Every story has a beginning. Your character's background reveals where you came from, how you became an adventurer, and your place in the world. Choosing a background provides you with important story cues about your character's identity. The most important question to ask about your background is what changed? Why did you stop doing whatever your background describes and start adventuring? Where did you get the credits to purchase your starting gear, or, if you come from a wealthy background, why don't you have more credits? How did you learn the skills of your class? What sets you apart from ordinary people who share your background? 


Each background gives a character proficiency in two skills. Skills are described in the skills section. In addition, most backgrounds give a character proficiency with one or more tools. Tools and tool proficency are detailed in the Adventures Gear section. If a character would gain the same proficiency from two different sources, he or she can choose a different proficiency of the same kind (skill or tool) instead. 


Some backgrounds also allow characters to learn additional languages beyond those given by race. See "Languages" in the Languages section. 


Each background provides a package of starting equipment that you have attained at some point during your background.


A background contains suggested personal characteristics based on your background.
You can pick characteristics, roll dice to determine them randomly, or use the suggestions as inspiration for characteristics of your own creation. For this you can roll or choose from any table in the Players Handbook allowing you to mix and match whichever to create your own unique character traits.



You have spent years navigating the complex systems of government and bureaucracy, and have developed a keen eye for detail and a talent for manipulating official channels. Whether it be through computers or through documents, you have a keen eye for the structure of how corporations work.

Skill Proficiencies: Computer Use, Persuasion
Tool Proficiencies: Any one tool kit
Equipment: A set of formal clothing, 250 credits and a datapad

Feature: Bureaucratic Acumen:

You have a knack for cycling through the world of corporations. You can always gain a meeting with an corporate management, though you will have to work around on their time. When searching through files, it only takes you half the time and if there are hidden files, you have a better chance at recognizing where and how they are kept.


"You have devoted yourself to the preservation and discovery of knowledge. In a galaxy filled with countless civilizations, histories, and technologies, there is always something new to learn."

Skill Proficiencies: History, Investigation
Languages: Four of your choice
Equipment: Robes, Data-pad with extensive notes on various subjects, 100 credits

Feature: Seeker of Knowledge

Your dedication to knowledge allows you to recall or locate obscure pieces of information, historical trivia, or ancient lore. When you make an Intelligence (History) check to remember information about a past event, you can add twice your Intelligence Modifier Additionally, you have access to a wide network of fellow scholars, archivists, and informants who can provide you with information on a variety of topics.


"You have spent your life learning the secrets of alloys and plasteels, becoming a master in the art of armormech. You have the skills to create armor that can protect others in the harsh realities of the galaxy, from the soldiers on the front lines of interplanetary conflicts to bounty hunters tracking their marks in the dangerous corners of the galaxy."

Skill Proficiencies: Armormech, Perception
Tool Proficiency: Lockpick Tools
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: Armorer's toolbox, a set of common clothes, 150 credits

Feature: Armorer's Eye

Your extensive experience in armor crafting has given you a keen eye for the details of armor construction. You can easily identify the make and approximate age of armor just by looking at it. In addition, you can often recognize armor that has been tampered with or repaired, and you might be able to tell what sort of damage the armor has sustained in the past.


"In the world of technological marvels and mystic forces, you have found your calling in the intricate dance of molecules and compounds. As a biochemist, you possess an in-depth understanding of biological and chemical processes, allowing you to create medical supplies, performance-enhancing serums, and biological implants."

Skill Proficiencies: Biochem, Medicine
Tool Proficiencies: Medical Kit
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: Biochem toolbox a set of common clothes, 150 credits

Feature: Medicinal Maestro

With your profound knowledge and ability in Biochemistry, you can create potent medical supplies and performance-enhancing serums. When you craft a health-restoring medpac or a physical boosting stimulant, its effect is more potent than usual, restoring additional health or giving an extra boost to physical abilities respectively. The specifics of this bonus are at the discretion of your DM.

As an experienced Biochemist, you have developed an acute sense for identifying the biological and chemical traces left by different species, drugs or toxins. Given enough time, you can analyze these traces and glean valuable information, such as the species of a creature, the nature of a drug or the type of toxin used. This can be especially useful in forensic investigations or when dealing with mysterious substances or creatures. The specifics of what you can deduce are at the discretion of your DM.

