  • Cleric or Paladin: Radiant
  • Druid or Rogue: Poison
  • Ranger: Piercing 
  • Fighter: Slashing
  • Barbarian or Monk: Bludgeoning  
  • Other: Force