FF My Story


Where you come from and how you got to this point in your life are critical points of a characters history and personality. How they established themselves and where you intend to move forward in your life is the story of your chaacter. What do they wish to achieve in their life, what are their aspirations, goals and dreams. When making a character, you choose one of the "My Story" choices to help flesh out your character.

My Story

Blitzball Player

Blitzball is the most popular sport across the world. It is an aquatic based game where players play in a giant sphere of magical water. Players are able to breathe in the water normally. You are training to be a great Blitzball Player, even though you are only in League C, you show great promise.

Natural Blitz Talent: You get some recognition as a Blitzer for your team and you can buy Techniques at half the cost.


An old profession that has fallen out of favor due to the many Magic's that have been discovered. Though out of style you stand resolute in your choice to protect others. You are always the first one looked upon when entering the room with others as being a natural threat.

Draw of Attention: Others tend to focus on you when you are part of a group. They interact with you before the rest of your group. If you don't give them approval, it is unlikely they will want to bother the other members.


A little bit of this, a touch of that, a pinch of something and what do we got? Something edible...hopefully. You aspire to turn simple ingredients into great meals. Though there are hundreds of thousands of recipes in the world, you want to be able to complete as many as you can to be a great cook. 

I Can Cook That: While in establishments that serve food, you can get a bargain for the meals. You can also work in any kitchen that will allow you to, to make a "Slum's" wage. 

Custodial Staff 

It's not the greatest profession, but someone's got to do it. Though it isn't the best thing to do for work, you do get to explore many great places in facilities that others will likely never see in their lifetime. 

Cleaner's Code: You take great pride in keeping things clean and so do your fellow Custodial workers. If you come across any other Custodial Staff, they are always friendly towards you and will help you with whatever resources they can provide, as long as they won't get caught.


What's this? I'm alive? Well it's about time! Though i was created for some other purpose, i choose to find my own way in life. Though i might not know what that reason is, just yet. I will endeavor to prove my makers wrong. 

Who am I Supposed to Be: There may be many of you that have been created and many look just like you, you wish to find out your purpose in life. People interact with you, with the innocence of a child and don't wish to punish you harshly when you get in trouble.

Dimensional Traveler

Alright, where did that bar go? How much did i actually drink? I don't remember any of these buildings. Where am I?!?! Sometimes with Magic you tend to loose your place in the world. Whether by accident or on purpose you have slipped from your known world and landed into a different one. Whether its on a different planet entirely or wound up thousands of years in the past, you are out of touch with what is going on. 

I'm Not From Around Here: You stand out wherever you go and this can lead to interesting conversations with others. People find you interesting and will want to ask you questions about who you are. Be careful as there are some who would call you crazy for being from another world or time period.


Please someone thing of the environment. As far as we know, this is the only habitable planet we have so stop messing it up. You care about the world and what others are doing to it. You have even gone to great lengths to shut down planet killing facilities in hopes of protecting it. 

Rally the Cause: Able to create something from nothing when it comes to protesting and chants. As long as their are enough people in an area, you can start a chant and protest about the things someone is doing to hurt the planet. You must be in an area where those you are protesting have a building or space they own that can be seen.


You enlisted. You went through boot camp. You tried it out for awhile. You left. The strict military order just wasn't for you. Though it gave you some good discipline and you made some friends along the way. Whether the training was worth it or if any of it really sank in, you will never really know.  

Bootcamp Buddies: Even though you have left the military, you still maintain contacts with several of your bootcamp companions. Choose three cities that have a military presence. You have an buddy who still works for the military in that city.


How many times are you going to stab me with that needle doc'? I think i have enough weird things in my body as it is. I feel like i might just grow extra arms or legs at this point. Sometimes i feel like i can take on the world and some times i feel like i dont want to get out of bed. These things that have been done to my body have altered what is normal. 

