The Agent


The Agent is a special type of soldier that uses their mind and a handful of gadgets to get by. The best agents are the ones who can stay emotionally detached from their missions or their quarry - although being seduced by an agent tends to happen more often then not due to their charming demeanor.

Qued Up Gadgets

Starting at 3rd level, you have  come to rely on gadgets that help you get through your missions. When you finish a short rest, you can expend 25 credits to create one of the listed gadets listed below (unless otherwise stated). You can have a number of gadgets active at one time equal to your Intelligence Modifier.

Shakin' Not Stirred 

Beginning at 3rd level, sometimes you need to talk your way out of trouble or into trouble. You gain proficiency with Persuasion and Deception. Additionally, when making one of these checks against a humanoid who finds you attractive or intriguing, you have advantage on the roll.

License To Kill

Also at 3rd level, you have a specialized license that allows you to purchase any equipment without having to go through the normal means. Only you can use this license.


Starting at 7th level, you have mastered the ability to pilot any type of vehicle whether it be land, air, sea or space. You gain proficiency in atmospheric and space vehicles. If you already have proficiency you get a +5 bonus to all checks to pilot a vehicles and have the following benefits:

  • You add your Intelligence Modifier to the AC of Vehicles you Pilot
  • When a vehicles you are piloting takes damage, you can use your reaction to half the damage.


Starting at 7th level, you have learned how to manipulate your body to assist in escaping tricky situations. As an Action, you automatically Escape from non-force related restraints, such as Manacles or a creature that has you Grappled. Finally, being Underwater imposes no penalties on the your movā ement or attacks.


At 10th level, you have learned how to jump, land and cross difficult areas. You have the following benefits:

  • You are unaffected by natural difficult terrain.
  • When you take fall damage you can use your reaction to roll prone, reducing the damage by 5 times your level.
  • When you jump onto a surface, as long as its not slippery, you can move up vertical surfaces as though you were normally walking.

Die Another Day

Beginning at 15th level, you have a tough body and it gets you out of the worst situations possible. When worst rears its head and you are killed outright or fail three death saves, you instead set your hit points to maximum. Once you use this feature, you can't do so again for 7 days.

The Man With The Golden Gun 

By 17th level, while you are wielding only a blaster pistol in one hand, you can choose to activate this ability before you make an attack. Instead of dealing damage, you attempt to shoot a fatal blow. Make a ranged weapon attack with the blaster pistol, on a hit, the target must make a Constitution saving throw DC 8 + prof. bonus + Dexterity modifier. On a failure, the target is killed. If the targets CR is equal to or greater then your level or has legendary actions, then they are unaffected. 


Here are a list of gadgets you have access to. Some may require saving throws, attack rolls or have a level requirement. 

Dagger Shoe

A simple yet deadly attatchment to any shoes or boots. You can connect this gadget to a boot or shoe as an action. When you do so, it gives it a holster for any dagger sized weapon, such as the Vibro(dagger, knife, blade). While a weapon is installed, you can activate it as a bonus action extending the weapon out of the tip of the shoe. You can make attack rolls with it as if you were holding it in your hand, but you instead use your foot. 

False Fingerprints

These give off a false identity and any bio-scanners will show you as a different person. Additionally, anyone trying to track you using your fingerprints will only reveal a different identity.

Multi-Tool Watch

Requires level 9, 1000cr

This watch is filled with an assortment of its own gadgets. It has a vid-screen that can connect to the holonet, has a tracker to track your location, has a attached durasteel wire that's 8 inches long. It also can fire a beam of energy that works the same way as a fusion cutter.

Remote Control Vehicle

Requires level 5, Cost 200cr

You can connect this device to any vehicle that has a computer system. You can control its movement and any aspects the pilot can do as if you were sitting in the seat.

String Fusion Cutter

This ordinary piece of string has two metal handles at each end, with hidden buttons on each. Pressing one activates it and deactivates it. Pressing the other hardens the string to become fixed in place in whatever manner you choose. When activated it acts the same way as a fusion cutter. 

Secret Clothing Comlink

This comlink is built straight into your clothing and can hear you and anything within 30ft of you. You can slide your hand across its location (your choice) to turn it off and on. If you are searched, it requires a Investigation check of DC 8 + prof. bonus + Intelligence Modifier to reveal it. 

