Adventuring Gear Description


Here is a list of what items do as it pertains to the items in the Adventuring Gear Section.

Tool Kits

A description of all the tools that are listed in the Adventuring gear section. 

Astronavigation Equipment:

This tool is used for the gathering and analysis of data on a system wide scale, creating detailed charts useful for navigating hazards, planetary orbits, and the like. A character would use this tool to create a detailed navigational chart for a system, when searching for mineral deposits and navigation at lightsped. Proficiency in this kit would aid one who is attempting to navigate and chart maps for traversing in space, and charting out maps of the various quadrants and galaxies. This is required for safe lightspeed travel. Setting a course takes 1 minute with no penalty, 30 seconds with disadvantage.

Demolitions Kit:

This toolkit is used for the creation, placing, or defusing of explosives and demolition charges. A character would use this tool when setting a ship to self-destruct, attempting to destroy a bridge, or to disarm a bomb.

Disguise Kit:

A toolkit with various supplies to aid in forging identities, costumes, and disguises.

Lockpick Kit:

A set of tools that can be used to unlock primitive non-electronic locks.

Mechanic's Tools

This toolkit is used to repair technological devices, systems or vehicles. A character might use this tool to repair battle damage to their starship, patch a propellant tank, reattach a synthetic's arm that was torn off, or return a laser pistol to working order after being dropped in a swamp. It also contains a spare parts which contains enough parts to aid in the repairing of a droid or construct. ​ A kit has 10 uses when used to repair a droid, as it is consuming the spare parts within kit.

  • As an action, and by spending 1 use of your Mechanics Kit, can be used to cause a Droid within 5ft to gain 2d4+2 Hit Points.

Medical Kit

(Also known as Healer's Kit or Medpac):

See Medical Supplies tab for details. This Toolkit is comprised of a number of medical supplies utilized to aid in healing, emergency medical attention, or quick emergencies and medical aid for even the most of daring of times, and is standard issue even for soldiers out on the battlefield. Such things as a specialized heating gel to stimulate natural healing, kolto injections or kolto gel, a adhesive medical gel to seal wounds or for quick-surgery in the middle of battle. For its rules and abilities, see the "MEDICAL SUPPLIES" Page.

Planetary Survey Equipment:

This tool is used for the gathering and analysis of data, on a planetary scale. A character would use this tool to create detailed planetary charts for navigation, exploration or colonization, or when looking for something particular on a world, like mineral deposits or other resources. Proficiency in this kit would aid one who is attempting to navigate and chart maps for traversing within a planet's atmosphere, not space.

Poisoner's Kit:

A toolkit with various supplies to aid in forging poisons, toxins, venoms and the like.

Robot Control Interface:

Is a highly advanced hand-held device that lets an individual interface with a droid's main programming, allowing one to deliver commands and protocols to it. Proficiency in this tool lets an individual program droids, commanding them by giving them programs and orders. (see rules on Droids)​

Security Tools

This set of tools includes a small file, a set of lock picks, a small mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors, and a pair of pliers. Proficiency with these tools lets you add your proficiency bonus to any Ability Checks you make to disarm traps or open locks.

Vehicle (Atmospheric):

These are vehicles designed to be used within a planetary atmosphere, and can encompass planes, helicopters, tanks, transports and even sailing vessels. A character would use this proficiency when attempting particularly risky feats of piloting, such as in combat or attempting a dangerous landing.

Vehicle (Space):

These vehicles were designed to be used primarily in space, and can encompass everything from space taxis, shuttles, cargo tows and lighter craft all the way up to battlecruisers. A character would use this proficiency for particularly daring feats of piloting, such as in combat or attempting risky maneuvers.​


A description of all the items that are listed in the Adventuring gear section.

Air Supply

This pack contains a cover helmet and an air tank. This is used in conjunction with any armor to provide breathable air. While active it provides up to 24 hours of breathable air before it needs to resupply. You can purchase a second tank for 50cr to double the duration. You can also pay 25cr to adapt it to contain water instead of air. To resupply it with air or water, it needs to be in an environment it can absorb air/water for four hours.

