Armor Description


Protective armor exists in the Star Wars universe, but only the lightest types see widespread use. Heavier armor is considered to be too expensive, too restrictive, and just not worth the trouble unless it serves an additional function (Such as providing environmental protection, as in the case of Imperial Snowtrooper Armor).

Many forms of armor are restricted or even illegal outside of approved military uses. In locations where armor isn't prohibited, the wearer of armor identifies himself as someone who either expects to cause trouble or expects trouble to come his way.

Helmet Package

When installed in the helmet of a suit of Armor, this electronic package allows the Armor to grant the wearer a +2 Equipment bonus on Perception checks as well as Low-Light Vision (Darkvision 120ft). In addition, it includes an integrated hands-free Comlink (Short Range).  These are purchasable as an Item Modification for 4,000cr. Installing the Helmet Package takes 1 hour, and a DC 20 Mechanics check.

Light Armor

Light Armor is by far the most widespread Armor in the Star Wars galaxy, used by hunters, bounty hunters, bouncers, and anyone in between.

Blast Helmet and Vest

The Armor consists of a lightweight helmet and a composite vest that, when worn together, offer limited protection against incoming attacks. 

Padded Flight Suit

Favored by starfighter pilots all over the galaxy, the one-piece added flight suit protects against decompression, g-force, and harmful environments. It provides limited protection against attacks as well. A Padded Flight Suit comes with a matching helmet and gloves that seal around the wearer and provide up to 10 hours of life support, allowing them to survive in the vacuum of space or any other hostile environment.

Combat Jumpsuit

This heavily padded jumpsuit is designed to provide limited protection against physical and energy trauma without overly restricting the wearer's movement. 

Armored Flight Suit

A combat-ready flight suit that provides additional protection against vacuum for limited periods, this Armor comes in various models, including the Corellian TX-3 (Favored by various pirate gangs) and the Imperial TIE flight suit (Worn by TIE Fighter pilots throughout the Empire). An Armored Flight Suit provides up to 10 hours of life support, allowing its wearer to survive in the vacuum of space or any other hostile environment.

Stormtrooper Armor

Worn by the elite soldiers of The Galactic Empire, Stormtrooper Armor comes in a variety of models based around a standard white-and black shell. Filled with electronics that assist and augment the Stormtrooper in their duties, it includes rudimentary environmental protection, three-phase sonic filtering, and visual amplification.

Variants of this armor also exist, including Snowtrooper Armor, Sandtrooper Armor, and Clone Trooper Armor. Each has slightly different details, but all include the basic characteristics common to all Stormtrooper Armor. Though unavailable on the open market, these suits can occasionally be found on the black market (for much higher prices).

Stormtrooper Armor (Including all variants) grants a wearer who has the Armor Proficiency (Light) feat a +2 Equipment bonus on Perception checks, as well as Low-Light Vision (Darkvision 120ft). Stormtrooper Armor also includes an integrated Comlink in the helmet, allowing hands-free communication (Short Range).

Wearing Snowtrooper Armor (18000 credits) makes you immune to the effects of Extreme Cold.

Wearing Sandtrooper Armor (18000 credits) makes you immune to the effects of Extreme Heat.

Fiber Armor 

Initially used on worlds where traditional armor plating was in short supply, Fiber Armor is specially designed to channel Energy-weapon attacks away from the body. The various metal fibers woven into the exterior of this armor cause it to absorb and harmlessly disperse Energy damage. However, Fiber Armor is far from perfect, and lucky shots manage to hit. Once per encounter, a character can reduce energy damage by 10 against a single ranged Energy attack as a Reaction. This reduction can reduce it to 0.


Light Battle Armor

Similar to denser suits of Battle Armor, this stripped-down Light Battle Armor is frequently used by soldiers who lack extensive armor training, but need a slight edge in combat.

Light Powered Battle Armor 

Designed to be augmented with additional components and weapons, Light Powered Battle Armor comes prewired with special connections to power auxiliary accessories. Light Powered Battle Armor comes with a Helmet Package preinstalled. When using the Item Modification rules, Light Powered Battle Armor has 1 free upgrade slots. This means when you attempt to modifiy it as an MKII, you treat it as an MKI again.

