Character Advancement


At the end of each session, a GM will hand out an appropriate amount of Experience Points and Bonus DP based on several factors. At least 1 Experience and Bonus DP should be awarded at the end of each session to each character, whether they did anything on the list or not. Consult the following list for ideas on how to award Experience and Bonus DP at the end of a session (or take them one at a time as they show up if you feel it fits the pace of your game better). Do not consider this a full list: think of your own ideas too!

- For every session of Combat that the character participated, add 1 Experience/DP
- If a new stage was unlocked, add another 1 Experience/DP
- If the character helped to solve a major problem in the story, add 2 Experience/DP
- If the character attempted a Torment or Sanity check, add 1 Experience/DP


Buying Inspiration

Experience may be spent on increasing a character's Attributes and Skills, and purchasing additional points of Inspiration. Inspiration is purchased, as stated before, by spending 2 Experience for every point of Inspiration you currently have. For example, if you have 4 points of Inspiration and wish to purchase a fifth, you would need to spend 8 Experience.

Leveling Skills

Increasing a Skill is the simplest process, requiring a small amount of Experience to boost a more niche bonuses to the Tamer. To increase a Skill to the next rank, you may spend a number of Experience points equal to the new rating. Increasing a 4 to a 5 costs 5 Experience, increasing a 1 to a 2 costs 2 Experience, so on and so forth.

Leveling Attributes

Increasing an Attribute is a more involved and expensive process, but it can be balanced out due to the wider range of checks Attributes help cover. Increasing an Attribute to the next rank will cost Experience equal to twice the new rating. For example, increasing a Attribute from 2 to 3 would cost 6 Experience points.



Digimon progress in a far more straightforward manner compared to Tamers. They may spend their Bonus DP on either improving their raw Stats on a 1-for-1 basis(Accuracy, Damage, Dodge, Health), or by purchasing additional Qualities to use. Armor works the same way as usual on a 2 for 1 basis.

However there is a catch: DP spent on Stats will directly transfer to all of the other stages a Digimon has. For example, if you have a Palmon and you add +3 to its Accuracy Stat with Bonus DP, the other stages, perhaps Togemon, Lilymon, and Rosemon, would also gain +3 to their Accuracy Stat. This does not mean that each stage has extra Bonus DP, simply that modifying one stage modifies them all at once.

Qualities are a bit trickier to increase; while they can still be flavored as the Digimon growing stronger, the vast amount and variety of Qualities and varieties of ways to build a Digimon, limiting yourself to adding the Qualities you purchase with Bonus DP might be a bit awkward to plan around. As such, the only limitation on purchasing additional Qualities is that Bonus DP spent directly on Qualities, must be spent on Qualities for all the other Stages. Meaning when you create your new Digimon for the next stage, you must spend DP on the qualities again if you want the new stage to have those qualities.