Bounty Hunter 

"The scum of the galaxy have a price on their heads, and you're the one to collect it. You might work alone, or for a Guild, but you've earned a reputation as someone who gets the job done."

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Intimidation
Weapon Proficiencies: Any two weapons of your choice
Equipment: Hunter's Clothes, two blaster pistols or one blaster rifle, 150 credits

Feature: Always Get My Mark

You've made a career out of hunting down targets. You can always find work in the bounty hunting field and you have an uncanny knack for tracking your marks. Additionally, your reputation often precedes you, intimidating some and providing you with leads from others.


"Perhaps you were on reality TV, maybe you are a famous actor, or maybe you're a concert violinist. Regardless, there are people who recognize you, and for you, any attention feels like good attention."

Skill Proficiencies: History, Performance
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, one type of musical instrument or gaming set
Equipment: One musical instrument of your choice, one flashy costume or outfit, 200 credits

Feature: Maybe you've heard of me...
When interacting with someone you may ask the DM if that person recognizes you as a celebrity, make a charisma check DC:15 (10 if the target is from your home-planet or solar system) to be recognized. The result of this recognition is up to the DM, but might involve advantage on further skill checks, preferential treatment, free stuff and discounts.


" You were not born as most individuals, a squalling infant dependent on your parents, but were, rather, raised in one of the tank facilities, grown to maturity at an artificial rate, and given a basic education at a deep subconscious level. Your first memory was stumbling up from a crash of amniotic fluid, fully grown and formed, knowing how to walk, to stand, and speak. Your last few years of technical study passed quickly, a formality really, and now you stand ready to fulfill your purpose in the stars. While biologically human, you are different from the rest of humanity, a breed apart almost. You were produced to fill some role on a starship or station, and are expertly adept at your specialization.
Skill Proficiencies: Choose any two of your choice.

Tool Proficiency: Any one of your choice.
Language: one of your choice.
Equipment: 50 credits, a uniform, One tool you are proficient with, some form of medallion or symbol to denote you as belonging as property to whatever organization cloned you which also tracks your Clone ID #.

Feature: Bred to Order:

You were created to fulfill a particular purpose. Whether that was surgical genius or waste disposal, you are nonetheless eminently qualified for this task. Double your proficiency bonus with the skill or tool in which you gained proficiency when choosing this background.

  • Variant: Clone Trooper

  • You were instead artificially created to be a soldier amongst the republic or empire. You gain the following instead of the standard Clone background:

  • Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, History

  • Weapon Proficiency: Rifles

  • Language: one of your choice.

  • Equipment: 50 credits, a Skinsuit uniform, Blaster Rifle, some form of medallion or symbol to denote you as belonging as property to whatever organization cloned you which also tracks your Clone ID #.

  • Feature: Bred for War: You were created to act as a soldier for war, your singular purpose was for warfare, battle, and performing your duty without question. You are knowledgable about war, and operate within battle with the utmost function, obeying your superiors to the letter. Double your proficiency bonus with any skill checks related to knowledge about warfare, your military Background, or the enemy you are fighting. So long as the information you are trying to recall is something that you would be capable of knowing. 

Company Man

"You are the representative of one of the many many Mega-Corporations of the Galaxy; a few examples would be: the arms manufacturing company Czerka Corporation; security firm- Eidolon Security; the arms manufacturing of Durasteel Corporation, or the Vehicle and ship manufacturing of Ubrikkan Industries, serving their interests among the stars. Greed is good, and whatever opportunities you find for the company to exploit will net you a healthy finder's fee."

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Persuasion 
Languages: Binary. One of your choice
Equipment: Business Suit, one tool kit of your choice, Briefcase, 200 Credits

Feature: From the Home Office

As long as you remain in good standing with management, local fronts for your corporation will assist you with reasonable tasks and requests, as well as providing lodgings for you and a sufficiently small staff.


" You have a shady background, and are the member of a criminal organization, seeking opportunities to advance your organization among the stars."