Undefined Body: I don't even know what is inside my body. Whenever you are scanned or sensed in any manner, you show up as a completely different creature. Sometimes it identifies you as a simple Salamander and others it may show you as a Dragon. All that is for sure, is that no one knows what you are.

Food Junkie

Food! Glorious Food! Bring on the Hot Dogs, the chips and any other good eats. There's really nothing i just wont want to try out. There's millions of different kinds of food combinations out there and I got to try them at least once. 

Snacks n' Stuff: It's not everyday you can't find some form of food to eat. Whether your on a long trip or just walking the streets, you know where to find food. Getting it is another thing, but you have a good radar for finding food and knowing if its safe to eat.

Former Agent

The life of doing secret work for the military, government or other big wig has been enjoyable, but all good things come to an end. Whether by choice or by force, you left the services of an important position. You have learned a lot about moving through the world as a shadow.

I've Done That: Your experience has given you the ability to see what isn't normally seen. You can understand secret ciphers from a military or government form. You can also identify if you are being tracked. Plus you always have access to a nice pair of sunglasses. 

Former Executive

The days of sipping martini's and eating fine finger foods have passed since you are no longer part of that world. Though you are no longer living the high life of executive work you have met many different executives from other companies.

Friends In High Places: You have learned how to move and talk in the world of the 1%. You can get meetings with executives from the more notable businesses. Additionally, your interest rate on loans  are halved. 

Former Teacher 

The education of others has filled your heart with joy. Maybe you left on your own or was forced to leave, but now you set your sights on the future. Though you don't work in the schools anymore, you have inspired many of your students.

Students Abroad: Those enrolled in school find you inspiring and are willing to assist you with what they can. Additionally, you can find substitute work at most schools at a "Slum's" wage. 


Those beasts fear you and for good reason. You have spent your time tracking, living and learning the ways of the wild. Walking the world as a terror to the beasts there is no place they can hide. 

Hidden Prints: When you find tracks of a beastlike creature, you can learn what it is, how many there are and how old they are. Additionally, you can determine the creatures Base Strength Stat. 

Materia Collector

They are pretty, they are lucious, they are firm and they feel amazing in your hands. I'm talkin' about those sweet materia orbs. Like trading cards, i just have to collect them all. There's got to be an easy way to get ahold of them all and i will get my hands on them.

My Materia Sense Is Tingling: Materia put out a pure type of energy. Created by the lifestream they radiate on your senses. When an unknown materia comes within a number of feet equal to five times your Magic Bonus Number, you feel it and know which direction it is in. 


The resources have to come from somewhere and you know how to dig deep for them. You have spent some time digging deep that you have developed a strong constitution. 

A Few Good Tunnels: When traveling underground, you dont feel lost and know your way back from the way you came. You can also determine what type of machines caused any disturbance against the natural environment. 

Moogle Parent

Nya? Kupo? Oh you don't know my friend here? Moogles are the most precious things i have known for awhile. Taking care of Moogles have allowed me to understand their way of life and sometimes I crave a Kupo Nut. Though i good weird looks when i eat one. 

Mognificent: Raising moogles has given you the ability to converse with them. You also have a spirit moogle that looks and feels real that follows you around. It cannot interact with anything other then you. 

Party Coordinator

Wow this is a great party, who put this all together? That would be me! The food, the decorations, the band and all the events have gone off without any issues. Planning is what i do and i am very good at it. 

I Can See The Code: Planning is the biggest aspect of your life and you can see all angles. When planning you are able to find direct routes, triggers, possible trap and ambush locations. The more information you have at your hands, gives you a more precise and accurate assumption of how things would be planned out.


Whew we have been walking for days. It's good to finally arrive at a temple. Let us speak to the divine and hope to grant us safe passage along our journeys. I can only hope they grant me the power that i seek. 

Temple Walker: You are known in the world as someone who travels to pray at each temple and many believe that you could be blessed. You are addressed with high respects by almost anyone you come across. You are allowed in any religious temple to pray and can gather knowledge with ease from those of faith.