Republic Light Armor 

Standard-issue Armor for Republic forces not expecting heavy combat. Republic Light Armor includes a helmet and boots. The helmet provides any wearer who has the Armor Proficiency (Light) with an attached Comlink (Short Range). This simple Armor is not upgradable and cannot be purchased or sold. It can only be obtain from joining the Republic.


The Koromondain Mark 45 protective vest is usually worn by smugglers who are expecting trouble but don't want to be seen wearing Armor in public. Lightweight, flexible, and easily hidden under clothing (+5 Equipment bonus to Stealth checks made to conceal the Armor), a Half-Vest protects the wearer against surprise attacks from unscrupulous enemies and allies. Once per encounter as a Free Action, the wearer can negate the bonus damage on any attack made against them while they are Suprised (Such as when being targeted by an attacker with the Sneak Attack Talent).


Used by assassins and burglars, the Shadowsuit manufactured by Ayelixe/Krongbing Textiles is little more than a black body stocking covering the wearer's entire body. Shadowsuits are made from a tough but soft material known as Shadowsilk that absorbs light and sound. The hands and feet of the Shadowsuit have sound-dampening pads that reduce the noise made by the wearer. A Shadowsuit grants a +5 Equipment bonus to Stealth checks whenever the wearer is in darkness or dim-light conditions.

Tracker Utility Vest

 The Tracker Utility Vest is a simple garment that allows hunters and guides to carry a wide assortment of small Equipment without discomforting the wearer. Although they can be constructed from an assortment of materials, Tracker Utility Vests are commonly made from a tough, leathery hide treated to be watertight, stainproof, and resistant to rips and tears.

The vest features pockets, pouches, and straps capable of carrying up to twenty-four small objects weighing no more than 2 pounds each. Because the items are stored so that their weight is distributed evenly around the wearer's torso, their cumulative weight is halved for purposes of calculating the wearer's total carried weight.

Galactic Alliance Armor

For over 1000 years, the Galactic Alliance has used variations of its own Light Armor design, usually in dark blue hues with black accents. In its most recent form, the Armor combines a padded armor base with a reinforced breastplate and fully armored gauntlets. Some front-line troopers also use a fully enclosed helmet with a Helmet Package, but this varies by unit. It is not uncommon to see officers and others opt to use Galactic Alliance uniform hats and caps instead.

Some variations of the standard Galactic Alliance uniform incorporate a flexible blast vest and a tight-fitting, open-faced helmet into their designs. This type is especially prevalent among the fleet crews at battle stations.

Light Dark Armor

Dark Armor is the generic name given to various suits of Armor possessed and worn by the Sith. Each suit of Dark Armor is unique, having been created for and often modified by an individual Sith Lord. These suits of Armor may look like they originated as other stock models, but they are modified through various process, including Sith Alchemy.

Dark Armor is not just another piece of protective gear; to many Sith Lords, the Armor is nearly as important as their Lightsabers. A suit of Dark Armor defines a Sith Lord's appearance, and is frequently made to be as frightening as possible.

A suit of Light Dark Armor automatically comes with a single enhancement from the Sith Alchemy Table below.

TRAIT                            EFFECT

Cortosis Weave           Automatically deactivates any Lightsaber that strikes the wearer.

Dark Side Energy          Grants the wearer a +2 Equipment bonus on Use the Force checks made to activate Force Powers with the [Dark Side] descriptor.

Dark Side Stealth           Grants the wearer a +2 Equipment bonus on Stealth checks made to avoid detection.

Imposing Form             Grants the wearer a +2 Equipment bonus on Intimidation checks made to Intimidate.

Light Jedi Battle Armor 

Designed to match the needs of the individual Jedi who wears it, a suit of Jedi Battle Armor is a rare sight in the galaxy. Mostly popularized during the days of the Great Sith War and the Jedi Civil War, Jedi Battle Armor protects vital areas while not hindering the movements of the wearer. 

Riot Armor

KZZ Riot Armor is manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc., for for the Espos of The Corporate Sector. It consists of a reinforced blast helmet and vest and a small shield; the shield is strapped to the wearer's arm and does not interfere with their ability to use the associated hand. The vest and helmet are brown, giving rise to the Espos' nickname, "Boys in Brown." While more expensive than a Combat Jumpsuit, KZZ Riot Armor offers the maneuverability of a typical Blast Helmet and Vest and is lighter than a Combat Jumpsuit.