Skill Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand, Stealth
Tool Proficiencies: Your choice of Lockpick Kit or Security Tools
Equipment: Blaster Pistol or Combat Knife, basic outfit, tool kit of your choice, 100 credits

Feature: I know a Guy

Your connections in the criminal underground let you find illegal or black market goods for purchase, or find outlets to sell similar. In addition, sometimes you can call on a network of underground sources to smuggle goods, find information in regards to something particular, or lend you a Hand. This is not always a guarantee, and it depends if these fellow things are connected to a linked organization, if their "resources" extend to that planet or territory you are in, and if it's not dangerous or out of the way for them. No criminal will do something to help you out for free; there is always a price. Sometimes it takes credits, or maybe a skill challenge.

Cybertech Engineer 

"From the bustling markets of Coruscant to the distant colonies on the Outer Rim, the demand for skilled Cybertech Engineers is constant. You've made a name for yourself through your ability to craft diverse tools, ranging from energy shields to droid armor. Your talent has been the salvation of many in dire straits, and you know your creations are scattered across the galaxy, silently contributing to countless narratives."

Skill Proficiencies: Cybertech, Investigation
Tool Proficiencies: Mechanics Tools 
Languages: Binary
Equipment: Cybertech toolbox, a piece of self-made trinket, technician's clothing, 100 credits

Feature: Techno Savant

Your wide-ranging experience in crafting and modifying technology has left you with a keen insight into the functioning of almost any tech. Given time to study a piece of technology, you can discern its purpose, method of operation, and any potential weaknesses or flaws it might have. You may also be able to guess who made it or where it came from based on the technology's design and materials. This ability might allow you to disable traps, bypass security systems, repair broken devices, or even exploit an enemy's technology. 


"You are trained in the operation, repair and maintenance of machinery and electronics. Your skills are in high demand among the stars."

Skill Proficiencies: Computer Use, Investigation
Tool Proficiencies: Mechanics Tools
Equipment: Mechanics Tools, basic outfit, 150 credits

Feature: Quick Fixes

You have an uncanny ability to patch up machines and electronics in a pinch. You can stabilize a malfunctioning or damaged machine temporarily allowing it to function for a short period before it needs proper repairs. This ability might save your ship from exploding in space or keep that door locked just long enough to escape.

Exchange Operative 

"You're an operative for The Exchange, a powerful interstellar criminal organization dealing in everything from spice smuggling to extortion to illegal weapons trafficking. Your tasks may range from simple courier duties to advanced negotiations, or even enforcing the Exchange's will through force. Your tenure has granted you an understanding of the darker corners of the galaxy and a web of contacts and resources."

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Insight
Tool Proficiencies: Forgery kit
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A set of dark clothing, an Exchange identification, a concealed weapon, a small device for communication with your Exchange contact, 150 credits

Feature: Shield of the Exchange

Your involvement with the Exchange has introduced you to a network of informants, fences, smugglers, and other unsavory types. You have advantage on checks made to gather information about illegal activities, and you know where to sell stolen goods safely without attracting unwanted attention.

As an operative of The Exchange, you carry an unspoken threat that provides a measure of protection. Law enforcement officials, rival criminal organizations, and other potentially hostile individuals think twice before crossing you. You can use your affiliation with The Exchange to exert influence, intimidate others, or avoid confrontations. However, those who aren't afraid of the Exchange or bear a grudge against the organization might react to your background with hostility.

Former Jedi 

"You were once a member of the noble and ancient Jedi Order, but for some reason, you left it all behind. You might be a runaway, an exile, or even a survivor of the tragic Jedi Purge. Because of this, your Jedi Abilities have dwindled."

Skill Proficiencies: History, Lightside Force
Weapon Proficiencies: Lightsaber
Equipment: Basic Jedi Robes, Lightsaber (if DM allows, otherwise basic melee weapon), 50 credits

Feature: Force Sensitivity

You are attuned to the force and its mysterious workings. Though you have left the Order, the force remains with you. You may not have the full training of a Jedi Knight, but you can sense disturbances in the Force, have premonitions, or use basic force abilities. You gain 2 Force Tricks and one 1st level Lightside Force Power. You have 4 Force Points.

