Qualities are special features which Digimon can purchase to further bolster and flavor their abilities beyond that of raw Stats. They're purchased by spending the stated number of DP to add the Quality to your Digimon. However, there's a bit more to it than that.

Qualities which state a Rank, are Qualities which may be purchased multiple times. Some sport a line which will say "Up to X Ranks". This means that there is still a limit on how many times the player may purchase the Quality. Others may have another limitation on how many times they may be bought; be sure to read the Quality text carefully. Some Qualities also have a choice that you have to make about it, so think carefully.

Lastly, each Quality will sport a Tag and a special symbol which will help you determine how it effects your Digimon. The system is simple; just remember your S.A.T.'s.

Static (S)

Qualities which sport the Static Tag are Qualities which are, in short, always on. The Digimon is always considered effected by this Quality unless something happens to disable it.

Attack (A)

Qualities which have the Attack Tag are Qualities which help directly modify Attacks of the Digimon. While most Qualities modifying Attack are for a single Attack, some may be able to modify more than a single Attack.

Trigger (T)

Trigger Qualities are ones that require a 'trigger' to occur. That is to say; they need to have the player activate them in some manner; whether by using an Action in Combat, or by having the enemy miss with an Attack.

Hopefully this will be easier to memorize than actually studying for your SAT's. And keep in mind that a single Quality may sport multiple Tags based on what it does to the Digimon. For example, a Quality could have the Attack and Trigger Tags, meaning it would both modify an Attack, and require a trigger in order to be activated in the middle of combat.

This section is first divided by Qualities which are purchasable by any Digimon, no matter the Stage or what other Qualities they've taken. These are called Base Qualities. Qualities are sorted by Alphabetical Order. There are however other Qualities which have prerequisites to purchase; that means that a Digimon will most likely have to either be at a specific Stage, or have already purchased another Quality. These will be detailed later in (Advanced Qualities), to help keep things on track; building from the ground up, so to speak. Qualities which will serve as prerequisites for later Qualities will try to state that they do during their description. Before we begin; let's analyze a Quality

Agility T 2 DP

The Digimon may re-roll any dice that show up as 1's on a Dodge roll once per fight.  Prerequisite for: Avoidance

Now let's look at Agility. We can tell that it's a Trigger Ability by the T symbol, and that it costs 2 DP to purchase. The effect is straight forward; reroll 1's on a Dodge roll once per fight. It also serves as a prerequisite for the Dodge Quality later on.

Base Qualities

Agility T 2 DP

The Digimon may re-roll any dice that show up as 1's on a Dodge roll once per fight. Prerequisite for: Avoidance

Area Attack A, T 2 DP Per Rank

For each Rank you take in this Quality, you may apply an [Area Tag] to an Attack. Each time you take a Rank in this Quality, you must choose a different [Area Tag] and a different Attack to apply it to. Details on Bit and CPU Values are found on Page 29. Attacks hitting multiple enemies at once take a -3 Accuracy penalty. Some Area Attacks must be applied to either a [Melee] or [Ranged] Attack, some may be applied to both. With the exception of the Pass effect, all Area Attacks which can be applied to either Melee or Ranged only have their minimum size when applied to a [Melee] Attack. For example, if I apply [Line] to a [Melee] Attack, it can never create a zone greater than a 1 Square by 5 square rectangle. An Attack with an [Area Tag] can still be used as a single-target Attack with no penalty.


Ranged: Blast Attacks create a circular zone whose origin point is somewhere within the user's Range. The diameter is 1 Square at base, but the user may add their Bit Value to the diameter.


Melee/Ranged: Burst Attacks create a circular zone with the user at the point of origin. The base radius is 1 Square, however the user may add double their Bit Value to the radius.

[Close Blast]

Melee/Ranged: Close Blasts originate in a circular zone adjacent to the user. The circle's base radius is 3 Square. The user may add double their Bit Value to the radius.


Melee/Ranged: Cone Attacks create a triangle, or a cone, which originates adjacent to the user. The shape has a base length of 3 Square. The user may add double their Bit Value to the length.


Melee/Ranged: Line Attacks create a pillar which originate adjacent to the user. The pillar's length is 5 Square at base. The user may add their Bit value to the length. The pillar's width is 1 at base, but the user may add 1 to the width for each Size Class they are above Medium.