Argus Web:

A set of small, almost invisible cameras and microphones worn by a subject. The web captures video and audio of the wearer's surroundings for up to twenty-four hours before it must be downloaded onto a datapad or compad, or wiped to make room for more.
Noticing an argus web on a person requires a DC:15 Wisdom (Perception) check, or a very close physical search.


A personal communications transceiver, the Comlink consists of a receiver, a transmitter, and a power source. Comlinks come in a variety of shapes and styles.

Short-range Comlinks have a range of 50 kilometers or low orbit, and they can be built into helmets and Armor; for example, Stormtrooper Armor includes a helmet equipped with a Short-Range Comlink.

A Long-Range Comlink has a range of 200 kilometers or high orbit, and it requires with a backpack-sized Comset. For double the cost, a Long-Range Comlink can be miniaturized to a wrist-sized unit.

Encryption: A Comlink can have hardwired encryption routines (Adding +10 to the DC of all Use Computer checks made to intercept your transmission) for ten times the base cost.

Video Capability: A Comlink can have Video capability (Two-dimensional images in addition to Audio) for twice the base cost.

Holo Capability: A Comlink can have Holo capability (Three-dimensional images in addition to Audio) for five times the base cost.

Comm-server Unit:

A powerful base unit for providing communications without involving or requiring comsats. The server provides service between communications relays that are within range. These can include Commpads, Comlinks or other communication devices that can recieve them within 40 miles of the unit. Server usage can be locked to specific communication relays, and all transmissions are heavily encrypted, requiring a slicer's check with a DC of 25. A Com-server is a powerful base communications device roughly the size of a backpack. They can be worn and carried and are typically carried in a communications backpack. They are solar-powered. You can purchase more powerful ones that extend the range by double by paying twice the amount. This has no limit but a it also doubles the weight.

Communications Jammer

This portable until works the same way as a ship's jammer. As an action, you can start up the Communications Jammer. All communication frequencies other then the ones you specify are jammed and become unusable. The effects all communications in a 20 mile radius of the unit. Anyone proficient in Mechanics can use their action to attempt to bypass the jam by macking a Mechanics Check with a DC of 25. This takes 1 minute to do and the time frame increases by 1 minute each time they fail. 

Czerka Utility Belt

This utility belt comes with a variety of tools to assist the wearer with many tasks. It was originally developed by Czerka corporation for their own maintenance staff and quickly found use throughout the Republic. While wearing this belt you gain: Demolitions +2, Mechanics +2, Security +2, Medical Kit +2. You must have proficiency in them to gain the benefit. 


A standard handheld electronic device is used for the input, storage, and displaying of information, communication, as well as providing access to the Galactic Holonet. It is capable of everything a modern IRL Smart phone or Smart Tablet can accomplish. In the absence of an established connection to the Galactic Holonet via Satellite, then it can only be used to look up whatever files or information are stored and downloaded within the Datapad itself, and cannot access its wireless connection, it can reach other compads within one kilometer. A Datapad can range from palm-sized to roughly the size of a in-real life ipad or smart tablet. A Datapad can also function with a Slicers' Kit, by downloading a Slicers' Kit Program and app onto it, it can function just like one. A Datapad has enough power to function for 24 hours of operation, it must then be recharged, and can be recharged by a Solar Recharger.

Electromagnetic Stealth Belt

This device enables Stealth Mode, a electronic disruption field that hides the user from machines such as turrets and security cameras. The user must have proficiency in the Mechanics skill to use Stealth Mode. Combat disrupts the field, but mundane tasks do not. Additionally, your speed is halved while in Stealth Mode. This mode does not hide you from those that can see such has humanoid's and some droids.

Fusion Cutter 

This item is used to cut holes through walls and other structures. It follows the same rules as dealing damage to objects Under the Lightsaber rules. It deals 2 damage per round.  

Force Cage

Frequently used by bounty hunters to keep their marks from escaping, a Force Cage is a large (2x2 Squares) cage whose bars are charged with electricity. A Force Cage deals 3d6 energy damage to anyone trying to break into (Or out of) the cage, and the cage can be assembled or disassembled in 5 minutes. A Force Cage has a break DC of 30 and can be deactivated using a remote  

Glow Rod:

A small cylindrical tube made of resilient but transparently clear Duraplast. The Glow Rod is filled with a small yellow chemical substance that when irritated can create bright light. As an action, you can snap these sticks which then quickly glow and create bright light up to 30 feet and dim light for an additional 30 feet beyond that. They last for 1 hour, after which they fade away and cannot be recharged or used again, as the chemical substance within it loses its potency.

