This fun and exciting version of the dungeons and dragons 5th edition adds an additional mechanic to the game. Allowing you to capture Dungeonmon using Dungeballs and using them to battle other Dungeonmon.

You will able to capture some of D%D's classic monsters and use them to battle other Adventurers and battle the Tavern Leaders allowing you to get badges. Collect enough and you will be able to participate in the D.G.C. (Dungeonmon Grand Championship). 

But be on the look out for the evil organization Team Zhenty who are out to conquer the world and grab all the best and rarest Dungeonmon. They are most notable by their black outfits and a snake symbol in the form of a Z. 


Combat works mostly the same as regular D&D 5E. There are a few minor changes listed below:

  • New Status Effects
  • Roll new Initiative at the start of every round

You will be playing as a commoner of course with no classes in anything. Your Dungeonmon will be able to level up and even Polyvolve into stronger versions gaining new attacks and abilities.