Melee: Pass Attacks have the user charge in a straight line in a given direction, hitting every target along the way. Once the Pass Attack is called, the direction can not be changed. They may move a distance equal to their Movement score, and then continue to move an additional number of square equal to (or less than) their CPU Value. A Pass Attack requires Movement to use;so if the user has a Pass Attack they must use up two Simple Actionsto use it. However, if the Pass Attack has the [Charge] Tag, this rule is ignored and the Pass Attack only takes up one Simple Action.

Armor Piercing A 1 DP per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

Choose one Attack. That Attack ignores up to X points that any defending Digimon has in Armor, where X is one higher than the Ranks you have of Armor Piercing. Armor Piercing may only be applied to one Attack per Digimon. A Digimon may not have Armor Piercing and Certain Strike on the same Attack.

Attack Effect A 1 to 3 DP per Rank

For every Rank you take in Attack Effect, you choose one of the Digimon's Attacks. That Attack gains an associated [Effect] Tag. You may not apply more than one [Effect] Tag per Attack. Different [Effect] Tags cost different amounts of DP.

1 DP: Immobilize, Knockback, Taunt 
2 DP: Poison, Confuse, Stun, Fear, Lifesteal, Vigor, Fury, Cleanse, Haste 
3 DP: Blind, Paralysis, Charm, Weaken, Strengthen, Heal, Regenerate

Certain Strike A 2 DP per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

Choose one Attack. That Attack now negates up to X  Dodge dice that any defending Digimon roll, where X is the ranks you have in Certain Strike. Certain Strike may only be applied to one Attack per Digimon. A Digimon may not have Certain Strike and Armor Piercing on the same Attack. Prerequisite for: Signature Move

Charge Attack A 1 DP

Choose a [Melee] Attack. By applying the [Charge] Tag to that Attack, the Digimon may use the Attack and move as one Simple Action, instead of needing to use two Simple Actions; one to Attack and one to Move. In short a [Charge] Tag allows the Digimon to use the tagged Attack to move and Attack at the same time.

Combat Awareness S 1 DP per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

Combat Awareness has a varying bonus which is effected by how many Ranks you take in the Quality. The effects of each Rank stack with the other Ranks. 

Rank 1: Add your Ranks in Combat Awareness to your Initiative in the first round of Combat. You gain +2 to Dodge against Surprise Attacks. 
Rank 2: Add your Ranks in Combat Awareness to your Dodge for the first round of Combat. You gain a +4 bonus to Dodge against Surprise Attacks. 
Rank 3: Add your Ranks in Combat Awareness to your Accuracy for the first round of Combat. You gain a +6 bonus to Dodge against Surprise Attacks. You gain +2 Movement for the first round of Combat.

Combat Monster S 2 DP

Whenever the Digimon takes damage, it gains a cumulative bonus to the Damage of its next successful Attack equal to the number of hits it has taken since the last successful Attack. For example, if the Digimon takes 4 hits, misses, takes 3 hits, then connects, the Attack deals an additional 7 Damage. The next Attack in the same scenario gains no bonus Damage. Prerequisite for: Berserker

Conjurer T 2 DP

The Digimon is capable of summoning objects out of thin air as a Complex Action. The objects may be re-flavored however you want;toys, blocks, just about any object which cannot move on its own. The objects may occupy a number of cubic meters equal to five times the Digimon's Bit Value. The objects may be summoned, lined up, stacked on top of each other, or simply littered around the field as Complex Action. The objects count as Obstructing Terrain (this means that it stops attacks from going through, even Area Attacks!). The objects have hit points equal to five times the Digimon's Bit Value, and Armor equal to double the Digimon's Bit Value. They do not have a Dodge Stat. For example, a Digimon with Brains of 50 would have a Bit Value of 5, which would allow it to use Conjurer to create 25 Cubic feet of objects which sport 25 hit points and 10 Armor. Prerequisite for: Summoner

Counterattack T 2 DP

Once per combat, if an enemy were to miss with an Attack, you may make a free attack with them as the sole target (you may not use this Quality while also using the attack as an Area Attack). You may choose any Attack on your Attack List otherwise. The target gets a -5 to their Dodge Roll in response to the new Attack. Prerequisite for: Counterblow

Data Optimization S 1 or 2 DP

Data Optimizations will help gear your Digimon for a specific role. When you take this Quality, choose one of the options below. 