Grapple Gun:

This gun is loaded with a 300-ft dura-rope with a specialty made grappling hook attached to it. The grappling hook can pierce through most metals and even durasteel. The gun is built with a small engine, that can also be used to pull the wielder and reel in towards the grappling hook. As an action, you can point and fire the gun to attempt to cling the grappling hook to the object or point of contact where the hook lands. There is a small laso that can clip to the wielder's arm to attach themselves to the gun, to prevent it from being disarmed or from losing their grip during their ascent. You must succeed on a DC:15 Dexterity check to properly aim the hook and hit the target.
As a bonus action you can press a button underneath the trigger of the gun to rapidly ascend and reel yourself in towards the grappling hook, so long as you hold onto the gun. The gun's inner engine can hold up to 300 lbs, and ascends at a speed of 40ft per round.


A cylinder the size of a small fire extinguisher, that is strapped to a person or object when activated, it smoothly modulates falling speeds using force-gravity technology, causing the target's rate of descent to slow to 60 feet per round for 1 minute. If the target lands, it takes no falling damage and lands safely without harm.
The Grav-chute can slow up to 700 lbs of weight. When a grav-chute is activated, roll a 1d20, rolling a 1 or 2 wil cause it to fail catastrophically during the descent and malfunction.
An advanced grav-chute never fails or malfunctions, operates for 2 minutes, and can hold up to 1,000 lbs.

Hand Scanner

This item is used to scan for environmental effects such as gases, air quality, temperature and poisons. It can also determine what type material an object is made of.


is a small datapad that is pre-recorded with an audio-narrative and text of a specific subject. it could contain stories, poetry, historical accounts, information pertaining to a particular field of lore. Diagrams and notes on various schematics, or just about anything else that can be represented using text, pictures, video or audio. They are commonly used as audio/video books to present stories or historical notes that are kept in libraries.


A palm-sized holoprojector capable of receiving and transmitting a holographic image with audio. The device operates for up to 24 hours, before it must be recharged. It can be recharged via a Solar Recharger or similar source. It requires access to the HoloNet or a similar source to use.


A Jet Pack is a propulsion system that a character can strap on, allowing flight over short distances. Arm and wrist controls are employed for maneuvering. Activating a Jet Pack is a Bonus Action, and you gain a fly speed of 60ft until the end of your turn. A Jet Pack has 10 charges and can be run continuously; no Action is required to activate the Jet Pack on subsequent rounds of use.

Routine maneuvers do not require a Pilot check, but you must make a DC 20 Pilot check if you land after moving more than 12 squares during the same turn; on a failure you fall Prone.

A Jet Pack can lift up to 400lbs while flying. Replacement fuel cells cost 100 credits..

Liquid Cable Dispenseer

Cable Dispensers contain a special liquid that instantly solidifies upon contact with either atmosphere or vacuum to form a tough, lightweight, flexible cable. The dispenser contains enough liquid for30ft (refillable at authorized outlets 5cr). The cable can safely support up to 1200lbs, and it can be broken with a DC 24 Strength check. 


A small, handheld device that could allow a user to view distant objects from afar. They could make objects appear closer and even look into space like a telescope. Contrary to monoculars and telescopes, macrobinoculars produced three-dimensional images, and also have a night-vision setting.


Specialized cuffs that are similar to standard cuffs, except they use advanced magnetic technology, the DC check required to escape or break from them is DC:25 compared to the normal version, or DC:20 if with a Security Kit.

Mandalorian Helmet

This exotic helmet is used by the warrior culture that is ruled by Mandalore. The helmet attracts attention from those that recognize it and may pay you special respects if they believe you to be part of the Mandalorian clans. The helmet contains a full HUD that can see with three different settings. Thermal, Electromagnetic and Darkvision which all have a 120ft range. If you already have any of these visions it extends an additional 120ft. The helmet has a built in comlink that extends up to 40 miles. The helmet is made out of Beskar and while you wear it you cannot be critically hit and you have advantage against mind affecting force powers. Additionally, you can spend 10 minutes connecting your comlink to a ship that you are on as long as the ships computer accepts you. Once you do, you can send communications to that ship as long as its no further then orbiting the planet you are on.