Seatrooper Armor

Developed specifically for engagements on Mon Calamari and Tibrin, the aquatic armor worn by Imperial Seatroopers is pressure-sealed to a maximum of ten atmospheres (About 660 feet underwater) and incorporates a Rebreather allowing you to breathe underwater.  Seatrooper Armor provides a +2 Equipment bonus to Swim checks because of it's underwater Propulsion Pack and swim flippers. 

Stun Cloak

This cloak is a Weapon as much as a form of protection. Lined with microfilaments attached to a power cell, the Stun Cloak can emit a powerful electric shock to any character who Grapples or Grabs, or is Grappled or Grabbed, by the wearer. Officers and Nobles wear Stun Cloaks to thwart kidnapping attempts, and commandos who expect to engage in close combat also wear them. The interior of the cloak is insulated to prevent accidental shocks to the wearer.

If the wearer successfully makes a Grapple or Grab attack, or is successfully Grappled or Grabbed by an enemy, the Stun Cloak deals 3d8 points of Lightning damage.

By doubling the price (From 3500 to 7000), the Stun Cloak can be upgraded to include the capabilities of the Trauma Monitoring or the Camouflage Item Modification. Otherwise, the Stun Cloak cannot be upgraded with the Armor Upgrades option from Item Modification.

Marine Armor

This Light Armor is employed by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. It provides decent protection for front-line troops during ship-boarding actions and house-to-house fighting, and even in Zero-Gravity, in Vacuum, or underwater. The Armor's sealed life-support system allows the wearer to survive for up to 24 hours in the Vacuum of space or otherwise hostile environments. The soles of the Armor's boots are magnetic, enabling the wearer to walk on metal surfaces, such as a Starship hull, without drifting off into space. The magnetic soles reduce the wearer's Speed by 10 feet. A small propulsion system on the backpack allows the wearer to reroll any failed Swim checks, keeping the better of the two results; and even when rushed or threatened, the wearer can Take 10 on Swim checks and can maneuver without penalty in Zero-Gravity.

Medium Armor

Considered the standard other Armors compare themselves to, these Armors are typically used by military troopers, and various militia.


Ceremonial Armor

Ceremonial Armor blends practicality with ornate design. Republic Guards and Imperial Royal Guards wear different styles of Ceremonial Armor. A typical suit of Ceremonial Armor consists of a helmet, durable breast guard, shoulder guards, and articulated greaves for the arms and legs.


Corellian Powersuit 

This suit of body Armor contains an energized exoskeleton and a series of servomotors that boosts the wearer's physical strength. Used by professional soldiers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters, the Powersuit requires skill and training to be used effectively.

The Corellian Powersuit grants its wearer a +2 Equipment bonus to Strength, but only if the wearer has the Armor Proficiency (Medium). When you are using the Item Modification Upgrades option, the Corellian Powersuit has only two Upgrade Slots.

Battle Armor 

Battle Armor combines protective metal or composite plates with a Padded Flight Suit to form a layer of protection. While off-the-rack Battle Armor is available, most users cobble together their gear from various sources

Mesh Armor

A more advanced form of Fiber Armor produced by military contractors across the galaxy, Mesh Armor uses the engineering principles of Fiber Armor, enhancing them with high-quality materials and extensive research. Mesh Armor is heavier and more cumbersome than Fiber Armor and confers many of the same benefits of Fiber Armor and traditional suits of Armor. Once per encounter, a character wearing Mesh Armor can reduce energy damage by 20 against a single ranged Energy attack as a Reaction. This can reduce it to 0.

Powered Battle Armor

The Powered Armor variant of standard Battle Armor, Powered Battle Armor is frequently used by those warriors who see their Armor as an extension of their combat prowess and not just their defenses. Powered Battle Armor comes with a Helmet Package preinstalled. When using the Item Modification rules, Powered Battle Armor has 1 free upgrade slots. This means when you attempt to use Item Modification to upgrade to a MKII, you treat it instead as an MKI.