Close Combat (1 DP): The Digimon adds +2 to its Accuracy  when using a [Melee] tagged Attack, but takes a -1 penalty to its Accuracy when using a [Ranged] tagged Attack. 
Ranged Striker (1 DP): The Digimon adds +2 to its Accuracy when using a [Ranged] tagged Attack, but suffers a -1 penalty to its Dodge pool when defending against a [Melee] tagged Attack.
Guardian (1 DP): The Digimon gains a +2 Armor bonus, but takes a -1 penalty to its Base Movement score. 
Brawler (2 DP): The Digimon gains a +2 bonus to all checks it makes when Clashing. In addition, it is treated as if it were one Size Class larger when Clashing. Gigantic Digimon with Brawler Optimization gain a flat +4 to all checks it makes while Clashing. 
Speed Striker (1 DP): The Digimon gains a +3 bonus to its Base Movement score, but gains a -1 Dodge penalty. 
Effect Warrior (1 DP): The Digimon gains a +2 bonus to Accuracy with [Effect] tagged Attack, but suffers a -1 Armor penalty. Prerequisite for: Data Specialization

Elemental Effect A 1 DP

When you take a Elemental Effect, you choose one of the Digimon's Attacks. That Attack gains an associated [Effect] Tag. You may not apply more than one of these Elemental [Effect] Tag per Attack. Choose from, Acid, Cold, Fire, Force, Lightning, Necrotic, Radiant, Thunder.

Extra Movement S 1 or 2 DP per Rank

Every time you take a Rank of Extra Movement, choose one of the following movement types below. A new Movement Type allows the Digimon to move in a new type of terrain at a speed equal to their Movement score (after Speedy). 

Flight (2 DP): The Digimon is capable of flying through the air. 
Digger (1 DP): The Digimon is capable of burrowing through the ground, so long as it's as soft as dirt. Snow or sand are other alternatives. 
Swimmer (1 DP): The Digimon is capable of moving through the water at a much faster speed than normal. 
Wallclimber (1 DP): The Digimon is capable of scaling vertical surfaces, but not on ceilings.

Jumper (1 DP): The Digimon is capable of jumping at a height and length equal to its Movement. Prerequisite for: Advanced Mobility

Hide in Plain Sight S 1 DP per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

Anyone attempting to spot the user of the Hide in Plain Sight Quality takes a penalty to their Roll to find them (usually Perception) equal to the Ranks it has multiplied by 4. For example, if you have Hide in Plain Sight Rank 3, anyone attempting to spot you will take a -12 penalty to their rolls. The Digimon may become transparent, be capable of disguising itself to be less obvious, or maybe just really good at finding a place to hide. Prerequisite for: Sneak Attack, Shade Cloak

Huge Power T 2 DP

The Digimon may re-roll any dice that show up as 1's on a Accuracy roll once per fight. Prerequisite for: Overkill

Improved Derived Stat S 1 DP

Whenever you take Improved Derived Stat, choose one of your Derived Stats (Body, Brains, or Agility) and increase it by 1.

Mighty Blow S 2 DP

Whenever the Digimon deals Damage to an Opponent and the result is equal to or greater than twice the Opponent's Body score, the Opponent is Stunned for one round.

Mode Change T 2 DP per Rank

For each Rank you take of Mode Change, pick two Stats. As a Simple Action, you can swap the two Stats around. Each time you take this Quality, choose a combination you have not taken before. Health may not be chosen as a Stat for this Quality. Use only the Base Stat when doing the math, it is not changed by things like Directing. Prerequisite for: Mode Change X.0

Naturewalk S 1 DP per Rank

The Digimon is at home on a certain type of Terrain. For each Rank you take in this Quality, choose a different type of Terrain such as, but not limited to: Tundra, Forest, Mountain, Jungle, or Desert. Be sure to talk to your GM when taking this Quality; they might not have a lot of the Terrain in mind for their campaign. The Digimon does not suffer Movement penalties from  Difficult Terrain of its chosen environment. Prerequisite for: Element Master

Pack Master S 2 DP per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

All Allies within the Digimon's Ranged Burst Radius (1+Bit Value Doubled), gain a +2 Accuracy bonus per Rank the Digimon has in this Quality.