Galactic Farmer 

"You were raised on a farm, perhaps on a distant agri-world, where you worked the land or cared for livestock. This wasn't a simple terrestrial farm, but a farming endeavor of a greater scale – possibly involving the cultivation of exotic crops under alien suns or the raising of strange, bio-engineered livestock. Your life changed, and you left that home behind, but the lessons you learned about growth, life cycles, and the value of hard work stick with you."

Skill Proficiencies: Survival, Nature
Tool Proficiencies: Vehicle (Atmospheric)
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A set of common clothes, a token from your farming past (like a cherished tool, a piece of farm equipment, or an old hat), a pet of some sort (like a small domesticated alien creature or a simple robotic helper), and a pouch containing 50 credits

Feature: Galactic Greenthumb

You have an uncanny ability to encourage growth in almost any environment. Given a handful of seeds, a water source, and a plot of dirt, you can produce a small crop of simple foodstuffs in a matter of weeks, or foster the growth of local edible flora. The exact nature and volume of the crop depends on local conditions and is subject to the DM's discretion. In addition, you can spend 1 hour gathering food and water for yourself and up to five other people each day, provided that the environment can support life at all.

Farmers tend to share a common bond, no matter where in the universe they're located. You're able to find a place to lay your head on agricultural worlds and farming communities, as local farmers provide you with modest accommodations and food. In addition, they might be willing to share the local gossip, or news from other parts of the planet or system. They are not likely to provide any assistance that would put them in danger. The universal respect among farmers may allow you to call in a favor, such as transport on a local's freighter, but they would expect these favors to be repaid.


"At a young age you were discovered to have some natural talents with the force and were sent to one of the jedi temples to begin your training. Whether or not you succeeded as becoming a padawan or failing to learn their ways and leaving the temple for some reason you still remain sensitive to to the force."

Skill Proficiencies: Lightside Force, Darkside Force
Languages: Two of your choice
Equipment: A symbol of the jedi order (a gift to you when you entered the jedi temple), fine robes, and 100 credits.

Feature: Shelter of the Order

As a member or former member from the jedi temples, you command the respect of those who share your beliefes. You and your adventuring companions can expect to receive healing and care at a temple of the jedi. If you managed to become a padawan within the temple and managed to stay on good terms you start with a living space in the temple that you call your own. 

Hutt Agent 

"You are more than a mere minion in the employ of the Hutt Cartel, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the galaxy. Your duties have ranged from running errands to collecting debts to providing security for your Hutt boss. Though you've seen the dark underbelly of the galaxy, you also have gained access to resources and contacts that few possess."

Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation, Persuasion
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit
Languages: Huttese
Equipment: A set of casual clothing, a Hutt Cartel identification, a hidden blade, a small device for communication with your Hutt contact, 150 credits

Feature: Slippery as a Hutt

The Hutts have their tentacles in everything, from commerce and politics to crime and entertainment. You can call on your Hutt contacts for favors, though such requests are never without strings attached. Your request might be granted directly, it might lead you to an individual or organization that can assist you, or you might receive a valuable piece of information. However, you will always be expected to repay the favor in some way.

Your time with the Hutt Cartel has taught you how to escape tricky situations, either by talking your way out, making yourself unnoticed, or simply knowing when and where to be (or not be) at the right time. This could mean getting access to a restricted area, knowing when law enforcement is about to raid a location, or talking your way past a gang of thugs. You don't always get what you want, but you always get away.


" As a representative of a news organization you are among the stars looking for a story, perhaps to make a name for yourself, or to get back in the good graces of your organization."

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, History
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit 
Equipment: Holo-Recorder, nice outfit, disguise kit, and 100 credits

Feature: Sources

When investigation hits a dead end, or when you just need some clarifying information, a journalist can call on a network of confidential sources for this information. Sometimes bribes or favors will be required, other times a convincing skill check, whether through persuasion, deception or intimidation might be required to squeeze the information out of your. contact. And some information is just too dangerous for a source to divulge, but there is always at least a clue to be found.

Law Enforcement

"You were a sworn peace officer working for a civilian government. You retired from Law Enforcement to venture to the stars, but your record as a law enforcer follows you, making criminals nervous and security personnel rest easy."