Weave Armor

A civilian model of Armor worn by military units throughout the era, Weave Armor is a relatively flexible and yet durable suit of Armor that provides excellent protection to the wearer while restricting movement only a small amount. Weave Armor is favored by warriors whose combat styles calls for fast and flexible movements, and is the Armor of choice for duelists and gladiators

GTU AV-1S Scout Armor

A scaled-down version of the GTU AV-1C Combat Armor, the GTU AV-1S Scout Armor is lighter and allows for a greater degree of mobility, making it a favored suit for bounty hunters that rely on their speed and stealth to capture a mark. The AV-1S is also Vacuum Sealed and includes a built-in Helmet Package, and a reduced-power repulsorlift system similar to the GTU AV-1C Combat Armor. This repulsorlift functions as a Jet Pack (Following all the normal rules for the Jet Pack) except that it produces no noise, heat, or flames, but grants a fly speed of only 20 feet. The Armor is Powered, giving it one Free Upgrade Slots. This means when attempting to Item Modification this item upgrading to a MKII, you instead treat it as an MKI. Also includes a built-in Glow Rod.

Krail 210 Personal Armor 

Created by Krail Armory ostensibly for private security forces, the Model 210 Personal Armor is a favorite of bounty hunters that provides several built-in amenities off the assembly line, reducing the amount of work it takes to transform the Armor into a custom suit preferred by a bounty hunter. The Model 210 Personal Armor comes with a built-in Helmet Package, Jet Pack, Liquid Cable Dispenser, and Vacuum Seals. Additionally, the Armor grants a +2 Equipment bonus to Strength checks made to lift, drag, or pull an object. Krail 210 Personal Armor is considered to be Powered Armor and has one free Upgrade Slot. This means when attempting to Item Modification this item upgrading to a MKII, you instead treat it as an MKI.

Camo Armor

Camo Armor protects the wearer from discovery as well as injury. In addition to the usual hard metal plates woven on top of a fabric body suit, the Armor is also embedded with miniature photoreactive fibers that allow the suit to absorb light and change its color to match the wearer's surroundings. When attempting to hide, the wearer gains a +10 Equipment bonus to Stealth checks, regardless of the terrain.

Imperial Knight Armor 

The chosen Armor of the Imperial Knights is modeled after the Armor worn by Darth Vader during the Galactic Civil War. However, unlike Darth Vader's Armor, the Imperial Knight Armor is not designed to provide life support to the wearer. Additionally, the Armor has small threads of Phrik filaments throughout the Armor, allowing the wearer to apply a personal -2 Damage Reduction against attacks made by Lightsabers. 

Knighthunter Armor

An upgrade of the standard Stormtrooper Armor, the solid-black Armor of the Knighthunters combines many of the designs of Palpatine's Coruscant Guards and the Storm Commandos, providing a durable suit of Armor that also allows the wearer to remain hidden in poorly lit conditions. Knighthunter Armor comes standard with a Helmet Package. Additionally, the helmet of a suit of Knighthunter Armor is fitted with a small connector at the base of the neck that sends minute electrical impulses into the spine and the base of the brain of the wearer. These impulses disrupt any outside influence on the brain of the wearer, granting the wearer a +5 Equipment bonus to their Wisdom saving throws against force powers.

Dark Armor

A more armored version of the Light Dark Armor. It follows all the same rules as the Light Dark Armor.

Jedi Battle Armor

Designed to match the needs of the individual Jedi who wears it, a suit of Jedi Battle Armor is a rare sight in the galaxy. Mostly popularized during the days of the Great Sith War and the Jedi Civil War, Jedi Battle Armor protects vital areas while not hindering the movements of the wearer.


Biohazard Suit

The Biohazard Suit is a common piece of Equipment that protects the wearer from hazardous biological matter. the standard Biohazard Suit is bright yellow and features a domed, transparent helmet to allow for normal vision. A Biohazard Suit provides immunity to all Atmospheric Hazards and inhaled Poisons, as well as to any Diseases spread by inhalation or contact. A Biohazard Suit provides 1 hour of breathable atmosphere before the filter and atmosphere canister must be replaced.

Camo Scout Armor 

Creshaldyne Industries Camo Scout Armor is worn by scouts, commandos, and other stealthy troops. It combines sound-dampening technology with the light-bending and light-absorption technology used in the Camouflage Item Modification. Camo Scout Armor provides a +5 Equipment bonus on all Stealth checks made by the wearer. This item has only one Upgrade Slot available for Item Modification.

