Choose Your Desting


Part of the Character Creation is choosing your Destiny. This is simiilar to choosing a Class in normal Tabletop RPGs, but it is more of where and how your character trains. Whether it be the Turtle Hermit Fighting Style or being a Scientist. Its the choice your character makes to devote their life to the studies of these arts. Below is a list of the Destiny Paths and their subpaths.

Martial Artist

Turtle Hermit School
Kai Training 


Bounty Hunter



Magical Arts




Character Advancement

Destiny Path Format 

Each Destiny Path uses the following format: 

Description: In each Destiny Path section you can find a description to help give you some ideas about what your character might be like. This section tells you a little bit about the background for the Destiny Path and how it fits into the Galaxy as a whole. 

Rank Tree: Each Destiny Path is divided into a series of Ranks. This Tree tells you the name of each Rank, as well as the level of progression necessary to reach a certain Rank. 

Training Table: For each Rank within your Destiny Path you will find a training table that shows you what new abilities your character can learn, and what you must do in order to learn them. 

Experience Points

 As you adventure through the game, your character will have plenty of opportunity to improve. Your Game Master will reward you with Experience Points that you can spend to further develop your character. Each Destiny Path has plenty of room for you to customise your character and make them unique. There are two types of improvement that can happen to your character: 

  • Rank increase-Opens new training opportunities 
  • Skill, Feature or Trained-Learn new Skills or Features In addition to the Trained listed for the Ranks within your Destiny Path, sometimes your GM will allow you to purchase an Elite Trained if you meet special criteria. 

Your Rank is determined by the total amount of Experience Points your character has spent. The Advancement for each Rank has a combination of Skills, Features, and Trained, which you may purchase with xp.  As your Rank rises, you have access to more and more Advancement options, and therefore have more options on how to customise your character.  it is easy to gain Ranks to start with, and becomes progressively harder throughout the life of your character. 

Each Destiny Path has unique Ranks. As your character progresses in power, you may sometimes find yourself eligible for two or more Ranks. When this occurs, you must make a choice between the Ranks available to you. Some of the greater Ranks have prerequisites attached to them. These are things like Skills, Core Stat levels, or previous Ranks that you must possess before you can choose a particular Rank. 

Destiny Path Rank tables look like this: Gaining Ranks Characters automatically gain Ranks by spending xp. Once a character's total spent xp reaches the necessary amount, the character's Rank increases. 

Skill And Feature Training

A Skill Training teaches you a new Skill or improves an existing Skill to make it more effective. A Feature Training gives you a knack or aptitude for something. Depending on your career choice, some Skills and Features are easier to learn than others. The wide range of Skills and Features allows you to customise your character as you would wish. Prerequisites If you take a look at the listed Training for each Rank, you'll notice some require you to have a Feature or a Core Stat at a particular rating. You must meet all the listed prerequisites before purchasing the Training. If you are ever in doubt about a prerequisite, ask your GM, who can overrule or change prerequisites as they wish. 

Becoming Trained

Becoming Trained is simple. Once you have had a good look at your training list, and chosen what you want to buy, follow these steps: 

  1. Check with the GM to make sure the Feature you'd like is available (the GM may restrict certain Skills and Features to meet the needs of the campaign, or he might offer a better option). 
  2. Deduct the Trained cost from your current pool of Experience Points. 
  3. Write down the name of the Trained on the Trained section of your Character Sheet. 
  4. Apply any changes to Core Stats, Skills, Features or Traits that the Trained brings. 
  5. Finally, add the spent xp to your total xp. As you undertake adventures, you will earn more Experience Points as a reward for good roleplaying, completing missions and for coming up with clever ideas. These rewards allow you to buy further Trained for your character.