The Survivor


Cunning Artisan: 

Starting at 3rd level, as part of a short or long rest, you can create the following items: 

  • Sedative Darts: Cost is 20 credits in materials per 2d4 darts. When a target is hit by a Sedative Dart, target must make a Constitution Saving Throw. DC 8  +  Proficiency + Wisdom Modifier, the targets speed is reduced by 10ft and have disadvantage on attack rolls, ability checks and saving throws based on strength and dexterity.
  • Kolto Stim:  Cost is 50 credits in materials.
  • Pain Killer: Cost to craft is 35 credits in materials. 

Healing Probe:

At 7th level, you finish developing a tiny probe that floats around you and follows your commands.  Its has an AC of 10 + Scout level and Hit Points equal to twice your Scout level It is unaffected by aoe damage and immune to poison and psychic damage. As a bonus action you can command your Healing Probe to use its healing pulse to heal you for 1d8 + half your Scout level rounded up. If your healing probe is destroyed, you can spend 8 hours and 100 credits worth of materials restoring it back to new. You can only have one Healing Probe at a time.

Escape Artist

Starting at 11th level, your natural instinct to survive causes you to escape harm. Whenever you take damage, you can move up to half your movement. In addition, if you take damage that would reduce you to 0 or below, you gain resistance to that damage. This may cause you to not fall below 0. Furthermore, you have advantage on death saving throws and if you succeed on three death saving throws, you get up with 1 hit point. 

Enduring Exchange 

At 15th level, you have learned to survive off the lifeforce of those around you. As an action, you can make a creature within 5ft of you make a Constitution Saving Throw, DC 8 + Proficiency + Dexterity Modifier. On a failure, you can roll a number of that creatures Hit Dice equal to your Wisdom Modifier (If they have less, you roll what they have). That creature takes necrotic damage equal to the roll and you gain hit points equal to the roll.