Katarn-Class Commando Armor 

Issued several months after the Battle of Geonosis, Katarn-Class Commando Armor is a superior, specialized Armor, designed with input from Clone Commandos in the field. The Armor is unusually thick, with a sealed system allowing the wearer to survive underwater or in Vacuum for up to 24 hours. It also features a built-in, retractable, wrist-mounted Vibroblade. This highly sought after Armor is rarely found in the possession of civilians. It's Black Market price can exceed a quarter-million credits. Clone Commandos swear by the Armor's effectiveness, even though they also grumble beneath their breath about it's lack of comfort during long missions.

Katarn-Class Commando Armor grants a wearer with the Armor Proficiency (Medium) a +2 bonus on Perception checks, as well as Low-Light Vision (Darkvision 120ft). The Armor includes an Integrated Comlink in the helmet, allowing hands-free communication (Short Range).

As a Action, the wearer can use the Bacta tanks built into the Armor. The Bacta and the suit's built-in diagnostic gear grant the wearer an effective Treat Injury +10 bonus for self-treatment. Once you use this feature, you must finish a short or Long rest before you can use it again.

Katarn-Class Commando Armor is highly customizable. The Katarn-Class Commando Armor has four Upgrade Slots.

Stalker Armor

The M1-10 Stalker Armor is created by the Salus Corporation on Rodia and marketed for the burgeoning bounty hunter market. Multiple designs are created to cater to the specific needs of various humanoid Species, but the model for Rodians is easily the best seller. Stalker Armor immediately identifies the wearer as a bounty hunter, working to the advantage of the wearer by intimidating targets, giving you a +10 to your passive Intimidation.

Heavy Armor

Heavy Armor is the top of the line, primarily used by military specialists, and high-spec mercenaries.

Armored Space Suit 

This bulky coverall contains a sealed life support system that provides everything the wearer needs to survive for 24 hours in the vacuum of space or any other hostile environment. 

Heavy Battle Armor

Similar to regular Battle Armor, Heavy Battle Armor features more plating than padding, including various pieces molded to fit the user, such as breastplates and armor covering arms and legs.

Heavy Powered Battle Armor

Utilized by warriors who define their fighting style by the gear they carry, Heavy Powered Battle Armor resembles standard Heavy Battle Armor but come prewired for augmentation. Heavy Powered Battle Armor comes with a Helmet Package preinstalled. When using the Item Modification rules, Heavy Powered Battle Armor has 1 free Upgrade Slot. This means when you attempt to use Item Modification on this item the upgrade to MKII is instead treated as an MKI.

Matrix Armor 

Though few military engineers would call Matrix Armor a pretty design, it is effective. Matrix Armor takes armor plating and from Starships, bonding it to the outside of a suit of Heavy Armor. With the Matrix Armor plating in patterns similar to those used by Fiber Armor and Mesh Armor, the wearer of a suit of Matrix Armor can turn aside Energy-weapon attacks that would otherwise be devastating. Once per encounter, a character wearing Matrix Armor can reduce energy damage by 30 against a single ranged Energy attack as a Reaction. This can reduce it to 0.

GTU AV-1C Combat Armor

Originally designed for use by private security forces and paramilitary groups, the GTU AV-1C Combat Armor is a fully enclosed suit of Armor made of interlocking hard plates that completely cover the wearer's body. The suit is Vacuum Sealed and incorporates a built-in Helmet Package. Additionally, the Armor includes an advanced repulsorlift system that replicates a Jet Pack (Following all the normal rules for the Jet Pack) but produces no noise, heat, or flames. The AV-1C Combat Armor is Powered Armor and has one free Upgrade Slots. This means when attempting Item Modification the upgrade to MKII is treated as MKI.

Vacuum Pod

The Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) Pod, or Vacuum Pod, is a Droid-assisted suit of Powered Armor specifically designed to allow a person to repair a Starship while in space. It's systems are designed in so that a wearer not proficient with Heavy Armor can use it competently in nonstressful situations. The suit, once donned properly, provides full life support to its wearer and also includes external thrusters to allow movement in a Zero-Gravity Environment (Fly Speed of 30ft). It also features motorized limbs, a complete set of integrated repair tools, and an external compartment to allow the user to carry any extra materials needed to make repairs. The suit's functions are controlled by a dedicated, low-level Droid brain that handles all the complex systems of the suit, such as the life support monitoring system and the regulation of the external thrusters.

