This Role focuses on large instruments that require you to sit down such as a drum set, large Harp or Piano. They focus on filling the tank position.

Here To Stay

When you choose this Role at 3rd level, as an Interact with Objects action, you can summon a large Seated Instrument such as drums, harp or piano within 5ft of you in an unoccupied space you can see. When you do, you automatically teleport into a sitting position with your instrument and take up the space of a Large creature. You and the instrument are considered one target. It lasts until you move. Once you move, you canot summon it this way again for one minute. You must use an Action to summon it instead. You are considered Prone when this is active and creatures do not gain Advantage against you for being Prone this way.

One Step Closer

Also at 3rd level, you can use an action to play your Seated Instrument causing creatures of your choice within 60ft of you to make a Wisdom Saving Throw, DC 8 + proficiency bonus + Charisma Modifier. On a failure, they move up to half their movement towards you. If any creature comes within 10ft of you because of this effect, you get temporary hit points equal to twice the umber of creatures that are within that range for one minute.

The One

Starting at 6th level, as a bonus action, you can target one creature within 120ft of you. That creature must make a Charisma Saving Throw. DC 8 + proficiency bonus + Charisma Modifier. On a failure, that creature is marked by you and takes 1d6 thunder damage each time you use any of your abilities that uses your Seated Instrument. This effect lasts for 1 minute or until it attacks you. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus. If it ends early by the creature attacking you, you do not expend that use.

Hollow Life

At 10th level, you tend to continue beyond your means. When you are at 0 hit points and you have your Seated Instrument active, you can still continue playing your Seated Instrument. You can only use your One Step Closer feature, but if you regain any temporary hit points by that feature, you regain consciousness' as if you had that many hit points. While in this state, if you move, you fall unconcious as normal even if you have Temporary Hit Points. You still need to make Death Saving Throws as normal and die as normal upon failures.


When you reach 14th level, you have learned how to let your music flow heavily through you. When you finish a Short Rest with your Seated Instrument, you create an spiritual image of your instrument that floats around you. When you would take damage, you can use your Reaction, to reduce the amount of damage equal to your Musician Level. When you do so, your images pops with a musical sound of your choice as loud or as quiet as you choose. You can only have one of these active at a time.