Mandolorian Jet Pack

A Mandalorian Jet Pack functions identically to a standard Jet Pack, but has an integrated Missile Launcher, and a magnetic grappling hook (Which functions as a Liquid Cable Dispenser). A Mandalorian Jet Pack is considered to be Military Restriction.


A combination of low-tech compasses, automappers, astronomic charts, and gyroscopes packed into a fl at, one-kilo case. A character with a nav-comp will never get lost on worlds with GPS satellites, so long as they have connection to the Galactic Holonet. They can also make a crude but serviceable automatic map of all buildings or landscapes they travel through.

Ped-21 Distress Beacon:

An emergency distress beacon that can be deployed as an action. It can send out a signal off planets and cover an entire star system. Once activated it emits this signal for a 10 year continuous operation lifespan, unless it is destroyed or deactivated. It has a one-time use once deployed.

Personal Translator:

is a small portable device used for communication. It is roughly the size of a spherical orb that can be worn as a necklace or carried in a pocket. It can translate verbal commands into the owner's language and up to three other programmed spoken languages.
It has no sensors and is only good for audio conversations, and cannot translate text. It is programmed with limited data, as such it cannot store anymore languages than the ones it is programmed with; though it can be wiped of the programmed languages it knows and reprogrammed with different ones over the course of a long rest, though it must be connected to the Galactic Holonet for the entire duration of its reprogramming, and can only download and "learn" commonly known languages that are known on the Galactic Holonet.
Rare or Exotic Languages are too difficult to find information of on the Galactic Holonet for it to create a databank of.

Planetary Surveying Droid:

As an action, you can deploy this droid, which has an AC of 10, 10 hit points, and a fly speed of 120 ft, it will then spend its time surveying the nearby area.
When you deploy the droid, choose one of the following actions for it to perform; it will perform these actions to the best of its ability, and will not deter from its course.
The droid is not programmed for combat, and is not built with a sophisticated intellect, but if present danger arises, it will do its best for self-preservation.

Choose one of the following when you deploy the droid:

  • The droid will scan in a 25-mile radius for any nearby life-forms, cataloging what creatures reside nearby, though it is rudimentary at best, and creatures that are adept at hiding, or creatures that dwell within particularly dangerous nests, might escape its scan. It will perform this departure up to a number of hours of your choosing, no more than 24 hours maximum, after which it will return to you to debrief and copy its data into your datapad.

  • The droid will scan in a 25-mile radius for any noteworthy geographical landmarks, resources, mineral deposits, or the like, it will do its best to avoid dangerous creatures, and will not take note of any creature it might come into contact with, as such, it will not bother to alert you to what sentient life-forms it finds during its scan. It will perform this departure up to a number of hours of your choosing, no more than 24 hours maximum, after which it will return to you to debrief and copy its data into your datapad.

When the droid is deployed, if the DM determines the area is a dangerous area, the DM will have you roll to see if the droid's survey is successful or it encounters something that destroys it; see chart below, and roll a d20 to determine the result.

Peaceful Area: 1, it will encounter something that results in its destruction.

Mildly Dangerous Area: 3 or lower, it will encounter something that results in its destruction.

Moderately Dangerous Area: 6 or lower, it will encounter something that results in its destruction.

Very Dangerous Area: 10 or lower, it will encounter something that results in its destruction.

Deadly Area: 15 or lower, it will encounter something that results in its destruction.

Plasma Cutter

Trying to blast through a Magnetically Sealed Door often requires a barrage of blaster fire or an Explosive Charge, but specialized Plasma Cutting Lasers make it much easier to slice one's way through. Using a Plasma Cutter, invading forces can penetrate a Magnetically Sealed Door in a matter of seconds as opposed to the several minutes it would take to blast through with conventional weapons.

The invaders simply place the Plasma Cutter on the door (A DC 15 Mechanics check), activate the device, and stand clear as it burns through the door in a few rounds (Dealing 30 points of damage to the door each round). When the integrity of the door has been compromised (Meaning that the door has been reduced to 0 Hit Points or moved to the bottom of the Condition Track), the section sliced out by the Plasma Cutter explodes inward, dealing 2d6 points of Energy and Piercing damage to any character standing adjacent to the other side of the door.