There's nothing like feeling the hum of a heavy duty engine as it shakes the very foundation of your soul. The smell of the grease and the sounds of gears turning bring me peace. Controlling these massive machines not only brings me joy, but the power to travel the world. 

Ghost In The Machine: Your vast knowledge of vehicles has allowed you to understand them as well as you know people. You can recognize any vehicle and understand what it is capable of. Additionally, you can travel twice as far as normal in vehicles before getting Tiredness levels.


They don't understand we just don't want to live under their rule. Sure the extra military forces would help secure our city, but at what cost? Our freedom? No thanks! The resistance will live as long as those who believe in a world free of tyranny and hostile aggression. 

The Forest Owls: You are apart of a resistance group that wants to see cities free. If there is a dictatorship or the city is ruled by the military, The Forest Owls have a presence. You can understand and write their secret ciphers. You can get aid from them to the extent of their capabilities.


The truth is that those with the deepest passion for love always find themselves as the ones without love. Your words are as smooth and penetrating that can make others weak in the knees. Your charming demeanor outweighs the things you have accomplished and the way you physically look. 

Lips Of An Angel: Those that find you interesting or attractive have a hard time hiding the truth from you. Anyone charmed by you cannot lie to you deliberately. Those that fall in love with you will give you whatever aid they are capable of, without ruining themselves, putting themselves in a dangerous situation or ruining their livelihood. 


In this castle the days pass without worry. The same thing happens day in and day out. Oh how i yearn for adventure and to see how the other side of the world lives. Even though the people of the city adore me i am sure they wouldn't understand how i feel. My family sure wouldn't understand as they continue to choose this life. If there was only a way to live out this fantasy.

No I Just Look Like Them: You always have a hard time moving outside of the royal walls. People mistake you for royalty all the time and this leads to tense situations. Those that understand your plea will aid you if they are aligned to your kingdom. Others may try to kidnap you for ransom. 


A code name for elite combat specialists that take on missions across the world. These are mainly combat support and covert ops missions for those that pay the Garden for their services. SeeD members get their missions from their Gardens and get paid an amount of Gil based on their SeeD Rank. 

Garden Member: You can choose a Garden to be associated with and get your missions from them. You have your own room at the Garden and are allowed to use its facilities. Additionally, you are granted basic access to other Gardens as long as they are not hostile to you or your Garden.

Shop Worker

It's not the most exciting thing to do, but it can be fulfilling. The items are stocked so neatly and it's great to see customers enjoy the products that we have. I don't work here to make lots of Gil. I work here because it provides a much need service to those around me. 

Lover Of The Trade: You get along with any shopkeeper and can get good intel from any of them. Additionally, you can buy shop items at a 15% discount and sell items for an additional 15% Gil to shops. 


One second, that open mic is calling my name. Your voice is pleasing for all to listen to and many have come to watch you sing. Though you haven't gone pro yet, many of your fans that have heard you sing wish you would. Your voice can easily draw in crowds and making it easy for places to hire you.

Future Idol: The sound of your musical words has given you a following in your home city. People recognize you on the street and treat you like a celebrity. You can find work anywhere that allows singing for a "Slum's" wage plus tips. You can build your reputation the more cities you sing in which may land you a contract in the future.

Stage Performer

Ah the theater. Its wonderful works of art, showcasing the fine written word. The true passion of plays being brought to life before the audience. Many come to enjoy those that perform on stage and some plays have become so popular that the royalty visit. 

Artistic Identity: You have established yourself in theater with a Stage Name. Those that see you recognize you by your stage name, but not your true identity. Those that enjoy the theater will shower you with praise and adornment. Additionally, you can attempt to join a show in a city as long as the cast is needed. This will grant you a "Slum's" wage plus tips, but could grant you access to individuals that are attending the Play.