Vacuum Pod users who have the Armor Proficiency (Heavy) can use the following features and receive the bonuses listed. A wearer who does not have the Proficiency can still use the suit but does not gain any of the Equipment bonuses listed below, unless otherwise noted. Regardless, the wearer has any Penalties halved while in noncombat situations.

  • Comlink: The suit's integrated Comlink has a range of 100 kilometers and can send and receive encrypted messages.
  • Life Support: The suit provides up to 2 hours of continuous Life Support with air supply and protection against extreme environments, including a Vacuum.
  • Powerlamp: The Armor comes with an integrated Glow Rod, which emits a 350-foot cone of bright light.
  • Repair Kit: The tools integrated in the suit's motorized arms give the user a +2 bonus on all Mechanics checks while the systems function.
  • Strength Augmentation: The suit's power systems grant the wearer a +4 bonus to their Strength score while the suit is operational.

Putting on a Vacuum Pod and bringing all the Droid's systems online takes 15 minutes. Removing the suit takes only 3 rounds.

Venom Assault Armor 

Part Powered Armor, part Armored Spacesuit, Venom Assault Armor provides ample protection from hostile attackers and environments. Additionally, the wearer can activate the Armor's limited jump jets as a Bonus Action to move at normal speed in zero-g. The jets are not powerful enough to lift an armored trooper in normal Gravity. The suit also adds a +2 Equipment bonus to the wearer's Strength score. However, the wearer must have the Armor Proficiency (Heavy) to use either the jets or gain the Strength bonus.

The wearer may survive up to 24 hours in the Vacuum of space or other hostile environmental conditions. Much like other Galactic Alliance uniforms and Armor sets, the Venom Assault Armor has a dark blue and black color scheme and prominently features the Galactic Alliance logo on the shoulder pauldrons.

Heavy Dark Armor 

This is the heaviest set of Dark Armor providing even greater protection. This armor follows the same rules the same rules as the Light Dark Armor.

Orbalisk Armor

Orbalisk Armor is unique in that it can only be obtained by subjecting oneself to parasites known as Orbalisks, native to Dxun. The Orbalisks bond with the host and usually drain the host of energy; however, someone with sufficient strength in the Dark Side of The Force (That is, possessing a Dark Side Score of 10 or higher) can prevent the Orbalisks from killing them, instead forming a symbiotic relationship with the parasites.

A character with Orbalisk Armor gains DR 20; unlike normal DR, a Lightsaber does not ignore the DR of the Orbalisk Armor. Since Orbalisk Armor is bonded directly to the skin of the wearer, it cannot be removed except through complex medical procedures (Requiring Surgery, as per the Treat Injury Skill DC 40). However, since Orbalisk Armor is not worn in the traditional sense, the wearer takes no Penalty for not beings proficient in Heavy Armor.

Zero-Gravity Stormtrooper Armor

Designed to enable the Emperor's elite Spacetroopers to cut their way through the hull of an enemy vessel during Starship Combat, Zero-Gravity Stormtrooper Armor is essentially a small Starfighter. Over two meters tall and twice as wide as a normal Human, Zero-Gravity Armor has earned the Spacetroopers the nickname "Walking Tanks." There have been several versions of the Zero-Gravity Armor; the first two iterations were large, bulky, and really more like small Starfighters. The Armor presented here is the light Spacetrooper Armor, which was developed after the Mark II version of the Armor came into service.

All Zero-Gravity Stormtrooper Armor incorporates shoulder-mounted Grenade Launchers (Loaded with Frag Grenades, Stun Grenades, and Smoke Grenades), a Blaster Cannon (2d12 Blaster Rifle), and a Miniature Proton Torpedo Launcher (Range 600/1000 4d10). The gauntlets are fitted with either rotating vibroblades or laser cutters (twice as good as fusion cutters), enabling Spacetroopers to cut through the hulls of enemy craft. The Armor is currently manufactured only for Medium creatures, and increases the wearer's size to Large. Routine maneuvers in Zero-Gravity Spacetrooper Armor do not require a Pilot check, but the wearer must make a DC 15 Pilot check to perform any maneuver more complicated than simple movement.