Pocket Scrambler

This is a simple Addon device that can be attached to any normal Communications Device, such as a Comlink and more advanced transceiver. The Pocket Scrambler automatically encodes any outgoing message so that it can be read only by a Communications Device equipped with a linked Pocket Scrambler. Anyone who intercepts the scrambled message must make a DC 30 Use Computer check to decrypt it. 


A small cube of duraplast attached to an digital electronic keycard and keypad and a small button. it is Tiny and only a few inches in diameter. When the button is pressed it immediately unfolds into a rigid locker with 4x3x3 feet in dimensions. The portabox is air-tight and has a simple electronic lock which can only be opened with the keycard or numeral key-code (choice of which is up to the user).
It can also likewise be opened with a Security Kit check; DC:16, failing the check will cause the lock to short-circuit and seal the box until it can be cut open with a tool, broken open by dealing 20 points of damage to the box, or if the user inputs his disarming keycode to open it.
In addition, when a failed attempt to open into the portabox is made, it will signal a alert to the user via a connected datapad or similar technological device that is connected to this portabox.


Dried or otherwise preserved foodstuff is sufficient for one day. The various rations are dependent on where you purchased this ration-pack from; for example, if purchased on tatooine, it could be made of cured bantha meat or womp-rat meat. If water is not otherwise available, add another item's worth of weight for the water necessary for a person's daily needs.

Recording Unit

This storage device is an Audio, Video, or Holo-recorder with a playback feature. It has an AC of 5, 10 hit points and 1 memory unit. You can modify a recording (Edit, erase, or rearrange the order of events) with a DC 15 Use Computer check. However, anyone can make an opposed Perception check (If observing the recording), or opposed Use Computer check (If inspecting the data from the recording) to detect any modifications you have made. Editing or modifying a recording without first uploading it to a computer can be difficult: Add a -5 to any Use Computer checks you make to change the recording.

Audiorecorder: An Audiorecorder stores 100 hours of high-quality sound.
Videorecorder: A Videorecorder stores 10 hours of high-quality video.Holorecorder: A Holorecorder stores 1 hour of high-quality Holos.
Audiorecorder 25
Holorecorder 100
Videorecorder 50


This face mask can filter out most atmospheric toxins, as well as provide breathable air, and aid in toxic environments or in underwater environments. In some cases, it also acted as a life support system, especially if the wearers had extensive cybernetics. A respirator can provide breathable oxygen and air for up to 2 hours, before it must recharge its oxygen tank, this device also functions when diving underwater or in poisonous or toxic environments by acting as a filter, this device would then allow the wearer to have immunity to poisonous or toxic environmental conditions., for the duration. It has a self-replenishing oxyen-filter that recharges itself after 8 hours of non use.

Safety Harness

This belt is used in protecting you when dealing with dangerous and difficult jobs. While you wear this belt you have advantage when climbing and get a +1 bonus on all demolition checks.

SC-401 Stun Cuffs:

Similar to standard Stun Cuffs, except the DC check required to escape or break from them is DC:20, or DC:17 if with a Security Kit. In addition, they have an additional 10 hit points.

Security Collar:

A neck restraint made out of Durasteel, as an action, it can be applied to the neck of a willing creature of Large size or smaller. When worn, if the creature attempts to remove it, the creature must make a Constitution Saving Throw (DC:16), taking 4d6 Lightning Damage, or half damage on a success.
if the creature is reduced to 0 hit points from this, they are not killed, but instead rendered unconscious. A security collar can be removed forcibly with a Strength Check (DC:20) or with a specialized electronic code delivered by a remote that is paired with this collar.
The Remote can similarly be used to deliver electric shocks on command, as an action.

Self-Building Hut:

is a automated Hut that when deployed; will begin self-constructing and building itself over the span of 1 minute. After the minute has passed, a fully functional, large and portable duraplast shelter is created. It is large enough to comfortable fit 8 people and provide moderate shelter. it is insulated and can protect from moderate environments, though the Hut itself is not resilient and cannot withstand dangerous conditions.

