Hit Location

Hit Location

When you attack a creature follow the chart below to figure out exactly where you hit. (Unless you are using a V.A.T.S.) When you make an attack roll you reverse the numbers you rolled to get the hit location. 

Example if you rolled a 41 to hit. The target location you hit was 14. Which means a Head Shot. 

Creatures with antenna's use the arm location for hits. GM's use your best judgement for extra appendages.  

When you hit the target location the damage is reduced by the targets Damage Resistance based on the type of armor the are wearing.


If a creature has cover by something such as a wall or building, the areas that are covered cannot be hit or targeted. If an attack hits a location that is covered it is considered a miss. 

If an area is lightly obscured due to weather or foliage then the attack takes a -5 penalty.

Long Range Attacks

Each ranged weapon has a maximum effectiveness range, which means it takes no normal penalties when making an attack. You can attempt to shoot beyond your weapons range but doing so gives penalties to hit. You gain a -1 to hit for every foot you attempt to shoot beyond your weapons range. 

Location Numbers

01-15 Head
16-30 Primary Arm
31-45 Offhand
46-70 Torso
71-85 Right Leg
86-00 Left Leg