FF Combat


Combat is team based and is determined by ATB. See ATB section for more details.

Turns vs Rounds

In this combat system there are two definitions to become familiar with. These are Turns and Rounds. Easily put, Turns happen more frequently and Rounds end when there are no turns able to be taken.

Turns: This is considered what each character takes. When it is a Teams time to act, each character takes a turn. Even though teams act all at the same time, each character on that team has its own Turn. For example. If there are 5 people on a team who all have an action they can use. That means that team is capable of going through 5 turns. There are effects in the game that trigger at the start or end of a characters turn. This will trigger when that character takes their individual turn. 

Rounds are the full battle of actions that can be taken by all teams involved. A round will end when all teams have no more actions they can use (swift actions don't count). There are effects that trigger at the start or end of a Round such as temporary status effects. Most temporary status effects are removed at the end of a round. It is possible that each team could take six or seven Turns before the Round ends depending on the Speed of characters.

Initiative Speed

When combat first starts, this triggers the ATB sequence. The first step is determining the Initiative Speed. This is done by taking the Top 3 speeds of a team and adding them together. This is called the Teams Initiative Speed. When all teams speeds are determined, the team with the highest Team Initiative Speed will go first. It then goes in descending order from fastest to slowest. These are recalculated at the start of each new round. This only matters if one of the three characters has been KO'd, Killed or had their speed reduced that doesn't end at the end of the round. 


Your movement is based on your Speed Stat. You can move a number of feet on each of your Teams Turns equal to five times your Speed Bonus Number. As an action, you can move again up to your Movement.


To attack, you must be in the Weapon or Magic range that you intend to use. Make a Hit check for Weapon attacks or Magic check for Spells against the target you wish to attack. You get a penalty to your Hit check equal to their Evasion. On a success, you deal damage equal to the Weapon or Magic's Power value. You get a bonus to Weapon damage equal to your Strength Bonus Number for Weapon attacks or Potency Bonus Number for Magic attacks. If you roll a Critical Hit, the damage is doubled after all bonuses are applied. 

Defense & Magic Defense

When you take damage from a Weapon attack, you reduce the damage by an amount equal to your Vitality Bonus Number. When you take damage from a Magic attack, you reduce the damage by an amount equal to your Spirit Bonus Number.

Counter Attack

If you have the ability to Counter Attack, you must have the right Counter Attack. Weapon Counter Attack can only Counter Weapon attacks at you and you must be within range with your current weapon. Magic Counter Attack only counters Magic attacks and you must have the ability to cast the paired magic and be in range.


Sometimes combat just isn't going your way and you need to make a run for it. You can use an action to attempt to Escape. Make a Hide check, on a success you flee the battle. If your whole Team manages to Escape, they are considered Hidden from the enemies until they decide to move. When you do this, if combat is still going on, you cannot participate or reenter until the battle is over.


Some classes have the ability to steal magic from other characters who have Magic not allocated to Materia. Characters can store up to 99 uses of a Magic. A character with Draw can use their action to make a Magic check. On a success, they steal a number of uses from that target equal to their Spirit Bonus Number To do this the target must be within a number of feet equal to their Magic Stat. This can only be done against Hostile enemies and Draw Points. If this is done vs a Magic user who uses MP and not Stored Magic, it has no effect. 

Swift Actions

Characters have access to one swift action per their Teams Turn. These are things that can be performed very quickly such as but not limited to:
Sheathing/Unsheathing a weapon
Reloading a Weapon
Grabbing an item from somewhere that isn't locked
Opening an unlocked door or container
Mounting/Dismounting something
Pushing a Button
Pulling a Switch

You cannot take any Swift Actions if at the start of your Teams Turn you do not have any actions.


You can throw up to a number of feet equal to half your Strength (rounded down) accurately. You can throw up to your Strength with a -20 to your Hit check.

Unlisted Actions

If a player wishes to attempt an action that isn't listed as one of the Skills and cannot be found in any other sections or in the Classes. The GM can determine if they have the capability of accomplishing it. If so, choose a Stat that most closely represents what they wish to accomplish and have them make a check. If you believe it is something that would require some form of training to accomplish, then they must obtain training in it before they can do it.