Pack Tactics S 1 DP per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

Whenever this Digimon is either within the Digimon's [Burst] Radius of an ally, or it and an ally Flank an enemy, the Digimon gains a +2 bonus to its Accuracy Rolls per Rank in this Quality. Prerequisite for: Coordinated Assault

Quick Healer T 2 DP

The Digimon may re-roll any dice that show up as 1's when rolling to heal out of Combat, but only once after each fight. Prerequisite for: Regenerator

Reach S 3 DP per Rank

The Digimon is able to use [Melee] Attacks and Initiate Clashes at a Range equal to the number of Ranks in this Quality doubled. If the Digimon uses a [Melee] Attack with an Area Tag, they may have the point of origin be anywhere within its reach.  [Melee] Attacks take a penalty to Accuracy as if they were [Ranged] Attacks based on the distance.

Resistant S 1 DP per Rank

For each Rank in Resistant a Digimon has, it decreases the duration of incoming [Effect] Tagged Attacks by 1 Round (this Quality cannot bring the Duration below 1 Round (3 Rounds for Poison).

Selective Targeting S 2 DP

The Digimon's Attacks will no longer be able to Damage Allies or place negative Effects on them such as Poison, Weaken, or Blind. Inversely, enemies the Digimon Attack will not be able to gain benefits from positive Effects such as Healing, Strengthen, or Cleanse.

Speedy S 1 DP per Rank *

For each Rank you take in Speedy, the Digimon adds 2 to its Movement. You may not gain more than double the Digimon's Base Movement in this manner. Prerequisite for: Teleport

Technician S 1 DP per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

A Digimon with Technician is skilled at repairing code and technology, and by default can read and comprehend Digicode for its Tamer. It also gains a +4 bonus to repairing or deciphering code and machinery, or simply rebuilding things in the Digital World, per Rank in this Quality. Prerequisite for: Trojan, Firewall

Tracker S 1 DP per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

Tracker makes a Digimon significantly better at finding its target. It gains a +4 bonus to Perception (Brains) checks to find hidden traps or enemies in the immediate area, or follow a trail. If the Digimon has a proper tool to track the target, such as clothing or a trail of footprints, it gains an additional +2 bonus per Rank in Tracker.

Tumbler S 3 DP

The Digimon only takes half the Damage it normally would when falling, or falling due to being Pinned midair, and receives Bonus Armor equal to its CPU Value Doubled when it is Thrown.

Weapon S, A 1 DP per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

Your Digimon has a Weapon, or some type of fighting style it prefers. Attacks which use said Weapon or fighting style may gain a [Weapon] Tag. A Digimon may only have a number of [Weapon] Tagged Attacks equal to the Ranks it has in this Quality. Whenever a Digimon uses a [Weapon] Tagged Attack, it gains a bonus to Accuracy and Damage equal to the Ranks in this Quality. Prerequisite for: Digizoid Weaponry

Advanced Qualities

Advanced Mobility S 3 DP per Rank

Prerequisite: Extra Movement

Each time you purchase a rank of this Quality, choose one of the following Extra Movement types you already have. You gain a different Effect based on your choice.

Movement (Speedy Rank 1): The Digimon may now take Speedy Ranks to a point where it will triple its Base Movement instead of Double it.
Flight: The Digimon is not slowed down by even the harshest of winds while it's in the air and its Flight speed is increased by 3.
Digger: The Digimon is now capable of digging through the majority of surfaces without being slowed down. It can dig through softer metals but this is now treated as Difficult Terrain. The Digimon's Digging speed is increased by 3. 
Swimmer: The Digimon is capable of swimming without being slowed down by harsh currents, and its Swimming speed is increased by 3.
Wallclimber: The Digimon is now capable of walking on ceilings, and cannot be slowed or slip off any wall surfaces. Its Wall Climbing Speed is increased by 3. 
Jumper: The Digimon's Jump height and Length is increased by its CPU Value times Five.

Avoidance T 2 DP

Prerequisite: Agility

Once per fight, the Digimon may choose one of the following: it may either activate Agility an additional time per fight, or it may re-roll 1's and 2's instead of just 1's on an activation of Agility, again only once per Combat.