Secret Holo-Recorder

This device follows the same rules as the regular Holo Recorder, but you can choose to make it look like any ordinary object. You can determine how the object activates and deactivates such as a click, press, twist or a button. A creature can make a Investigation check to figure out what it is, DC 8 + prof. bonus + Intelligence Modifier. 

Sky Hook

Cost 75cr

This belt has 200ft of synthrope inside of it, but thats not the suprising part. The belt itself has a hidden durasteel hook in it with a small propeller. As an action you can remove the belt and activate the Skyhook. When it activates, it shoots upward up to 200ft and hovers there for up to 1 minute. Any ship that has the capability can latch onto the hook and pull you with it. Most vehicles that have the ability to raise off the ground at least 30 feet have the ability to grab the Skyhook.

Thermite Toothpaste

This tube of toothpaste is explosive in nature and is disguised as a pack of cigarettes. As an action you can spread up to 5ft of toothpaste on an area. Once lit or energy damage hits it, it ignites after one round dealing 1d4 fire damage to whatever it was placed on. If it was placed on an object such as a wall or safe it deals double damage. You can increase the damage it deals by an additional 1d4 for every 50cr you spend in addition to its base cost to a maximum of 10d4. A single tube holds 10ft worth of toothpaste. 

Vehicle Cloaking

Requires level 7, Cost 1000cr

It would be a shame to not add a little bit to your vehicles that you pilot. This device is hooked into the main computer of a vehicle that you are piloting. You can activate one of two effects at a time.
Electromagnetic Cloak: Though this doesn't hide it from visual sight, it does hide it from sensors, scanners and computers for up to 10 minutes.
Camo-Cloak: Though this doesn't hide it from scanners, sensors or computers. It does hide it from visual sight, causing it to become invisible. This only cloaks the vehicle and objects, not creatures. The cloak lasts until you use an action to turn it off. 

Once you use these features, you must take a long rest before you can use them again.

Voice Changer

Cost 50cr

This device is a sticker that matches your skin tone and is placed on the sides of your throat. Pushing the right one activates it and pusching the left one deactivates it. While active it can record a voice and when you speak, your voice will mimic it perfectly.

Weaponized Hatware

Cost 50cr

Fashion is not the only thing you need to concern yourself with. Sometimes you get your weapons taken away and you need more then just a Dagger Shoe to carry you forward. You create a specialized hat that has sharp saw blades around the brim of the hat. You can use this as a melee weapon or can throw it with a range of 40/90ft. On a hit the target takes 1d6 slashing damage and is considered a finesse weapon. You can spend 50cr in addition to make the damage a d8, 100cr to make it a d10 and 150cr to make it a d12 instead of the d6. 

Whistle Activated Keychain

Requires level 6, Cost 1000cr

This is no ordinary keychain, it is thee keychain. It holds a set of lockpicks and security tools inside it. It also has Thermite and Stun Gas. These can be triggered with a certain number of whistles in a specific tune, that only you know. 
Thermite Whistle: It dispenses Thermite to the ground instantly and depending on your whistle it can come out on fire or not on fire. If it comes out on fire it explodes dealing 2d4 fire damage in the space it dropped. That creature is suprised and must make a Dexterity Saving throw, DC 8 + prof. bonus + Intelligence Modifier. On a success, they take half damage. You can increase the damage by 1d4 for each 50cr you spend in addition.
Stun Gas: With a special whistle, the keychain lets loose a powerful gas in the same space as the keychain. If a creature is in that space, it must make a Constiution saving throw, DC 8 + prof. bonus + Intelligence modifier. On a failure, they are stunned for 1 minute, they can repeat the save at the end of each of their turns.

To replace the Thermite, you pay 50cr per 1d4. To replace the Stun Gas, you pay 50cr. 

X-Ray Glasses

Requires level 10, Cost 150cr

While wearing these glasses, you can use an action to activate these glasses. When you do so, you can see into and through solid matter for 1 minute. This vision has a radius of 30 feet. To you, solid Objects within that radius appear transparent and don't prevent light from passing through them. The vision can penetrate 3 feet of stone, 1 foot of Common metal, or up to 5 feet of wood or dirt. Thicker substances block the vision, as does a thin sheet of lead. Once you activate these, you must finish a short rest allowing them to recharge.