The Assassin Priority

Assassin Priority

When a crime lord, corrupt politician, or bounty hunter required an individual to be eliminated, they sometimes deployed or hired an assassin droid to execute their will. These droids generally performed with unflinching loyalty to their masters, but rogue assassin droids were not unknown. Since their missions generally required a far higher degree of independent skill, savvy, and judgment than normally possessed by simple war droids, their programming subroutines, circuitry, and memory cores were of correspondingly higher sophistication and quality.

Assassin Protocal

Starting at level 1, whenever you have advantage on an attack roll you can add half your Sovereign Droid level to the damage roll rounded down (minimum 1).

Grevious Wounds

Starting at 3rd level, you can make a special attack with a ranged weapon, on a hit the target must succeed on a Constitution Saving throw against the damage delt. on a failure the target cant be healed for 1 minute. Once you use this feature you cant use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Meatbag Mayhem

Starting at 9th level, during a short rest you can craft a special grenade with 100 credits worth of material. Only you know how to create this and only you can use it. You can toss this grenade up to 60 feet to a point you can see. Each creature in a 10ft radius must make a Dexterity Saving Throw. On a failure their speed is halfved, they can Attack or Move not both, they have disadvantage on attack rolls, their AC is reduced equal to your Intelligence modifier. You can only have one grenade at any given time. If you craft another the previous stops functioning.


At 13th level, you can make a special ranged attack with a ranged weapon. On a hit and after damage is dealt, the target must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failure one of the benefits apply based on the targets Hit Points:

  • Under 10: Target is killed
  • Under 20: Targets drops to 0 hp is knocked uncouncious.
  • Under 50: Target is stunned untel the end of your next turn
  • Under 100: Target has Disadvantage on Attack Rolls until the end of your next turn.


Starting at 17th level, you can use an action to set your Self-Destruct protocal. After one round you explode in a 20ft radius. Each creature in the area must make a Dexterity Saving throw, on a falure each creature takes a number of D6's equal to your level, half on a success. When you use this feature all that remains is your head with 1 hit point. Anyone can take your head with your proccessor and memory. You must spend 10,000 credits to rebuild your body.