Berserker T 2 DP

Prerequisite: Combat Monster

The Digimon gains a Rage Meter, which is represented by 2D6, both dice starting at 1.  Normally the Rage Meter is inactive but may be activated as a Simple Action. Whenever the Digimon connects with an Attack, it gains +1 Rage. Whenever it misses with an Attack, it gains +2 Rage. Whenever it is hit by an Attack, it gains +2 Rage. If a whole Round passes by without the Digimon using an Attack or being hit by an Attack itself, it loses 4 Rage. The Rage Meter must be active for the Digimon to gain Rage.

For every point the Digimon has in Rage, it gains a +1 bonus to Armor and Damage. However, when the Rage Meter is filled (in this case at a value of 12), the Digimon goes berserk and is now under the GM's control, generally attacking everything on sight. The Rage Meter may be deactivated as a Simple Action involving a TN 5+(Rage) Which requires a Persuade Check from the Tamer or another Ally. Prerequisite for: Boiling Blood

Boiling Blood S 1 DP Per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

Prerequisite: Berserker

For each Rank in Boiling Blood, the user of this Quality lowers the penalty to its Rage Meter on a round without a connected Attack by 1. For example, if you take Boiling Blood  Rank 2, on a Round where the Digimon does not Attack, and an Opponent does not hit with an Attack, it only loses 2 Rage instead of 4. Prerequisite for: You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry

Coordinated Assault T 3 DP

Prerequisite: Pack Tactics

The Digimon may Mark a single target as a Simple Action. A Target who is Marked gains a -3 Dodge Penalty over a -1 Penalty for each Attack which targets it somehow past the first one in each Round of Combat. This Quality may only be activated once every Combat. The Mark vanishes if the target loses the Quality (usually by Digivolving) or is defeated. If the original target of the Mark is defeated, the user of this Quality may change the target for free immediately after.

Counterblow T, A 2 DP

Prerequisite: Counterattack

Choose one Attack to apply a [Counter] Tag to. Whenever the Digimon activates the Counterattack Quality and uses the tagged Attack, the target of the tagged Attack may only apply 1/2 of their Armor Stat, in addition to the penalty to their Dodge.

Data Specialization S, T 2-3 DP Per Rank, up to 2 Ranks*

Prerequisite: Data Optimization, Ultimate Level or Higher

Rank 1 of Data Specialization may be purchased by any Digimon of the Ultimate stage or higher. A Digimon must be at the Burst level or higher in order to purchase Rank 2 of this Quality. For every Rank you take in this Quality, choose one of the two options associated with your Data Optimization. For example, if you chose Speed Striker Optimization, you could take either Uncatchable Target or Hit and Run.

Close Combat Optimization

Fistful of Force (2 DP): The Digimon's [Melee] tagged [Area] Attacks now scale for area size as if they were [Ranged] Attacks.

Flurry (3 DP): The Digimon may make an additional [Melee] Attack once per Round for free. This Attack cannot be modified in any way; you cannot add Tags or Qualities which are not tagged as Static. The Digimon takes a -2 Accuracy Pool Penalty when making this Attack.

Ranged Striker Optimization

Sniper (2 DP): The Digimon's limitations on range for [Ranged] Attacks is considered doubled before it starts suffering penalties to Accuracy. The Digimon takes a -1 Base Movement Penalty and a -2 penalty to its Accuracy Pool when making an Attack against a foe within 2 Meters.

Mobile Artillery (3 DP): The Digimon adds its Bit Value an additional time when calculating the size of [Area] Tagged Attacks. Additionally, the Digimon no longer takes a penalty for having multiple targets within its [Area] Attacks. The Digimon takes a -1 Movement Penalty.

Guardian Optimization

What Goes Around (2 DP): Whenever the Digimon is hit by a [Melee] Attack, it deals damage equal to its CPU Value to the opponent. This damage cannot be reduced by Armor or Dodge. 

True Guardian (3 DP): Whenever the Digimon Intercedes, it gains a bonus to Armor equal to the distance traveled to Intercede. Additionally, if the Attack had an [Area] tag, any allies behind the Digimon have the damage taken reduced by the Digimon's CPU value multiplied by 5, and any [Effect]s they would take are negated. The Digimon takes a -2 Accuracy Penalty.

