Items & Equipment

Items & Equipment

Gear and Items work similarly to Digimon in the way that they should be built using an essential pool of DP to help create balance. While this does not have to be a hard rule, consider using about 5 DP per Stage the party has unlocked past In-Training to build Gear and Items they can currently use. Do not consider this a definitive list, have fun making your own items. Ignore requirements for Signature Move on Weapons, as they can be lost or removed potentially in combat.

Some of these Items may use keywords which state Recharge, Ammo X, One-Use, or other strange Keywords. These keywords will be explained later in the Negative Quality Section. Consider all Stat and Roll Bonuses to be something the item purchases for +1 DP Cost. If a Weapon does not state it is [Ranged], assume it is a [Melee] based weapon. If an Item adds to Movement, consider it purchased with the appropriate Quality to do so (Extra Movement, Advanced Mobility, Speedy, etc).

Please use common sense when allowing what Items can be used at the same time. For example, a character could easily have special boots and gloves, but having two types of the same special boots is a bit overkill. Pretend that each Item takes up some kind of slot on the character's body.

Early Game Gear and Items (0 to 5 DP)

- Rock: It's a rock! You can throw it as a [Ranged] Attack! +2 Damage, +1 Accuracy, [One-Use]

- Stick: It's a stick! Be careful, it breaks! +2 Damage, +1 Accuracy, [One-Use]

- Slingshot: Way more useful than a rock. [Ranged]. +4 Damage, +6 Accuracy [Ammo: 1]

- Wooden Sword: This shouldn't break at least. +4 Damage, +3 Accuracy. [Fragile]

- Running Shoes: Comfy! +4 Basic Movement, +3 to Athletics Checks.

- Wooden Shield: Should protect you better! +4 Armor, +3 Dodge [Fragile]

- Rope: Tons of uses! +5 to Athletics Checks if used to climb.

- Guidebook: Knowledge is Power! +3 to a Intelligence-based Check. The specific type (Knowledge, Computer, or Survival) that it applies the bonus to, is decided when the item is created. [Fragile]

- Fancy Clothes: Shiny! +3 to a Charisma-based Check. The specific type (Manipulate, Perform, or Persuade) that it applies the bonus to, is decided when the item is created. [Fragile]

- Glasses: I can see clearly now! +3 to Perception. [Fragile]

Mid Game Gear and Items (10 to 15 DP)

- Throwing Spear: Way better than a rock [Ranged]. +5 Damage, +5 Accuracy [Armor Piercing 4][One-Use]

- Metal Sword: Now we're talking! +4 Damage, +3 Accuracy [Armor Piercing 4]

- Bow and Arrow: Bullseye! [Ranged] +5 Damage, +6 Accuracy [Certain Strike 2] [Ammo: 1]

- Gun: Gun [Ranged] +5 Damage, +7 Accuracy [Armor Piercing 4] [Ammo: 6]

- Metal Shield: +8 Armor, +5 Dodge [Bulky]

- Heavy Armor: I sure feel safe! +8 Armor, +5 Dodge [Bulky]

- Grapple Gun: Always necessary! Adds [Reach 5] only for Grappling at a Range, and adds +5 to Athletics Checks when used to Climb. [Ammo: 1]

- Stealth Clothes: Adds Hide in Plain Sight Rank 3. +1 Armor, +2 Basic Movement, +5 Dodge. 

Late Game Gear and Items (20 to 25 DP)

- Digizoid Armor: light and durable! +13 Armor, +6 Dodge, Applies Digizoid Armor Bonus.

- Laser Gun: Pew Pew. [Ranged] +9 Damage, +8 Accuracy, [Armor Piercing 4][Certain Strike 3] [Ammo 6][Recharge]

- Digizoid Sword: float like a butterfly, sting like a Stingmon! +11 Damage, +10 Accuracy, [Armor Piercing 4][Certain Strike 3]

- Jetpack: Fly like a bird! Adds Extra Movement: Flight. Adds Advanced Mobility: Flight. Adds +5 Dodge and 20 Movement. This Movement ignores the Speedy Cap.

- High-tech Goggles: I can see everything! +14 to Perception, adds Tracker Rank 3, and this gear can ignore any penalties for trying to see in the dark (3 DP)

- Digizoid Shield: Fancy and durable. +13 Amor, +6 Dodge, Applies Digizoid Armor Bonus.

- Invisibility Clothes: Don't worry, you can turn invisible too while you wear them!: Adds Hide in Plain Sight Rank 6, +2 Armor, +4 Basic Movement, +7 Dodge, adds Shade Cloak.

- Breaker Drill: Good for combat and utility. Get digging!: Adds Extra Movement: Digger and Advanced Mobility: Digger. Adds +2 Basic Movement. When used as a Weapon it allows access to the Charge and Pass Keywords. +4 Damage, +4 Accuracy, [Armor Piercing 4][Certain Strike 3]

- Amulet of Protection: You can feel the magic oozing out of it! Adds +13 Armor and +9 Dodge, once per Combat it may be used to let the user automatically dodge one Attack (3 DP).

In the late-game section, you might notice a few of these items have a special quality which lacks a equivalent Quality. When applying a special or custom ability like this, consider how useful and potent it will be and apply an appropriate cost of 1 to 3 DP to it. This can make the items you create feel especially unique and special to the players, rather than a total bundle of stat and skill bonuses. Have fun, and be creative with your work.