Families and Types

Families and Types

A Digimon is classified not only by its Species, but also by their appearance, general habitat, and personality. These are referred to as Families, Types, and Attributes. Attributes are the simplest of Virus, Data, and Vaccine, essentially just how the Digimon interacts with the world. Virus Attribute Digimon tend to have some kind of negative or nasty effect, Data class Digimon often take a neutral stance, and Vaccine Attribute Digimon tend to interact to balance out the negative issues Virus Digimon bring about.

Types specifically describe the Digimon physically: for example, WarGreymon is classified as a Dragon-Man type, while MetalGarurumon is a Cyborg type Digimon.

Families are a more general description of how a Digimon works: a wide variety of Digimon can fit into a single Family, as they describe not only a Digimon's physical appearance to a small extent, but also their potential alliances and method of interacting with the world.

When Digivolving, a Digimon will generally Digivolve to a higher stage which shares at least one of the former classifications with the current stage, but this isn't a hard rule: use your best judgement.

The Digimon Families are as follows, to give a general idea of how they work. These are just guidelines: not every Digimon fits into these simple classifications.

- Dark Empire: Terrifying, apocalyptic Digimon, or Digimon who dwell in the Dark Area.

- Deep Savers: Deep sea, artic, or some type aquatic Digimon fit into this Family.

- Dragon's Roar: Draconic Digimon, or Digimon who favor mountain or volcanic areas to live in.

- Jungle Troopers: Insect or Plant Digimon, or Digimon who favor jungles and forests to live in.

- Metal Empire: Machine or Cyborg Digimon. They tend to prefer cities and factories to inhabit.

- Nature Spirits: Animal or Monster Digimon. They tend to prefer deserts and harsh climates.

- Nightmare Soldiers: Undead or Demonic Digimon, they tend to inhabit graveyards or abandoned buildings.

- Unknown: Digimon which are strange or mutated in some way, and do not fit into another Family.

- Virus Busters: Holy or Angelic Digimon. They do not always show a preference for where they live.

- Wind Guardians: Bird or air-based Digimon. They tend to prefer open, grassy areas, if they ever land.