Brawler Optimization

Power Throw (2 DP): Whenever the Digimon throws a target, it adds its CPU value doubled to its Accuracy. Wrestlemania (3 DP): The Digimon may Clash without making an Action once per Round. It may initiate multiple Clashes if it has Multi-Grappler, but they must all be initiated at the same time. The Digimon takes a -1 penalty to Damage, Armor, and Health.

Speed Striker Optimization

Hit and Run (2 DP): Whenever the Digimon uses a [Charge] tagged Attack, they add the distance traveled to the Damage.

Uncatchable Target (3 DP): The Digimon gains a +3 Dodge bonus and does not suffer a stacking Dodge penalty if it is attacked multiple times in a round. The Digimon also gains a +1 Dodge bonus to [Area] tagged Attacks.

Effect Warrior Optimization

Black Mage (2 DP): Whenever the Digimon uses a 'negative' [Effect] Tagged Attack (an Effect which hinders or damages a target such as Poison, Blind, or Weaken), it gains an additional round to the duration after the leftover Accuracy Dice and Resistant are calculated. For reference, this means most negative Effects the Digimon uses will not have a Duration below 2 rounds (4 for Poison). 

White Mage (3 DP): Whenever the Digimon uses a 'positive' [Effect] Tagged Attack (an Effect which would bolster or heal a target such as Healing, Cleanse, or Vigor), it adds its Bit Value doubled to the Power of the Effect an additional time.

Element Master T 2 DP per Rank

Prerequisite: Naturewalk

Per each Rank in Element Master, the Digimon gains the ability to manipulate an aspect of nature such as earth, fire, or water. The Digimon may only manipulate natural sources of the element: magical, modified, or otherwise GM-decided outliers may not be manipulated. Within its [Burst] radius (consider it Ranged], the Digimon may also change Difficult Terrain into Basic Terrain of its chosen element as a Simple Action, or vise-versa.

Elemental Summoners 3 DP 

Prerequisite: Conjurer

Whenever the Digimon's summoned objects are destroyed, they deal damage to any enemies or allies within a [Burst] radius equal to the Digimon's Bit Value doubled. The Burst Radius is the same as if the Digimon was using a [Burst] Attack itself. The Digimon's summoned objects are effected by Qualities such as Selective Targeting, Mobile Artillery, and otherwise.

Firewall S 2 DP

Prerequisite: Technician

The Digimon gains a bonus to routing out intruders and otherwise protecting the code it's currently working on equal to its Technician Rank. In addition, the Digimon may purchase an additional 3 ranks of Technician. If the Digimon already has the Trojan quality, the cost of this Quality goes up to 3 DP over 2.

Jogress Partner s 3 DP

Prerequisite: DNA Digivolved Once

Choose another Digimon in your party. Whenever this Digimon DNA Digivolves with that Digimon, it gains a +2 DP Bonus per Stage above Rookie when creating the new Digimon. This bonus stacks if each partner has this Quality. 

Hybrid Drive S 3 DP Per Rank, up to 2 Ranks*

Prerequisite: Data Optimization, Ultimate Level or Higher

When taking Hybrid Drive, you may now purchase a Data Specialization from a different tree than your Data Optimization. The selection is still limited however. Please refer to the chart below: you may only pick options from trees adjacent to your purchased Data Optimization on the chart. For example a Digimon who purchased Brawler Optimization could pick from either Guardian or Close Combat options.

*While a Digimon could purchase both ranks of Hybrid Drive at Ultimate or Mega, it's not worth purchasing both Ranks of the Quality until the Digimon achieves Burst level or higher.

Brawler, Effect Warrior, Close Combat, Guardian, Speed Striker or Ranged Striker.

Mode Change X.0 S 2 DP Per Rank, up to 2 Ranks

Prerequisite: Mode Change

If you take Rank 1 of Mode Change X.0, you may now change a selection of two Stats (not Health) with another two Stats (not Health) when making your choice for Mode Change. If you take Rank 2 of Mode Change X.0, you may now swap the Stats around as you see fit. You may retroactively change the Stats for Mode Change when you take Ranks in this Quality.

Overkill T 2 DP

Prerequisite: Huge Power

Once per fight, the Digimon may choose one of the following: it may either activate Huge Power an additional time per fight, or it may re-roll 1's and 2's instead of just 1's on an activation of Huge Power, again only once per Combat.

