DnD 5E Feats


These are optional feats that you can add to your D&D 5E games. Keep in mind that all these are in playtest and are subject to change based on balancing. 

Delay Magic

Prerequisite: Ability to cast at least one Spell

Becoming a master of your own spells, you can control the magical flow of your magic and extend their activation. As a Bonus Action, the next spell you cast will become delayed a number of rounds equal to five times your spell casting ability modifier. Delaying it 1 round means the spell with go off at the start of your next turn. When you do, you cast the spell as you normally would and choose one of the following:

Condensed Orb: Once the spell is cast it leaves behind a tiny magical orb that can only be seen through magical means. Once the delayed rounds end the spell goes off as it normally would. If it has a single target, it then targets the nearest creature within its normal casting range. If there is no target, the spell fails. 

Internal Infusion: Once the spell is cast it is infused inside your body. Once the delayed rounds end, the spell is cast upon you as it normally would be. If it has a concentration, the spell runs without concentration but only runs at half its normal length. Effects that require the full duration for an effect cannot happen. If a spell has multiple willing targets you choose the targets that are within range. As well as if the spell is a line attack such as lightningbolt. 

You can only have one delayed spell at any given time.

Field Sense

Prerequisite: Wisdom of 15 or higher

Your senses around you go beyond the normal humanoid capabilities. As an action, you open up your senses to everything surrounding you within 10ft. You can sense anything that comes within this area, even if its invisible, on the ethereal plane or attempting to hide. Creatures have disadvantage on attack rolls against you that make their attacks from within the area and you have advantage on Dexterity Saving Throws and attacks made at a creature within your field. Once you move or attack, the field fades away. 

Maximize Magic

Prerequisite: Second level spellslots or higher. 

Power is all that matters to you, without the regard to resources. Maxing out the full damage capabilities of your spells is your main focus. When you cast a spell, you can also expend a spell slot of a level higher then the spell slot you used to cast your spell. When you do you can maximize your damage rolls (ex. Casting Burning Hands expends 1st level spell slot, using this feature you can spend another spell slot of 2nd level or higher to deal max damage).

Strength Through Weakness

By gaining something, something of equal value must be lost. Gaining resistance, means gaining weakness. Choose one of the damage type sets below. You gain resistance to one and vulnerability to the other. This replaces whatever you already have, such as resistance or immunity. 

  • Fire and Cold
  • Radiant and Necrotic
  • Force and Psychic
  • Thunder and Acid
  • Lightning and Poison 

Super Tier Magic

Prerequisite: Level 20, able to cast 9th level spells, Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma 24 or higher

The greatest of spells are considered to only be wielded by the divine. You have managed to break the mortal limitations of your spell craft. Pushing beyond your limits you have the power to cast divine level magic called Super Tier Magic. When you choose this feat choose one Super Tier Magic Spell.  When you do, the spell is invalid and you learn the ritual to unlock the spell. The ritual takes 8 hours to perform and requires the sacrifice of many spellcasters. It requires 5,000 Spell Level worth of spellcasters. (ie, a spellcaster that can cast 9th level spells counts as 9. A spell caster that can cast 5th level spells counts as 5).

Expanded Racial Feats

Coming Soon!