Unlike the Tent version; this version comes with several furnishings built into the hut.

It comes with a pull-out table that pulls out of one of the walls, along with 6 pull-out chairs and a pull-out bench.

Lastly, it comes with 6 pull-out cots that can be laid down to rest, along with several blankets and a foldable inflatable pillow. There is a button within the hut that when activated, causes the Hut to begin folding onto itself over the span 1 minute back into its portable form.

Self-Building Tent:

is a automated tent that when deployed; will begin self-constructing and building itself over the span of 1 minute. After the minute has passed, a fully functional, simple and portable canvas shelter is created. It is large enough to comfortable fit two people and provide minor shelter. It is not insulated and cannot protect against harsh environments. It is not furnished with anything; save for a small button that when activated, causes the tent to begin folding onto itself over the span of 1 minute back into its portable form.

Solar Recharger:

This recharger unfolds into a 5x5ft square field of solar cells, resembling a box made of solar panels. When folded back up, it folds into half its size, into a small reflective briefcase that is 2x2ft in diameter, and is light-weight. So long as there is a Sun that can provide energy for this device, it can be used to recharge several technological devices that require energy or can be recharged by Solar energy; consult with DM as to what devices these entails, as there is no specific list. It can fully recharge up to 3 devices weighing no more than 30 lbs total, over the course of 8 hours of constant connection to the sunlight.


The spotlight is an advanced version of a Glowrod. These have an 8 hour battery life after which they need to be charged for 1 hour. They come in two types, Helm attachment and Blaster attachment. These are simple to install in any helmet or blaster type weapon. It takes an Interact with objects to turn them ON or OFF. When turned on, they create a 30ft cone of bright light in the direction you are pointing it. 

Spy Bug

This Diminutive, bioengineered insect records sights and sounds within 20 squares of it. It can be placed in a hidden area and remains there until retrieved. When the Spy Bug is retrieved, the data that it has absorbed through it's senses for the past 24 hours can be extracted. (The Yuuzhan Vong use living devices to retrieve the data, but a DC 25 Mechanics check can transmit the data via electronic connectors or Comlink).

A Spy Bug functions as a Holorecorder Unit. A Spy Bug registers as a life form on sensors, not as an electronic device.

Stealth Field Generator

This device enables Stealth Mode, a camouflage field that hides the user. Opponents must make an Perception check versus the passive Stealth skill of the user or remain unaware of them. The user must have proficiencies in the Stealth skill to use Stealth Mode. Combat disrupts the field, but mundane tasks do not. Additionally while in Stealth Mode, your speed is halved. Machines such as turrets, security cameras and some droids that have special sensors automatically succeed vs your stealth skill.


Metal restraints that can bind a Small or Medium creature. Escaping the cuffs require a successful DC:17 dexterity check. Breaking them requires a DC:17 Strength check.
Each set of cuffs comes with one key. Without the key, a creature proficient in security kit can pick the cuffs with a successful DC:15 dexterity check. Stun-cuffs have 15 hit points.

Survey Gear

This helmet is mainly used on the mining colonies while in the mines. While wearing the helmet you have darkvision out to a range of 60ft. If you already had darkvision this extends it an additional 60ft..

Survival Kit

This kit comes jam packed with things you need to survive on your own. They contain a thermal cloak, a Vibroknife, two comlinks (1-mile), a spool of wire (20ft), a kolto-pak (basic), two respirators, a water jug filter, two glow rods, 100ft of durarope, ten rations and an thermal flare.


Although not as compact and convenient as a Liquid Cable Dispenser, Syntherope is stronger and more durable. A coil contains 150ft of Syntherope, and unlike liquid cable it is meant to be reused. Syntherope can safely support up to 1600lbs kg, and it can be broken with a DC 25 Strength check.

Target Visor

This small helmet comes with a colored lens over one of the eyes. This provides a small HUD that helps identify your surroundings. It can detect Thermal signatures within 120ft of you and creatures have disadvantage when trying to hide from you while they are within the area.  Once you notice a creature while wearing this helmet, they cannot hide from you while they are within 120ft of you.

Thermal Cloak

This normal looking cloak holds thermal properties within in. While you wear it, it helps regulate your temperature and keeps you warm under Extreme Cold.

