FF Magic


Their are several different types of magic, some are innate, stored and some are from small spherical orbs called Materia. Magic can be used to cast devastating spells, enhance ones physical, mental or weapon power, or even call upon great creatures of power to give assistance. Below is the list of Innate and Stored Magic. For Materia and Summon Magic check the other sections.

Status Magic

A character or item can be under the effects of one magic type at any given time. Ie, if two differently named spells or the same name spells that affect a characters Strength by lowering it, only the one with the highest value is applied.

Innate Magic

This is magic that comes from within. Whether through natural talent or extreme study, those with Innate Magic only need a conductor to focus their spells. These can be done through items that focus magic such as rods, staffs and wands. There are some items that can be used in their stead such as the Spellblades weapon. The primary way of acquiring these spells are though your chosen Job. See the Job section for a breakdown of all Jobs. Once you have unlocked a spell, you know it permanently unless otherwise stated. Magic is not unlimited and taxes the body as it is used. You can cast spells as long as you have Magic Points (MP). MP is like your magical stamina. Once it is gone, you cannot cast spells, unless otherwise stated. MP can be recovered with Items, abilities or staying at an Inn/Tent.

When casting spells it requires an action, unless otherwise stated. If the spell is being cast on an ally, there is no need to make a roll unless they are grappled by a creature or have at least half of themselves covered. When casting a spell at a enemy, you must make a Magic check, on a hit the target is affected by the spell, on a failure, the spell misses and likely hits the ground or sails off into the distance. 

Stored Magic

This is a different type of magic where you store the specific spells as units. This requires no MP to use, but you can only use the spells you have stored a number of times equal to the amount you have stored. When used, that unit of magic is expended and gone forever. The only way to acquire Stored Magic is through the Draw ability. The Draw ability can only be used on enemies and Draw Points. When using at a Draw point, you absorb the magic that has accumulated their. Using it on an enemy that has Stored magic allows you to draw it from them. Enemy magic shows up as ????, so you must draw from them unknowing what you will get. When you successfully draw from them, the magic is revealed.

Magic List


Name               MP         Damage
Thunder           8            5
Thundara         30          15
Thundaga        50          30
Thunder l         4            3
Thunder ll        17           12
Thunder lll       41           23
Thunder lV      62          40
Thunder V       90          75
Aero                 30          17
Wind l                 4          3
Wind ll                 17        12
Wind lll                 41       23
Wind lV                62      40
Wind V                 90      75
Tornado               70       68


Name                MP          Damage
Blizaard            8             5
Blizzara          30           15
Blizzaga         50           30
Blizzard l          4             3
Blizzard ll         17            12
Blizzard lll        41            23
Blizzard lV       62           40
Blizzard V        90           75 
Water                 8             5
Watara               30           15
Water  aga         50           30
Water l                4             3
Water ll                17            12
Water lll               41            23
Water lV              62           40
Water V               90           75 


Name                MP          Damage
Fire                   8             5
Fira                   30           15
Firaga               50           30
Fire l                 4             3
Fire ll                17            12
Fire lll                41            23
Fire lV               62           40
Fire V                90           75 
Flare                  40            25


Name              MP             Damage
Holy                 100            90

Name                MP          HP Recovery 
Cure                  8             5
Cura                   30           15
Curaga               50           30
Cure l                 4             3
Cure ll                17            12
Cure lll               41            23
Curel V               62           40
Cure V                90           75 
Life                      70            Revive KO 1/4 HP
Life2                    160          Revive KO 1/2 HP
Full-life                 300         Revive KO 100% HP
Regen                   30           10% start of turn
Zombie                  35           Inflict Zombie
Death                     150          Inflict Death
Doom                      90          Inflict KO


Name                MP          Effect
Double              50           Can cast 2 spells until end of round as an action
Triple                 120          Can cast 3 spells until end of round as an action
Demi                  60           Deals 1/4 current HP
Quake l              4            3
Quake ll             17            12
Quake  lll            41            23
Quake lV            62           40
Quake V             90           75 
Haste                  40           +20 SPD until end of round
Slow                    40           -20 SPD until end of round
Stop                     91            -200 SPD and movement until end of round


Name                MP          Effect
Bio                      16            11 poison, VIT check to be Poisoned until EOR
Bio ll                    60          35, VIT check to be Poisoned until End of Round
Bio lll                    100        70 VIT check to be Poisoned until End of Round
Sleep                    35          Asleep until EOR or attacked or awakened
Blind                      25          Inflict Darkness
Silence                   28          Inflict Silence
Confuse                 42           Inflicts Confuse until EOR or attacked
Berserk                   90          Inflicts Berserk 
Break                       80          Inflicts Petrify
Meltdown                80          40 N/E, VIT BN 0 until EOR
Pain                          80          Inflict Poison, Darkness, Silence until EOR

Note: EOR stands for End Of Round
Note2: N/E stands for Non-Elemental


Name            MP         Effect
Esuna            25         Remove abnormal status
Dispel            20         Remove magic effect
Protect           40         Reduce physical damage by 1/2 until EOR
Shell               40         Reduce magic damage by 1/2 until EOR
Reflect            50         Reflect all target magic until End of Round
Drain                50        30 N/E, Absorb HP
Aura                  250      Target Limit Break becomes available


Name                 MP           Damage
Meteor               300          170 Non-elemental magic damage to all in 90ft radius
Ultima                 300          200 Non-elemental magic damage all in a 90ft sphere


Name           MP           Effect
Scan            15              Scan enemy's HP and weakness
Float             15            Floats target off the ground.