The fight for the planet Earth is always on. With each Kingdom having their own unique set of ATACs and ruled by their own governing system. The Kingdoms are divided up as listed below each with their rulers, population, exports and alliances. For individual character stats, see the SV: Character section.

  1. Kingdom of Archania:
  • Rulers: King Leonidas and Queen Isabella
  • Population: Moderate
  • Exports: Arcane artifacts and magical knowledge
  • Alliances: Allied with the Duchy of Hyperion, often at odds with the Empire of Zephyr
  • Description: The Kingdom of Archania is a realm of ancient and mystical power, known for its expertise in arcane arts and magical artifacts. It is ruled by King Leonidas and Queen Isabella, who prioritize the preservation and expansion of their kingdom's magical knowledge. The terrain of Archania is characterized by vast enchanted forests, towering mountains, and ancient ruins, rich with magical energies.
  1. Dominion of Hyperion:
  • Rulers: Emperor Maximus and Empress Aurora
  • Population: Large
  • Exports: Technology and innovation
  • Alliances: Neutral, but often engaged in trade and diplomatic relations with other kingdoms
  • Description: The Dominion of Hyperion is a technologically advanced kingdom, renowned for its cutting-edge inventions and technological prowess. It is ruled by Emperor Maximus and Empress Aurora, who prioritize scientific research and technological advancements. The terrain of Hyperion consists of bustling cities, advanced laboratories, and industrial complexes, with a focus on technological innovation and progress.
  1. Duchy of Avaloria:
  • Rulers: Duke Victor and Duchess Celestia
  • Population: Small
  • Exports: Skilled warriors and mercenaries
  • Alliances: Allied with the Kingdom of Archania, often at odds with the Muspel Empire
  • Description: The Duchy of Avaloria is a martial kingdom known for its skilled warriors and mercenaries, highly sought after for their prowess in battle. It is ruled by Duke Victor and Duchess Celestia, who prioritize military training and strategic warfare. The terrain of Avaloria is characterized by rugged landscapes, with mountains, forests, and training grounds, providing ample opportunities for martial training and combat.
  1. Empire of Zephyr:
  • Rulers: Emperor Augustus and Empress Seraphina
  • Population: Large
  • Exports: Trade and diplomacy
  • Alliances: Neutral, but often engaged in diplomatic relations with other kingdoms
  • Description: The Empire of Zephyr is a vast and influential kingdom known for its diplomatic finesse and economic power. It is ruled by Emperor Augustus and Empress Seraphina, who prioritize diplomacy, trade, and cultural exchange. The terrain of Zephyr is characterized by sprawling cities, bustling ports, and trade routes, with a focus on commerce and diplomacy.
  1. Muspel Empire:
  • Rulers: Lord Ragnar and Lady Freya
  • Population: Moderate
  • Exports: Elemental magic and natural resources
  • Alliances: Neutral, but often in disputes with the Duchy of Avaloria
  • Description: The Muspel Empire is a kingdom known for its mastery of elemental magic and control over natural resources. It is ruled by Lord Ragnar and Lady Freya, who prioritize the harnessing of elemental powers and the expansion of their empire's territories. The terrain of Muspel is characterized by fiery landscapes, volcanic mountains, and rich deposits of minerals and elemental magic.
  1. Realm of the Sylvanwood:
  • Rulers: Queen Titania and King Oberon
  • Population: Small
  • Exports: Woodcraft and archery
  • Alliances: Neutral, but often in disputes with the Muspel Empire
  • Description: The Realm of the Sylvanwood is a mystical kingdom known for its ancient forest and skilled archers. It is ruled by Queen Titania and King Oberon, who prioritize the protection and preservation of their enchanted realm