Thermal Flare

This specialized flare helps signal your location when you wish to be found our picked up. When you use this item it shoots up to 30 miles into the sky. When it reaches its maximum height it explodes in a 1 mile radius. This leaves behind a light red smoke for 8 hours within the area and leaves behind a heat signature for 48 hours. 


A Vacc-skin is a skin-tight suit suit that can be worn underneath armor or in conjunction with it, though it grants no armor bonus itself. It is a highly advanced synthetic fiber that incorporates nano-technology to provide advanced protection in harsh environments or in the vacuum of space.
It requires no oxygen tank, as the nano-bots within the suits' skin work its way into the wearer's organs and automatically crack and recycle the wearers' respiration, and even recycle the wearers' bodily waste into drinkable water, converting any bodily waste back into potable water that is then nutritionally recycled back into the wearer's body; keeping them hydrated.
Vacc-Skin is extraordinarily expensive and state of the art technology, and applies no penalties, like its Vacc-Suit kin.
It can however suffer tears in the same way as a normal vacc-suit, but unlike a vacc-suit, it has self-powering nano-technology, and as such, does not need to be recharged.


A Vacc-suit is a specially designed suit that has the 'Environmental Protection" they are somewhat bulky and cumbersome, but are a specially designed suit to allow an individual to survive in both the hard and cold vacuum of space or on most inhospitable planetary surfaces. The suit protects against ordinary levels of cosmic radiation, and provides a temperature controlled atmosphere, allowing the wearer to be unaffected by hot or cold climates (see DMG). There is enough air inside to last for 48 hours after which the tanks would need to be refilled.
Vacc-suits are equipped with radio-com links that have a 6-mile radius, usually synchronized to the ship they are held on, other suits that they are paired with to communicate with allies, or with specific radio equipment if the wielder synchronizes them.
Vacc Suits are as above, cumbersome, and cause the wielder to have their movement speed reduced by 10 feet, and disadvantage on dexterity-based ability checks, dexterity saving throws, as well as disadvantage on attack rolls.
No Armor can be worn with a Vacc-Suit, except for skin-tight clothing, or simple clothes. The Vacc-Suit has an AC of 15 and gets no dexterity bonus.
A Vacc-suit has enough power for 48 hours of operation, and must be recharged, and can be recharged by a Solar Recharger if applicable, though it takes 24 hours to recharge it.
Vacc-Suits have a self-healing exterior that can seal puncture wounds caused by bullets, arrows, energy beams, or the like, though if a character with 10 or fewer hit points is struck by one of these weapons, there is a 50% chance that the suit is torn. Suits are equipped with 1 emergency repair patch, which requires an Action to apply, but quickly seals the tear.
Exposure to hard vacuum does 1d20- cold damage after the first round of exposure, and an additional 1d20 for each round that it is exposed, as well as causing the creature to begin losing oxygen and must hold its breath, after which it runs out of breath and must begin following the rules of Suffocation.

Water Jug filter:

A specialized filter that can fit inside a canteen or jug, and can filter out toxins within a 1 liter container. The time of the process depending on how tainted the water was, when it was finished, a green light would illuminate on the cap of the canteen. Most mild toxins or contaminated water take seconds, more lethal doses could take minutes or hours depending on lethality, some toxins however are beyond its capabilities to filter out, but few are.

Starting Packs

These are packs that you can start with or buy. They come at a bundle discount as opposed to buying them all separately. 

Burglar's Pack

Cost: 95cr

Backpack,  ball bearing (1000), string (1 foot), candle (5), crowbar, hammer, piton (5), flask of oil (2), glowrod (3), rations (5), lighter, water bottle, synthrope

Diplomat's Pack

Cost: 140cr

Chest, city map, fine clothes, ink (10), ink pen, glowrod (3), paper (5), perfume, sealing wax, soap

Dungeoneer's Pack

Cost: 230cr

Backpack, crowbar, safety harness, glowrod (10), lighter, rations (10), water bottle, synthrope

Entertainer's Pack

Cost: 490cr

Backpack, bedroll, costume (2), candle (5), rations (5), water bottle, disguise kit

Explorer's Pack

Cost: 460cr

Backpack, bedroll, mess kit, lighter, self building tent, glowrod (10), rations (10), thermal cloak, thermal flare (2), water bottle, water jug filter, synthrope

