Desperado Payout

At 1st level, your payouts revolve around tactics, planning and sometimes blasting. Your Desperado's Payout will trigger when you accomplish the specified task a number of times equal to your Proficiency Bonus unless it states otherwise. Once a Payout has been activated, you cant activate it again until you finish a short or long rest. If 10 minutes pass since you last made progress towards any of your payouts it is reset back to 0.

Payout: Swift Shot

At 1st level, to trigger this payout, you must attain the highest initiative number. Each time you successfully hit a creature with a ranged weapon attack or with an area of effect from a ranged weapon, increase your initiative by 1. This can only trigger once per attack. If you pass another creatures initiative count this doesn't cause them to go next. When you reach the highest initiative count over all others in turn order your payout becomes activated. Your payout is active for 10 minutes and while it is active, when you choose to make an attack as a bonus action, you instead make two attacks or if done with an area of effect ranged weapon, then you can make an additional area of effect ranged weapon attack as a bonus action. 

Payout: If At First You Don't Succeed

Also at 1st level, to trigger this payout, you must miss X number of ranged weapon attacks against a creature or they succeed against an area of effect with a ranged weapon. This can only trigger once per attack. When you do, your payout activates for 10 minutes and while it is activated, each time you miss with a ranged weapon attack you gain +X to your ranged weapon attacks until you hit. Once you hit, the bonus resets back to 0. X equals your proficiency bonus.

Sticky Grenades

At 3rd level, over a long rest you can create a number of sticky grenades equal to twice your proficiency bonus from random parts. You make a ranged weapon attack with these at a target within 60ft. On a hit, the grenade sticks to them instead. If the target moves or attempts to remove it, it explodes and it explodes at the end of your next turn. Whichever way it explodes, the target takes 3d6 fire damage. 

Payout: Sticky Situation

Also at 3rd level, to trigger this payout, you must stick X number of sticky grenades to creatures. When you do so, you activate this effect for 10 minutes. Upon activation, you regain all expended sticky grenades and when you attempt to stick a creature, it splits into a number of sticky grenades up to your proficiency bonus, which you must target a different creature within range with each grenade. 

Game Plan

Starting at 9th level, you are not only an expert at crafting plans, but also at figuring them out. You gain proficiency in Investigation, if you already have it then you gain expertise. When setting up a plan that will triggier within the next 8 hours, anything or anyone who attempts to discern your plan has disadvantage on any checks to figure it out. Additionally, if your plan fails for some reason, you know a route of escape. If there is no route of escape, you have advantage on your next check to hide.

Payout: Sweeten The Deal

At 9th level, to trigger this payout, a hostile creature must miss you with an attack X number of times. When you do so, your payout activates for the next 10 minutes and when it does, you remove all positive effects from each creature that missed you and when you are hit with an attack, you can use your reaction to make a weapon attack against that target.

Explosive Adept

When you reach 13th level, your ability with explosives grants you insight on how they work. You do not trigger mines when walking in their area and you have advantage on saving throws against explosives. Additionally, as a reaction you can set off any number of your Sticky Grenades.

Payout: Iron Will

Also at 13th level, to trigger this payout, you must succeed on a Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma saving throw against a force power or mental effect. When you do so, you activate this payout for the next 10 minutes. While active, you automatically save against Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma saving throws. 

Directed Energy Containers (DEC)

At 17th level, when you finish a long rest you create a number of DEC equal to your proficiency bonus. You cannot have more then twice your proficiency bonus at one time. As an action, you can place one of these on a solid surface and activate it. When activated, it shoots a constant beam of energy from it up to 15ft long and moves up and down in a 5ft wide area. It does no damage to other surfaces such as walls, grounds and hulls. When a creature or droid crosses the line it takes 6d6 energy damage and they must make a Constitution saving throw DC 8 + prof. bonus + Intelligence modifier or be paralyzed until the start of their next turn and cannot pass through the beam. These can be disabled using a mechanics check DC 25, on a failure they are affected by the energy beam. DEC last for 1 hour after they have been activated and become useless once deactivated or destroyed. They have an AC of 20 and must take 20 damage in one attack to be destroyed.

Payout: Big Boss

At 17th level, to trigger this payout, another bounty hunter must activate their payout. When they do so, you activate this payout for the next 10 minutes. When activated, you can choose any of your payouts to activate even if they have already been used before your next short rest. Additionally, you gain whatever payouts that bounty hunter activated in addition to your own.