FF Items


Items are essential to Final Fantasy. These can even change the battle and help keep you fighting longer. Items use the Item Command which requires an action to use. Items can be thrown using the Throwing rules. This requires a successful Hit check when targeting an enemy. No check is needed when targeting an ally unless they are being grappled or half of them is covered. An ally must be willing for there to be no check.

Below states whether or not it is a single target ONE or more. If it states that its a TEAM, then it effects the team that the original target is on unless one of their members is 100ft away. Then it wouldn't affect that one target.

The selling price of these items when selling to a shop is half their cost value.

Healing items

These items can generally be used both in and out of battles.

Item              Price     Target       Effect 

Annoytment  150     One            Cures trouble 
         80      One            Cures poison
Cornucopia   150     One            Cures mini
Echo screen  100     One             Cures silence
Elixir                Rare  One              Restores all HP and MP 
Ether             1500     One             Restores 100 MP
Eyedrop        50         One            Cures blindness 
Hi-potion      300       One            Restores 50 HP
Hyper            100        One            Cures sadness status or causes fury status
Impaler          500       One           Cures or inflicts "frog"
Maiden's kiss 150       One           Cures toad 
Megalixir         Rare     All allies   Restores all HP and MP 
Phoenix down 300     One          Revives KO'd ally with 10% HP;
Potion              50        One          Restores 10 HP
Remedy           1000     One          Cures all status ailments
Shrivel             500       One         Cures or inflicts "mini" 
Soft                  150        One         Cures petrify 
Tranquilizer      100       One         Cures fury status or causes sadness
Turbo ether       Rare     One         Restores all MP
Vaccine              150       One         Cures Virus
X-potion             Rare    One          Restores all HP

Field items

These items can generally be used only out of battles.

Item                     Price      Target       Effect 
Save crystal       Rare        All allies
Tent                     500         All allies   Restores all HP/MP. Use at Save Crystal or Field

Chocobo greens and nuts

Greens have three uses: (1) learning an enemy skill; (2) capturing a chocobo; (3) upgrading a chocobo for a race.

The Chocobo Sage has all the knowledge on chocobo related topics.

Item                    Price        Battle effect         Attributes 
Curiel greens    1000        Eaten in 5 turns   Increases speed and stamina 
Gysahl greens  100           Eaten in 2 turns   Increases speed and stamina
Krakka greens  250          Reduces Escape  Increases intelligence 
Mimett greens 1500         Allows to use "Chocobuckle";
Pasana greens 800          Reduces Escape
Reagan greens 3000       Eaten in 8 turns;
Sylkis greens    5000       Allows to use "Chocobuckle";
Tantal greens    400         Eaten in 3 turns Increases intelligence, speed and stamina

Nuts are used to breed chocobos. Chocobo breeding can be done only after the heroes obtained when they have at least three chocobo stalls.

Item                     Price           Effect 
Carob nut           300gp        Breed Blue, Green and Black Chocobos Buy: Gold Saucer
Lasan nut           600             Breeds regular chocobos
Luchile nut         200             Breeds regular chocobos
Pepio nut            100             Breeds regular chocobos
Porov nut           2000          Breeds regular chocobos
Pram nut            1500           Breeds regular chocobos
Saraha nut         400            Breeds regular chocobos
Zeio nut                                Required to breed Gold Chocobos Drop/Steal: Goblin Island

Attribute Sources

These items, also known as "Enix seeds", are featured in every role-playing video game by Enix and, later, Square-Enix.

Item               Effect        
Guard            Raises vitality by 1 
Luck               Raises Luck by 1 
Magic             Raises Magic by 1 
Mind               Raises Spirit by 1 
Power             Raises strength by 1
Speed             Raises Speed by 1 

Battle items

These items can be used during battle only.

Support items

Battle items that target your allies.

Item                 Cost            Target            Effect 
Hero drink      Rare            One               Raises all Stats by 10 for 1 rounds
Holy torch      Rare             Team             Removes all status effects
Light curtain  Rare             Team            Causes "protect" status (halves physical damage)
Lunar curtain  Rare             Team           Causes "shell" status (halves magical damage)
Mirror               Rare             Team          Causes "reflect" status (spells bounce back)
Smoke bomb   1000             Team         +20 to Escape check for 1 round
Speed drink      Rare             One           +2 Actions for 1 round
War gong          Rare              Team       Causes "berserk" status (increases physical damage by 1.5x but can only use physical attacks.)

Disabling items

Battle items that target the enemies and alter their status. When throwing an item at a target, you must make a Successful Hit check. Then on a hit, the target will need to make the required check based on the status.

Item                   Cost       Target       Effect 
Cauldron          Rare        One         Inflicts 6 status ailments (your choice)
Dazers               Rare        One         Inflicts "paralyze" status
Dream powder Rare        Team       Inflicts "sleep" status (80% chance)
Ghost hand       Rare        One         Drains MP
Hourglass          Rare        Team       Inflicts "stop" status (80% chance) Win: Edgehead
Ink                       Rare       One         Inflicts "blindness" status
Loco weed          Rare       Team       Inflicts "confusion" status 
Mute mask           Rare      Team       Inflicts "mute" status (80% chance) 
Spider web           Rare      Team       Inflicts "slow" status

Attack items

Battle items that deal damage to the enemies. When throwing them at an enemy, it requires a Successful Hit. If it targets more then one target, you still only roll once.

Item                        Cost      Target       Effect 

8-inch cannon     Rare        One         Fire 1 Casted 8 times on target
Antarctic wind    Rare         One         Ice 2
Basilisk claw        Rare         One        Petrify
Bird wing              Rare         One         Wind 1 Casted 2 times on target
Bolt plume            Rare         One         Lightning 2
Deadly waste       Rare          One        Poison 2
Dragon fang         Rare          One        Lightning 3
Dragon scales      Rare           One       Water 1
Earth drum            Rare          One        Quake 2
Earth mallet           Rare          One        Quake 3
Fire fang                 Rare           One       Fire 2
Fire veil                   Rare           One       Fire 3
Graviball                  Rare           One      Gravity 1
Grenade                  Rare            Team     Fire 1 on all targets in 20ft sphere
Ice crystal                Rare            One       Ice 3
Kiss of death            Rare           Team     Instant-KO (Vit Check)
Malboro tentacles   Rare            One      Poison 3
Molotov                     Rare           Two       Fire 1 Casted 3 times on targets
Stardust                     Rare            Team    Comet 2
Swift bolt                   Rare            One       Lightning 1 + triple Potency BN
Time-space bomb     Rare            One       Gravity 2
Vampire fang             Rare            One       Drains HP for 4x Potency BN

Key items

Key items are ones that can't be used by the player directly, although they often allow Cloud to interact with his environment in important ways. They generally progress the storyline, or point the player in the right direction. Some events depend on a choice of which key items you have (i.e. Corneo's mansion).

Item Name             Description 
Battery                    Looks like it can start some sort of machine. Purchase for 100 Gil          from weapons shop.
PHS                        Able to call your party members from long distance.

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