The Droid Engineer

Droid Engineer

Droid Engineers are known for their skill with advanced robots and Artificial Intelligence, known for their delving into fashioning and creating advanced Droids to protect themselves, serve them, or engage in any other activity they program.


When you choose this archetype at 1st level, you have a natural affinity for building and constructing droids and other robots. over the course of 1 week of work (eight hours each day), you can build a Droid as per the Droid List.

You need only expend half of the number of Credits for that Droid's cost when constructing a Droid in this manner.
You must have suitable equipment to aid you in constructing this Droid. You can only focus on building one Droid at a time during the construction process.

Droids of Large size require double the amount of time for construction. Droids of Huge size require five times the amount of time for construction, and Droids of Gargantuan size trequire 10 times the amount of time for construction. Droids of a Huge size or larger require a space larger enough to hold the droid.


When you choose this archetype at 1st level, you gain the ability to repair damaged droids, vehicles, and other machinery. As an action, you use your tool kit on an adjacent machine, healing it for 1d6 damage. The amount you repair increases as you take more levels in this class, as listed in the Knack column of the Specialist Table.


When you choose this archetype at 1st level, you gain proficiency with the Robot Control Interface Tool or "RCI", which allows you to interface with a Droids programming wireless, it is a remote handheld device. You can deploy a Droid as a bonus action, instead of an action. And You may attune and control 1 additional Challenge Rating's (CR) worth of Robotic Droid minions, in addition to the normal ruling (see Droid Rules), you may add your Proficiency bonus to the attack and damage rolls of your Droids, and their maximum hit points are increased by an amount equal to your Specialist Level.

In addition, choose one of the following MK I droids from below; you gain one of these droids to start out with when you choose this archetype, having either gained them through creation or purchasing them.

  • Deployable Turret MK I

  • Repair Droid MK I

  • Combat Droid MK I

  • Astromech Droid MK I

  • Medical Droid MK I

Droid Control: 

At 3rd level, you may attempt to hack an enemy synthetic, droid, or robot, as a bonus action. The target gains the Charmed condition and may only attack you with a successful intelligence saving throw (DC = 8 plus your intelligence bonus and proficiency bonus.) Whenever a creature you can see targets you or a friendly synthetic or robot within five feet of you, you may use a reaction to switch the locations of yourself and the creature, redirecting the attack to the creature of your choice moved in this way. Once you use this feature, you cannot do so again until after a short or long rest. In addition, You may attune to and control an additional 2 CR worth of robotic minions, instead of 1.

Ghost in the Machine: 

Starting at 9th level, your robotic minions develop unique personalities of their own, without programming required, and may behave on their own to protect you, even without given an order. each robot you create gains a bonus personality trait, flaw or quirk of your choice.

In addition, every droid you create that has a CR rating of 3 or higher, gains 1 Item Modification, as per the "Item Modification" rules. and is adhered to their chasis, or weapons that they have built into them.

You may attune to and control an additional 3 CR worth of Robotic Minions, instead of 1.

Advanced Robotics: 

Starting at 13th level, You can now delve into advanced robotics, creating Droids that are the cutting edge on the market, even models that are illegal or rival (dare even exceed) the quality produced by large corporations or militarized organizations. You can now create Droids off a special "Advanced Grade Droid List" in addition to the standard common droid list per the normal rulings. see below for details., and you may attune to and control an additional 4 CR worth of Robotic Minions, instead of 1.

Master of Robotics: 

Starting at 17th level, You can now attune to a number of robots with a combined CR score equal to or less than your total proficiency bonus, instead of half, this means, in combination with the previous bonus from your "advanced robotics" feature, you can now attune to and control a number of robots with a combined CR up to 10.


Below are a list of advanced droids that only a Droid Specialist can construct with his ingenuity and intelligence. Due to your advanced craftsmanship, you can furbish and craft droids beyond MK III, to MK IV, and MK V. and also craft unique droids beyond the standard normal models.


Deployable Sentry MK IV     800

Combat Bot MK IV              1,000

Repair Bot MK IV                 1,000

Medic Bot MK IV                  1,500

Astromech Droid MK IV         1,000

Assassin Droid MK IV            2,000


Deployable Sentry MK V       1,000

Combat Bot MK V                   1,500

Medic Bot MK V                     2,000

Repair Bot MK V                     1,500

Astromech Droid MK V           2,000


Droideka                                1,000

Assassin Droid                     3,000

Magnaguard                         6,000

War Behemoth                   40,000​

  • Assassin Droids are considered Illegal for civilian use.

With manpower costs and hostilities both on the rise, it is no surprise that humanity has turned to robotics on the battlefield as well as in industrial applications. Following is a list of a number of common models of combat and utility robotics platforms.

Most field deploy-able combat robots break down into handy kits or cases that can be stored, stacked and deployed with varying levels of ease. Deploying a robot from its stored mode requires an Action (or a bonus action for the Specialist:Droid-Engineer class)


A character proficient with a Robot Control Interface (RCI) may attune to it and to any number of robots with a combined CR score (Challenge Rating) equal to or less than half that character's proficiency bonus during a short or long rest. The only way to gain proficiency with a Robot Control interface is through being a Specialist:Droid Engineer or by gaining Proficiency with it through a unique circumstance, intense study, or through the "Training" feat. An RCI requires a free hand to carry and use, meaning one cannot be used along with a two handed weapon, two one handed weapons, or a one handed weapon and a shield.
These Robots are only semi-autonomous, requiring direct user input and must be given a command before taking direction action.


As an action, a character controlling a robot may use their readied Robot Control Interface to direct it to do the following, the Robot will carry its order until it is either destroyed, or the task is complete, or if it is given a new order. It will do its best to perform said order, and can intelligently consider the best route or strategy given its resources to carry out that order. If you have multiple Robots under your control, Using an action will dictate the command to all of the Robots.


Robot attacks a designated creature until ordered to do something else, or until that creature is reduced to 0 hp.


Robot defends a creature, and will delay using its action to attack the creature which last attacked the creature it is defending. The Robot will do its best to protect the creature it is defending, shielding it from harm, or attacking whatever harmed it.


 Robot will follow the designated creature, remaining in an adjacent square if possible until such a time as a different order is given.


Until directed otherwise, the robot will use the Help action every turn on the creature designated when this ability is used.