Services & Expenses

A brief listing of common Services and Expenses are given below in their respective categories. The cost figures on the tables are guidelines only; the cost of certain Services and Expenses may be higher in isolated or primitive areas



Luxurious                                   150
Upscale                                      50
Average                                     10
Budget                                       2



Luxurious                                   200
Upscale                                      100
Average                                      50
Budget                                       20

Medical Care

MEDICAL SERVICE                          COST

Bacta Tank Treatment (Per Hour)   300
Long-Term Care (Per Day)              300
Medpac Treatment                         300
Surgery (Per Hour)                         500
Treat Disease (Per Day)                 500
Treat Poison (Per Hour)                 100
Treat Radiation (Per Day)              1000


TRANSPORTATION SERVICE                           COST

Taxi, Local                                                          10
Passage, Steerage (Up to 5 days)                    500
Passage, Average (Up to 5 days)                     1000
Passage, Upscale (Up to 5 days)                     2000
Passage, Luxurious (Up to 5 days)                  5000
Chartered Space Transport (Up to 5 days)     10000



Luxurious                                   10000
Wealthy                                      5000
Comfortable                              2000
Average                                     1000
Struggling                                  500
Impoverished                            200
Self-Sufficient                            100

Vehicle Rental


Speeder Bike                                             20
Landspeeder, Average                              50
Landspeeder, Luxury                                 100
Airspeeder                                                 500
Shuttle, Interplanetary                              1000
Shuttle, Interstellar                                   2000

Docking, Fuel, and Maintenance

All starships require refueling, restocking, routine maintenance, and a place to dock where they can get these services.

Docking Fees

Docking fees vary substantially from planet to planet, but they average around 20 credits per day in an average spaceport. Long-term storage is also available in some locations (200 credits per month). It generally requires about eight hours to get a ship out of storage and ready for flight.
Docking Fee Per Day      20cr
Docking Fee Per Month  200cr

Refueling and Restocking

All ships must have fuel to operate; a ship without fuel is adrift and immobile, effectively disabled. In general, most Starships refuel each time they put into port, and during refueling other essential ship consumables (Such as water and oxygen) are restocked as well.

Refueling - For a starship of Colossal or smaller size, refilling one day's worth of fuel (Approximately 1 kg of fuel) costs about 50 credits. Larger starships are substantially more expensive. Multiply the cost by 100 for every size category above Colossal. A Starship uses this much fuel after one day of flight in Realspace or Hyperspace, after one hour of flight in atmosphere or combat, or in a single jump to lightspeed.

Restocking - Consumables cost about 10 credits x the number of living creatures on board x the days of operation.

Routine Maintenance

After twenty hyperspace jumps, a Starship needs to undergo Routine Maintenance. Routine Maintenance includes a thorough check of essential ship systems (Including the backup Hyperdrive and Escape Pods), replacing coolant and other ship fluids, and a complete scrubbing of air filters and recycling systems. Routine Maintenance costs the same as about four days of fuel (200 credits for a ship of Colossal or lesser size). If a ship does not receive Routine Maintenance after twenty hyperspace jumps, roll twice when checking for System Damage on the Ship Battle Damage Table.

Ship Repairs

Sometimes your ship comes in contact with mishaps or take damage during a fire fight. You can get your ship repaired as long as there is a docking station to fix your ship. The cost to fix your ship is 10cr x the size modifier per 1 hit point restored. The time it takes is the same as installation time in the vehicles section, but instead of months it is days.

Permits and Licenses

All Starship owners and operators are required to have at least three different pieces of registration aboard their ships at all times, each of which is obtained through the Bureau of Ships and Services, or BoSS (See below).

Captain's Accredited License

Certifies that the captain is capable of piloting and operating the Starship.
Cost: 200 credits
Requirements: DC 15 Pilot check, 10 years of Starship experience (Any character who chooses the Pilot Class or the Spacer Background at 1st level automatically qualifies); experience requirement can be waived for additional "Expediter Fee" of 300 credits.
Time: 1 day

Ship's Operating License

Tracks the ship's make, manufacturer, port of origin, Transponder Codes, and owner.
Cost: 1,000 credits
Requirements: Captain's Accredited License, ship must pass inspection (All systems functioning, no Escape Pods missing, no Illegal Starship Modifications, functioning Transponder Code), DC 10 Pilot check.