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, History
Equipment: Stun Baton, Taser Pistol, Half-Vest, Badge, normal outfit, 40 credits
Languages: Choose two

Feature: Brothers in Blue:

Your time as a law enforcer lets you more easily get along with security and local police. You can smooth over rough relations with authorities (within reason) and can be called upon by departments to assist with crime during emergencies.


"You are a proud Mandalorian, a member of one of the Mandalorian Clans of a rich and ancient culture of soldiers, hunters, and warriors. Mandalorians are famed for their ferocity for fighting, their sense of honor, their savagery, and above all else; their drive to never give up. Mandalorians are a culture; an ideology, and do not discriminate against any race or species, they admire strength, cunning, and expert hunters, any can join their ranks and prove themselves a Mandalorian if they have the skill, others are born into it, their family being a long line of Mandalorians. The original Mandalorian people were a species known as the ___, long long ago, their culture and ideology was passed down after their extinction and created the Mandalorians that we know today. Every Generation of Mandalorians has a central leader that governs over all the Mandalorian clans across the galaxy, he or she is the grand leader, and their word is law, even against whatever clan leaders might speak. This leader always adopts a new name, "Mand'alor", and his or hers previous name is stripped from them. They also earn a new moniker or title that distinctly separates them from past "Mand'alors"; for example, if one was famed for having incredible amounts of physical strength, that Mand'alor might earn the title "Mandalore the Strong".

To be a Mandalorian, you are either born into or adopted into the clans, and you have to follow the "Resol'nare", which are six tenants of Mandalorian life. They state, more or less:

  1. Wear armor: Design and color can be customized, but it all follows a single norm to some degree, and you must wear the Mandalorian symbol and your clan symbol with pride at all times.

  2. Speak Mando'a: Other languages are also fine, but you must speak Mando'a in addition to them.

  3. Protect: Be able to defend yourself and your families. Basically, know how to fight and fight well.

  4. Family: If you ever start a family, you must Raise your family as Mandalorians.

  5. Clan: Your Clan is also your family, Contribute to the clan's welfare - Fighting is honorable, but not everything, contribute to your clan by promoting growth, food, money, and creating a stable living for your clan's home.

  6. Honor the Call: When rallied by Mandalore to fight, obey his call, despite whatever your personal feelings on the matter.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee Weapons and Choice of Pistols or Rifles.
Equipment: 50 credits, a Mandalorian Symbol, Combat Jumpsuit, Blaster Pistol, and a Mandalorian Trophy from a previous hunt.
Languages: Mando'a

Feature: Mandalorian Heritage

You have an excellent knowledge of not only Mandalorian Culture, but also the terrain they control and the common predators that they would hunt on the planets they inhabit. You are familiar enough with any area commonly inhabited by Mandalorians, such that you can find twice as much food and water as you normally would when you forage there.

Additionally, you can call upon the hospitality of your people, and those allied with the Mandalorian people, often including members of like-minded honorable tribes, and cultures that have similar religious beliefs and philosophical views.

Medical Professional 

"You have spent years learning the ins and outs of medicine and surgery, using your skills to heal the sick and injured. Your talents could have been honed in a state-of-the-art medical facility on Coruscant, or maybe you learned your trade patching up wounded soldiers in a field hospital. Regardless of where you got your start, your skills are in high demand."

Skill Proficiencies: Medicine, Insight
Tool Proficiencies: Medical Kit
Languages: One of your choice (possibly related to a species you have specialized in treating)
Equipment: Medical kit, set of medical clothes, 150 credits

Feature: Medical Expertise

Your medical skills are in high demand and you know how to use them efficiently. In addition to leveraging your skills for treatment, information, or supplies when in a medical facility, you can perform basic medical procedures to heal others. Once per short rest, you can spend 10 minutes to treat up to six willing creatures (you can be one of them), restoring hit points equal to your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier to each creature.

This represents you applying bandages, administering first aid, or making use of a patient's natural healing abilities through more advanced medical techniques. The hit points restored increase as your proficiency bonus increases, representing you gaining experience and learning new treatment methods. Remember that this ability doesn't replace the need for the Medicine skill in diagnosing illnesses, stabilizing dying characters, or identifying toxins and drugs.


" You were raised in the markets and bazaars of many stations and worlds, carrying out the vital commerce that fuels humanity's expansion into the stars."

