The Commando


Commandos are soldiers schooled in analyzing a battlefield during harsh wartime and utilizing instinct and honed skill, to make quick decisions that can determine the fate of the battle. They are trained to lead troops into battle, directing them, not ordering them from afar; but fighting alongside them in the thick of it. They are exceptionally deadly marksman, and more so astute tacticians, able to read the battle and their enemy quickly to gauge a threat.

Bonus Proficiency:

Starting at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with Heavy Weapons

Improved Critical: 

Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19-20. This increases to 18-20 at 15th level.

Focus Fire!: 

 At 3rd level, when you hit an enemy with an attack, all allies that hit the target deal extra damage equal to half your proficiency bonus until the start of your next turn.

Battle Analysis: 

Starting at 7th level, if you spend at least 1 minute observing or interacting with another creature outside combat, you can learn certain information about its capabilities compared to your own. The DM tells you if the creature is your equal, superior, or inferior, in regard to two of the following characteristics of your choice:

  • Strength Score

  • Dexterity Score

  • Constitution Score

  • Armor Class

  • Current Hit Points

  • Total Class Levels (if any)

  • Soldier Class Levels (if any)

Alternatively, you can; if engaged in combat, make a quick Analysis during the engagement, you must succeed on a Wisdom (Insight) check, the DC of which is equal 10 + the Challenge Rating of that creature. (for example; attempting to analyze a creature with a CR of 4, would then set that DC to be 14).

Additional Fighting Style: 

At 10th level, you can choose a second option from the Fighting Style Class Feature.

In Harms Way: 

At 15th level, As a Reaction, you can run toward an ally within 30ft and use your body to shield them from harm. When an ally is the target of a melee or ranged weapon attack; or has to make a Dexterity Saving Throw, you can run towards them and shield them from the brunt of the attack, causing you to become the target of that attack instead.
Until the start of your next turn, any attack made against the protected ally, affects you instead. Alternatively, you become the subject of the dexterity saving throw's source. If the source of that Dexterity Saving Throw is the result of an Area-of-Effect, this feature does not grant protection, but instead grants that ally advantage on their saving throw, but likewise causes you to be within the radius of that area-effect and must likewise make a Dexterity Saving Throw.
Once you use this feature, you cannot do so again until after a short or long rest.

Tough as Nails: 

Starting at 18th level, you can use your "Second Wind" soldier feature, a number of times equal to your Constitution Modifier.