Smuggler's Pack

Cost: 120cr

Backpack, twi'lek erotica, hollow glowrod (2), rations (5), lighter, , spice water bottle, water bottle, synthrope 

Soldier's Pack

Cost: 200cr

Backpack, bedroll, small energy pack, medium energy pack, mess kit, comlink (short), glowrod (5), rations (10), water bottle, synthrope 

Traveler's Pack

Cost: 370cr

Backpack, bedroll, compass, mess kit, lighter, glowrod (10), self building tent, rations (10), travelers clothes, region map, water bottle 

Utility Belt

Cost: 160cr

Grapple Wire (20ft), rations (3), comlink (short), medium energy pack, fusion cutter

A backpack can hold one cubic foot or 30 pounds of gear. You can also strap items, such as a Bedroll or a coil of rope, to the outside of a backpack.

Ball bearing
As an action, you can spill these tiny metal balls from their pouch to cover a level, square area that is 10 feet on a side. A creature moving across the covered area must succeed on a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw or fall prone. A creature moving through the area at half speed doesn't need to make the save.

For 1 hour, a candle sheds bright light in a 5-foot radius and dim light for an additional 5 feet.

A chest holds 6 cubic feet or 150 pounds of gear.

City Map
A map of one city that has all the streets named as well as all the important buildings named. If there are sectors, neighborhoods, parks, etc. thos are named and shown as well.

This tiny item tells you the cardinal directions. If you are traveling through an area that is magnetized or electrical, the compass does not work.
When making a strength check using this item, you gain advantage on the check.

Grapple Wire (20ft)
As an action, you can make a strength check to throw this wire with a hook at a target within range DC15. If it is not capable of being hooked or wrapped around, it automatically fails. The wire can hold up to 300lbs and will automatically unhook/unwrap itself with three tugs of the wire. 

Hollow Glowrod
These look like ordinary burnt out glowrod's. In reality, they are hollow on the inside and can hold up to 1 foot of material. If it is inspected, it requires a DC 15 Investigation check to discover its contents.

One use can fill up an entire ink pen.

Ink Pen
A writing tool, that ccan write on almost any surface. It can hold enough ink to write up to 10 pages worth of information. 

Mostly used by those that smoke, as an interact with objects, you can activate a tiny flame. This flame can last up to an hour or use an interact with objects to turn it off. It can be solar recharged as long as it spends at least 1 hour charging. It deals 1 point of fire damage if anything touches it.

Mess Kit
This tin box contains a cup and simple cutlery. The box clamps together, and one side can be used as a cooking pan and the other as a plate or shallow bowl.

Oil, flask
Oil usually comes in a glass flask that holds 1 pint. As an action, you can splash the oil in this flask onto a creature within 5 feet of you or throw it up to 20 feet, shattering it on impact. Make a ranged Attack against a target creature or object, treating the oil as an Improvised Weapon. On a hit, the target is covered in oil. If the target takes any fire damage before the oil dries (after 1 minute), the target takes an additional 5 fire damage from the burning oil. You can also pour a flask of oil on the ground to cover a 5-foot-square area, provided that the surface is level. If lit, the oil burns for 2 rounds and deals 5 fire damage to any creature that enters the area or ends its turn in the area. A creature can take this damage only once per turn.

Region Map
This map shows the area of one region. This includes any notable geological structors and any known areas of interest, such as but not limited to: caves, cities, bridges, body of water, towns, villages, mountain pass.

Spice Water Bottle
This specially designed bottle, looks and acts like any other normal water bottle, but it has a secret compartment that can hold up to 1 pound of spice. It is designed so that it hides the notable smell of spice. If it comes under inspection, a successful DC 15 Investigation check reveals its hidden contents.

Twi'lek Erotica
Hot off the press! These highly collectable magazines are fan favorites of many. When you look for one or find one. Roll dice to determine the month and year of the issue. The older it is the more valuable it is. The current years issue is worth the standard price and older issues can vary in price determined by the GM. The very first issue is worth 10,000cr unsigned. Issues are worth double the price if they are signed.

Water Bottle
A standard water bottle that holds up to 4 pints of liquid.