Skill Proficiencies: Deception and Persuasion
Equipment: Holdout blaster pistol, fine outfit, 300 credits worth of trade goods
Language: Any two of your choice

Feature: Let's Make a Deal

With profits on the line, you can always make yourself understood, and may attempt commerce even with beings you share no common language with. In addition, add your level to all Charisma checks for business ventures you engage in.


" You served one or more tours of duty in a military force, and attained rank before mustering out to find a life of adventure in space. Perhaps it was a planetary defense force, interstellar or system navy, or even just a local militia. Perhaps you served amongst the Republic, or as an imperial soldier for the Empire."

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation
Tool Proficiencies: Gain proficiency in Vehicles (Atmospheric) and your choice of Rifles or Pistols.
Equipment: Your choice Blaster Rifle or Blaster Pistol, military uniform, medal of distinction, 100 credits.

Feature: Rank and File

You mustered out with your rank intact, at least an E-4 to a max of O-1, and good standing with the military. You can use this to gain access to limited resources from military bases and vessels, such as emergency refueling or repairs, medical treatment, or access to communications lines. However, this only affects likeminded companies or of the military belonging to your faction, and generally only for menial resources befitting your rank and station. Depending on your rank is how you will be treated, higher the rank more respect from higher ups but less respect from lower ranking and vice versa. Also you cannot for example, as a officer, request an entire ship to use and occupy.


You have come to the stars to spread your religious or philosophical views, and have the backing of a church or group of similar minded individuals.

Skill Proficiencies: Religion, Persuasion
Languages: Choose any one language.
Equipment: Respectable outfit, copy of your core religious or philosophical text, 50 credits

Feature: Defender of the Faith

Wherever there are other followers of your faith or philosophy, expect to have allies to call on in times of need for basic lodgings, food, limited resources and general support. If there are no such followers, make some.


"You are not native to human society, and are confused by its ways. Perhaps you were the orphaned survivor of a failed colony, abducted by aliens and later returned, or are even an alien from a distant world.
Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
Equipment: Dagger, token of your homeworld, 20 credits
Languages: Choose one

Feature: Not from Around Here

You are obviously from a foreign culture or planet, and others have no clear idea exactly how to deal with you. By pretending not to understand languages, you can often bluff your way out of a sticky situation, and others will give you little thought as they speak in front of you, underestimating your understanding of concepts.

Planetary Surveyor 

"You've spent years charting the landscapes of various worlds, taking careful measurements and plotting coordinates. Perhaps you've worked as part of a colonization initiative, scouting out suitable worlds for settlement, or maybe you're a freelance explorer, selling your detailed maps to the highest bidder. Whatever the case, your keen eye and meticulous nature make you an expert in understanding and navigating the diverse terrains of countless planets."

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Nature
Tool Proficiencies: Planetary Survey Equipment
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: Planetary Survey Equipment, set of explorer's clothes, a collection of various planetary maps, 100 credits

Feature: Terrain Expert

Your extensive experience in charting planets gives you a unique understanding of different types of terrain. When making checks with your Planetary Survey Equipment, you can add twice your proficiency bonus instead of any proficiency bonus you normally apply.

In addition, your background in surveying has given you a broad understanding of different ecosystems and climates. You can typically identify the type of environment you are in, as well as any potential natural hazards. You can also predict weather patterns with decent accuracy.

You're adept at finding resources on the planet you're surveying. Whether it's water, edible flora, shelter, or minerals, your detailed surveys often reveal the best spots to find what you need. On a successfully used planetary survey, you can usually find a helpful resource within a day's travel.


" You held an elected office or worked to help someone else hold one. You have experience dealing with bureaucracy and red tape from the inside, and have left for the stars to find a new avenue to power."
Skill Proficiencies: Choose any two of Deception, Persuasion, Insight or History
Equipment: Nice Suit, 100 credits, and an additional 100 credits worth of spice product (cigars, alcohol, etc), holdout laser pistol.
Languages: Choose any two

Feature: Friends and Neighbors

You have a way with crowds, and given at least ten minutes can shift the mood of a group of people one step closer to friendly for the next few hours. Alternatively, you can convince a group of people you might just have the best solution to the current problem, real or imagined.