Multi-Grappler S 3 DP

Prerequisite: Brawler Optimization

The Digimon may initiate clashes with multiple targets at once. Each combatant still makes only a single check per Round. The Digimon also no longer takes a penalty from Clashing at a Range if it has Reach for a single enemy. It still takes the penalty as normal if it clashes with multiple enemies at a Range.

Regenerator T 2 DP

Prerequisite: Quick Healer

Once per fight, the Digimon may choose one of the following: it may either activate Quick Healer an additional time per fight, or it may re-roll 1's and 2's instead of just 1's on an activation of Quick Healer, again only once per Combat.

Shade Cloak S 3 DP

Prerequisite: Hide in Plain Sight Rank 3

The Digimon may now apply their Hide in Plain Sight bonus to all allies within its [Burst] radius. In addition, the Digimon may now purchase an additional 3 Ranks of Hide in Plain Sight.

Signature Move S 3 DP

Prerequisite: Certain Strike Rank 3

The Digimon may now apply Certain Strike and Armor Piercing to the same Attack.

Sneak Attack T 3 DP

Prerequisite: Hide in Plain Sight

If the Digimon is hidden from all foes thanks to a successful Stealth check versus the opponent's Perception, it gains a bonus to Accuracy and Damage on the next Attack it makes equal to its RAM value doubled. The Digimon must have some means of going unseen or unnoticed for this Quality to be activated (simply standing in plain sight with a weapon drawn and making a Stealth Check will not let you activate the Quality. The Digimon must be invisible, hidden, or otherwise in order to utilize this Quality). This Quality may only be activated once per combat session, or twice if the first round of combat is a Surprise Round.

Summoner S 3 DP

Prerequisite: Conjurer

The Digimon's summoned objects are now capable of Attacking as well as playing a defensive role! Each summoned minion takes up a space of 1 cubic foot (so it may create a number of these objects equal to its Conjurer space limit). They sport a Damage Stat and an Accuracy Stat equal to the user's Bit Value, as well as a Movement score equal to the user's Brains. However their Hit Points are now only equal to the user's Bit Value times four, and Armor equal to the Bit Value alone. The summoned objects are now capable of flight, but not Ranged Attacks. If the Digimon has the summoned objects Attack, it takes up one of its Simple Actions for the round.

Teleport T 3 DP

Prerequisite: Max Ranks of Speedy

The Digimon is capable of instantly teleporting a number of squares equal to its Base Movement+2. It requires a line of sight to be able to utilize this Quality. It may use this Quality to teleport away as a reaction to an enemy's Attack once per battle, causing the Attack to miss. Using Teleport to cause an Attack to miss will not Trigger Counterattack. When it uses Teleport to avoid an Attack, the Digimon forfeits a Simple Action on its next round of combat.

Transporter S 2 DP

Prerequisite: Teleport

The Digimon is now capable of warping away with allies in tow while using Teleport. The allies must be adjacent for Transporter to work properly. This also means it can use the Teleport Quality to bring allies out of harm's way in reaction to an Attack. All allies who are transported in this manner also forfeit one Simple Action on their next Round. Finally, the Digimon's Teleport distance increases by 2.

Trojan S 2 DP 

Prerequisite: Technician

The Digimon gains a bonus to getting to places it shouldn't be and otherwise invading protected areas equal to its Technician Rank. In addition, the Digimon may purchase an additional 3 ranks of Technician. If the Digimon already has the Firewall quality, the cost of this Quality goes up to 3 DP over 2.

You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry S 3 DP

Prerequisite: Boiling Blood

Double the number of dice used to track the Digimon's Rage Meter (2 to 4). This means the Digimon's Rage starts at 4 and can go as high as 24. Adjust all calculations for the Rage mechanics accordingly. 

Digizoid Qualities

Once a Digimon reaches a certain level of power, they unlock a special set of Qualities which will further aid them mechanically. Digizoid is the most durable and powerful metal in the Digimon universe, and the strength of these Qualities reflect that! Digizoid Qualities are purchasable by Ultimate Level Digimon or higher stages. That means that a Digimon of Champion or lower Stage cannot purchase these Qualities. While not every Digimon may have Digizoid themselves, they may sport aspects which mimic or act similar to qualities possessed by Digimon with Digizoid. 