Time: 1 day

Arms Load-Out Permit

Registers the ship's weapons.
Cost: By Weapon Availability (See Restricted Items)
Requirements: Captain's Accredited License, Ship's Operating License, Pilot Check (DC 15).
Time: By Weapon Availability (See Restricted Items)

Though these registrations are required by law, many Starship captains operating on the fringes of society forge these documents to hide the ship's true identity (Or their own). Forging BoSS documents requires a Forgery or Slicing check, counting as both a Deceptive Appearance (To produce a BoSS-secure Datapad that seems authentic) and Deceptive Information (To create plausible ship records). However, such forgeries won't appear in the BoSS computer system, so they will not survive close scrutiny.

Transponder Codes

Every Starship has a Transponder Code, a unique signal that allows that ship to be distinguished from any other. If you look up a specific Transponder Code in a BoSS database, you can find the ship's name, type, Starship Modifications and armament, owner, and even history (Including the time of its arrival and departure from every legitimate spaceport in the galaxy).

A ship's Transponder Code is built into the ship's sublight engines, so any attempt to remove or alter the code can fuse the wiring and destroy the engine (DC 30 Mechanics Check to remove or alter). Some smugglers and pirates have been known to mask their transponder signal to preserve anonymity, but most governments will attempt to capture or destroy such a ship immediately. Instead, many criminals and others operating outside the law will tamper with their transponder to broadcast false Transponder Codes. Though highly illegal, altering a Transponder Code will allow a ship to identify itself by another name (See Transponder).

IFF                                Military                       1000
Masked                        Illegal                         200 (Base)
Disguised (1)                Illegal                          500 (Base)
Disguised (2)               Illegal                          1000 (Base)
Disguised (3)               Illegal                          2000 (Base) 

IFF Transponders

Military ships also broadcast a unique transponder code that identifies the ship by its type, designation, and allegiance. These Identify Friend/Foe (IFF) Transponders are separate from the transponders built into Starship engines, and they are not included on civilian Starships.

Getting A License

To get a license, you must pay the fee required to file the application. The amount of the fee is a percentage of the object's normal cost, as listed in Restricted Objects. Once you've paid the fee, make a History check against the DC listed in the Skill DC column. You can't Take 10 or Take 20 on this check. On a success, your license is approved and will be available to you in a number of days as listed in the Time Required column. On a failure, you spend a number of days as listed in the Time Required column, but you are not granted the license and your application fee is lost. You may try again as often as you like if you have the time and credits to do so.

Whether you succeed or fail on your History check, your request is recorded in public records. The more restricted the license, the more in-depth the background check required, and this leaves an increasingly detailed electronic trail for others to follow.

You can choose to secure a license through illicit means. If you want to bribe an official, make a Persuasion check instead of a History check. If you want to fabricate a false identity or steal another person's identity, make a Deception check instead of a History  check. If either of these checks fails by 5 or more, the local authorities are alerted to your activities.

Restricted Objects

LEVEL             LICENSE FEE   BM COST    DC    TIME 

Licensed         5%                    x2                10      1 day
Restricted       10%                  x3                 15      2 days
Military            20%                 x4                 20     5 days
Illegal              50%                 x5                 25     10 days

The license fee is given as a percentage of the licensed object's base cost.

The Black Market

Almost anything is available on the Black Market. However, you must make a Persuasion check to locate a Black Market merchant who has the object you seek. The DC of the check is listed in the Skill DC column of the Restricted Objects table, and the GM may apply a bonus or penalty to the check depending on the circumstances. (For example, finding a Black Market dealer on the smuggler's moon of Nar Shaddaa is relatively easy and may warrant a +5 bonus on the check.) If you succeed on the Persuasion check, you find a Black Market merchant who has access to the item you seek. If you fail, you can try again later. If you fail by 5 or more, someone notices you've been asking questions and comes to capture, interrogate, or silence you.

Once you find someone who can get the item for you, you'll have to pay two, three, four, or five times the item's normal price (As listed in the Black Market Cost column of the Restricted Items table) and wait some time for the item to become available (As listed in the Time Required column).

Selling on the Black Market

The Black Market can be used by the heroes not only to obtain illicit goods but also to sell them. If the heroes are smugglers, shipjackers, or pirates, they may need some way to pawn off their prizes, and the Black Market is an excellent place to do so. The heroes can find the Black Market in the same way that they would to buy from the Black Market, but instead of making purchases they can make sales, using the same Black Market cost modifiers to determine how many credits the heroes make off their goods. The value of the goods is still halved as normal, before applying the Black Market modifiers (Which should compensate for the reduction in value from selling the item). When you make your check, if you fail by 5 or more, the authorities are notified.