You hail from a primitive world, though you might prefer the term 'Less Advanced'. Perhaps it was roughly equivalent to the medieval period, or even the human Stone Age, but your grasp of science is just not up to par with interstellar species. That being said, you are less soft and weak than these beings spoiled by their technology."

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Survival
Armor and Weapon Proficiency: You are proficient with Simple Melee Weapons Primitive Shields.
Equipment: Native Dress of your homeworld, some type of hunting trophy or ornate trinket befitting your primitive culture, A Primitive Spear, and your choice of a Primitive Sword, Shield, or Dagger, and a Longbow and 20 arrows.

Feature: Noble Savage

You take pride in the world of your origin and in its ways, those you meet are just not prepared for them. Your time in a primitive culture prepared you for rough-living and without having to rely on technology. When in natural environments similar to your native homeworld, you can forage for food with ease, gather supplies and other natural resources such as plants, trees and create an easier time to survive. All primitive weapons you wield are considered modified for overcoming resistances.

Security Specialist 

"You have dedicated your life to understanding the intricacies of security systems, mastering techniques for bypassing locks not for illegal purposes, but for the protection of others. Whether you worked as a security consultant, a locksmith, or a personal bodyguard for a high-ranking official, your skills are highly sought after in a galaxy where threats lurk behind every corner."

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Perception
Tool Proficiencies: Security Tools
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A set of security tools, a uniform (if applicable), a set of common clothes, 150 credits

Feature: Lock Master

Your expertise in locks and security systems is highly respected. When dealing with locks, alarms, or any type of security system, you can add twice your proficiency bonus instead of any proficiency bonus you normally apply. You have a talent for making sense of complex security systems and identifying weak points that others might miss.

Additionally, you have a network of contacts in the security field who can provide information and assistance when dealing with particularly tough systems or when acquiring specialized tools. However, you are also known and respected by law enforcement in many places, who may be more inclined to trust your intentions when they see you tinkering with a lock or security system.

Sith Apprentice 

"Once, you served under a Sith Lord, learning the ways of the Dark Side and the secrets of Sith Alchemy. But something changed. Maybe your master was killed, maybe you ran, or maybe you overthrew them yourself. Either way, you're on your own now."

Skill Proficiencies: Dark Side Force, Intimidation
Weapon Proficiencies: Lightsaber
Equipment: Sith Robes, Lightsaber, 100 credits

Feature: Dark Presence

You've learned to channel the Dark Side to intimidate and manipulate others. You can use your force sensitivity to instill fear or awe in others, or subtly bend them to your will. You gain 2 Force Tricks and one 1st level Darkside Force Power. You have 4 Force Points.


"You've made a living skirting the law, transporting illegal goods, or helping people avoid detection. You know the ins and outs of avoiding patrols and slipping past checkpoints."

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Space Vehicles 
Language Proficiencies: Choose two
Equipment: Basic Outfit, Concealed Weapon (Blaster Pistol or Vibro-Knife), 200 credits

Feature: Slip Through

Your history of smuggling goods and people gives you a knack for avoiding detection. When piloting a ship, you can make use of little-known routes, deceptive maneuvers, or hidden compartments to evade customs, patrols, or blockades.


" You were born and raised onboard the early generation of relatively slow interstellar vessels, travelling between the stars of the fringe, trained from a young age to pitch in aboard a starship."
Skill Proficiencies: Perception, Insight
Languages: Choose any one language.
Tool Proficiencies: Vehicles (Space), Mechanics Tools
Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Padded Flight Suit, Alien Trinket, 100 credits

Feature: Different Circles

Spacer social conventions are different than those of normal human society, and you have cultivated a reputation amongst spacers. Depending on if you are famous, or infamous, other spacers have certainly heard of you and will respond accordingly. Wherever spacers gather, you can expect to find a berth on a ship, aid, information, and acceptance barred to other folk.


You were born and raised on a space station or habitat, having rarely or never been planetside. The rigid discipline required to live in an environment completely inhospitable for life has helped you become a very pragmatic and rational individual.

Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Computer Use
Languages: Choose any one language.
Tool Proficiencies: Medical Kit or Mechanics Tools
Equipment: Tool Kit of your choice, Common outfit, 200 credits

Feature: Station Secrets

You know the secret ways and back routes common to human built stations and habitats, and when outside of combat can travel without detection between any two locations in such an environment twice as quickly as you normally would.

Stellar Cartographer 

"You have spent countless hours studying the heavens, mapping the stars and their movements, and understanding the complexities of astronavigation. Perhaps you worked as a navigator on a starship, guided exploratory vessels through uncharted territories, or served as an academic researching cosmic phenomena. Whatever your origin, your understanding of the stars and their mysteries is second to none."

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Survival
Tool Proficiencies: AstronavigationEquipment
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: Astronavigation equipment, set of normal clothes, blank star chart, 100 credits

Feature: Star Mapper

Your expertise in charting celestial bodies and understanding their patterns allows you to navigate space with more accuracy than most. When making checks with your Astronavigation Equipment, you can add twice your proficiency bonus instead of any proficiency bonus you normally apply.

Additionally, you're capable of quickly analyzing and creating star maps. This ability can help you detect irregularities, predict astronomical events, find the safest or fastest routes through space, and even reveal information about unexplored regions.

When it comes to space travel, particularly at light speed, your skills ensure your journey is as smooth and safe as possible. If you're part of a spaceship crew, you're able to assist with lightspeed navigation, making the journey safer and more efficient.


"You have honed your skills in Synthweaving, an ancient art that allows you to create formidable armors infused with the Force. The wearers of your armor are typically Jedi or Sith, and your creations are known for their protective qualities as well as their subtle, yet significant enhancements to Force abilities."

Skill Proficiencies: Synthweaving, Light or Dark Side Force
Tool Proficiencies: Planetary Survey Equipment
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: Synthweaving toolbox,  modest clothing, 250 credits

Feature: Eye for Force Remnants 

Your experience with synthweaving has attuned you to the ebb and flow of the Force in items around you. You can identify artifacts or objects that have been touched by the Force or that have a strong connection to it. With time, you can study an object and get a sense of its history, such as who made it, who used it, or significant events it was involved in. This ability doesn't give you specific details, but it can provide useful clues and insights. The exact information you can glean is up to the DM's discretion.


"From the searing power of blaster rifles to the silent menace of vibroblades, you understand the power of weaponry. As a weaponsmith, you've honed your skills in the creation of a variety of weapons, knowing that in the galaxy far, far away, a well-crafted weapon could mean the difference between life and death."

Skill Proficiencies: Armstech, Investigation
Tool Proficiencies: Armstech tools
 Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: Armstech toolbox, a set of common clothes, 150 credits

Feature: Weapon Identifier

You can identify the make, model, and modifications of any weapon you see with a successful Investigation check (DM's discretion). You are also able to identify if a weapon has been tampered with, modified, or repaired recently. Your extensive knowledge of weaponry allows you to assess its value accurately and perhaps even trace its origins or previous owners.


"From a young age, you have always been fascinated by the creatures of the universe. You spent your life studying the diverse range of species in the galaxy, either in academic settings or in the wild. Your understanding of lifeforms, their behaviors, and their environments is second to none. This expertise may have drawn you into adventure, perhaps to discover new species, protect endangered ones, or study rare creatures in their natural habitats."

Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Nature
Tool Proficiencies: Choose one (Calligraphy Supplies, Disguise Kit or Painting Supplies)
Languages: One of your choice
Equipment: A set of traveler's clothes, macrobinoculars, a notebook with your observations about various creatures, and a pouch containing 50 credits

Feature: Creature Connection

Your life's work has given you a special connection with the creatures of the universe, from the smallest critter to the largest beast. With time, care, and the appropriate approach, you can form a bond with an animal that you encounter, allowing you to understand its basic needs, instincts, and moods. This doesn't allow you to control the creature, but it may react more favorably to you than others.

Your extensive knowledge of creatures and their habitats allows you to track their presence and movements with remarkable accuracy. Given enough time in a specific environment, you can identify what types of creatures are likely to be found there, their numbers, and their usual patterns of behavior. You can also use this ability to predict where certain species are likely to be found, which can be especially useful when searching for rare or elusive creatures. This ability does not guarantee encounters with desired creatures, but it significantly improves your chances of finding them.