Digimon are only capable of purchasing Chrome Digizoid Armor at the Ultimate Stage. Once they reach the Mega Stage or higher, they may purchase the other variants of Digizoid Armor. Additionally, Mega Level Digimon and higher receive a 1 DP discount to purchasing Digizoid Qualities. The same rules apply for the Digizoid Weaponry Qualities, detailed later.

Digizoid Armor S, T 1-3 DP Per Rank, up to 2 Ranks

Prerequisite: Ultimate Level*

For each Rank you take in Digizoid Armor, choose one of the following options below. You may not choose the same option twice.

Chrome (1 DP): The Digimon gains 2 Armor and 1 Health.

Black (2 DP): The Digimon gains 2 Armor. At the start of each round, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 or 2, the user gains a bonus 4 Armor for that round. On a roll of 3 or 4, the user gains a bonus 4 Dodge for that round. On a roll of 5 or 6, the Digimon gains 2 Armor and 2 Dodge for that round.

Blue (3 DP): The Digimon's Armor score increases by 1, it gains an additional 2 Dodge, and their Base Movement is increased by 4. Additionally, the user is treated as if it had an additional instance of the Agility Quality (if it already has Agility it can use it an extra time per Combat.).

Gold (2 DP): The Digimon's Armor increases by 4. Additionally, whenever the user is hit by a [Ranged] Attack, the opponent who used the Attack takes an unalterable amount of Damage equal to the user's CPU Value doubled.

Obsidian (2 DP): The Digimon's Armor increases by 4. Additionally, whenever the user is hit by a [Melee] Attack, the opponent who used the Attack takes an unalterable amount of Damage equal to the user's CPU Value doubled.

Red (3 DP): The Digimon gains +4 to their Armor and +2 to their Health. Additionally, the Digimon gains one free Rank of Resistant.

Digizoid Weaponry S, T 1-3 DP Per Rank, up to 2 Ranks

Prerequisite: Ultimate Level*, Weapon Rank 1

For each Rank you take in Digizoid Weaponry, choose one of the following options below. You may not choose the same option twice. These Qualities will only apply to [Weapon] tagged Attacks.

Chrome (1 DP): The Digimon adds 2 to Accuracy and 1 to Damage when using a [Weapon] Attack.

Black (2 DP): The Digimon gains 2 Accuracy. At the start of each round, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 or 2, the user gains a bonus 4 Damage for that round. On a roll of 3 or 4, the user gains a bonus 4 Accuracy for that round. On a roll of 5 or 6, the Digimon gains 2 Damage and 2 Accuracy for that round. 

Blue (3 DP): The Digimon's [Weapon] Attacks gain 4 bonus Accuracy when used and 1 bonus Damage. Additionally they are all treated as if they had an extra rank of Certain Strike (even if the Attack already had Certain Strike)

Gold (2 DP): The Digimon's [Weapon] Attacks gain 4 extra Damage and 1 extra Accuracy. The Digimon is treated as if it had an additional instance of the Huge Power Quality (if it already has Huge Power it can use it an exta time per Combat.)

Obsidian (3 DP): The Digimon's [Weapon] Attacks gain 4 bonus Damage when used and 1 bonus Accuracy. Additionally they are all treated as if they had an extra rank of Armor Piercing (even if the Attack already had Armor Piercing)

Red (3 DP): The Digimon's Weapon Attacks gain +6 Damage and are treated as if it had the Mighty Blow Quality. If the Digimon already has the Mighty Blow Quality, it now applies the [Stun] Effect on a Damage Result of 1.5 times the target's Body Stat instead of Double the target's Body Stat.

Burst Power T Free

Prerequisite: Burst Level or Higher

Once a Digimon achieves the Burst Level or higher they may purchase Burst Power for free. Burst Power is activated as a Simple Action. When activated, the Digimon gains +4 to all Stats for 4 Rounds. At the end of the 4th round, the Digimon loses 1 point in each Stat per Round. So, if the Digimon maintains Burst Power for 7 rounds, they would be at a -3 in all Stats. Burst Power is Deactivated as a Simple Action. Once Burst Power has been activated, the Digimon cannot activate it again until the start of the next Combat session.