FF Special Buildings


These buildings or special venues are things that are unique. These are possible to exist in many of the different games a Game Master might use. 

Special Buildings

Blitzball Stadium

This is where many come to watch the famed sport of Blitzball takes place. These are circular stadiums that rise up twenty stories high from the ground. Stadium seating is normally between 90k-100k. Considering that there is more then one game that takes place throughout the day, there are twenty locker rooms for teams (each fully equipped with their needs). At the center there are floating crystals the size of a small ball that contain gravity magic to keep the water in the air and in its spherical shape. There are many concession stands and shops dedicated to the sport that are within the stadium for its paying guests. 


The Garden refers to the educational institutions. Each trains youths into becoming members of specialized military forces, and is headed by two individuals: an administrator, referred to as master, and a headmaster.

The Garden Code is drilled into each student among text-based lessons. It is a series of articles that informs the student on possible actions during a given situation.
(For example: Article 8, Line 7 dictates: 8:7... In the event that returning to the assigned Garden is not possible, report to the nearest Garden).

Gardens require students to wear cadet uniforms for formal occasions or external operations where the Garden is represented. The uniforms of each Garden are in similar design with patterned shoulder pieces and silver linings. The Garden logo appears partway down the right sleeve. The main difference between the uniforms is the color: Some Garden's consists of a navy blue base with yellow accent, another Garden's may be a light blue base with purple accent, and another Garden's may be black base with red accent.

Children between the ages of five and fifteen may apply to become a cadet. To become a student, one must pass an interview. Students are allowed stay with their family and commute, or live in the dorms. Cadets take classes in general education, athletics, combat, magic, and (in Balamb Garden) Guardian Force use.

When cadets turn fifteen, they may attempt to become SeeD. Students can take part in the SeeD field exam after completing the written exam. Students have until age twenty to pass the SeeD exam before they are required to leave the Garden.

Gardens are the size of Major Universities and have several facilities inside of them. Including but not limited to; Parking Lots, Dorms, Libraries, Medical, Galley/Restaurants, Training Center, Event Hall, Front Gate, Admissions, Master's Den, Headmasters Office, SeeD Dorms, Sublevels, Instructors Offices, Classrooms, Emergency Exit. 

Via Infinito

Via Infinito is a 100 level underground dungeon. Here is where the most powerful pieces of equipment, items and some summons can be found. Inside the dungeon holds some of the most power enemies that have ever existed and most that attempt don't return. Even the strongest known fighters have only partially made it through. Every six levels there is a Boss level fight. At the 25th level there is a Super Boss. At 50th level there is a Epic Super Boss. At 75th level there is a Legendary Super Boss and at level 100 there is a God Boss. In terms of Difficulty, the Bahamuts are considered Super Boss level. Each tier is twice as strong as its predecessor. Which would make a God Boss 8x stronger then Bahamut. 

Shinra Building

The Shinra Building is the Headquarters of the Shinra Electric Power Company. An organization that runs the electrical power to cities. They have gained so much power and authority they serve as their own military. The Shinra Building is seventy stories tall complete with everything that could be needed. Including but not limited to; gyms, health centers, restaurants, residential rooms, conference rooms, libraries, shops, security stations, barracks, garages, laboratories, prisons, holding facilities, atrium, advanced weaponry, memorial museum, entertainment.

The Drum is the secret research facility.
The 69th level is the Executive Suites and the 70th level is The Presidents Office.