Core Stats


These are you bases to the rest of your skills. When creating your character you can allocate 11 (eleven) points to your core starts. All six of your core stats start at 0 (zeri) and can reach a maximum of 5 (five). It is unlikely that these core stats will change throughout the campaign so choose wisely.


The physical might of your character. It determines how strong your character actually is - how much they can lift, how much they can push and, most importantly, how hard they can hit.


How quickly your character can move. Characters with higher agility can move faster than others, allowing to go first in combat and dodge attacks.


How resistant your character is to both physical and energy attacks. With higher toughness you'll be more likely to block and parry attacks. When you do get hit, you'll take less damage.


The measurement of your character's knowledge and ability to think critically. Allows characters to more intelligently interact with the world around them.


The character's proficiency at using techniques that require Ki. This can be sensing someone else's ki, charging your ki, attacking with your ki, and the like.


Traditionally charisma could be described as how well liked your character is, or how well your character interacts with others. Given the second definition, that doesn't entirely rule out the ability to manipulate through strength and terror.