Ki's to Success


Ki is the manifestation of your inner energy into a physical form. In the Dragon Ball series, Ki plays a major role in just about every combat situation and a some non combat situations. Below are the rules, skills and abilities that are related to a majority of Ki related items that may encounter during your playthrough.

Ki Pool

Your characters representation about how much Ki is stored within that character. To find out your maximum Ki Pool you add all Ranks in each Ki ability and your Core Ki together and then double it. ( 2x (Core Ki + Ki Blast + Ki Control + Sense Ki) = Ki Pool) Note that you start with 0 Ranks in Ki Blast, Ki Control, Sense Ki at the start of the game.

Your Characters mainting Ki is equal to half your Maximum Ki Pool rounded up. This is essentially the amount of Ki your body is naturally used to having active at all times. When you are not in combat your Ki Pool resets to this minimum unless something is preventing it. 

You can attempt to maintain more then your normal amount of Ki in your Ki Pool. To do this you must make a check every hour you attempt to do this. The check is 1d20-Ki Control. You must roll lower then that of your Core Toughness. If you succeed you are able to maintain up to your maximum Ki pool for that hour. If you fail, your ki drops back to its minimum and you gain 1 level of exhaustion.

Ki Blast

Your character's ability to use more powerful ki attacks such as the Kamehameha, Gallick Gun and Masenko. Most Ki Blast attacks have a Rank requirement to use them. For example the Kamehameha has a Ki Blast rank of 1. Which means you must have at least 1 rank in Ki Blast to use this attack.

Ki Control

Your character's ability to manipulate ki in order  to reinforce the character's abilities or to take defensive actions such as Ki Barriers and even sustain your Ki for longer periods of time.

Sense Ki

Your character's ability to search or perceive through awareness of ki signatures. When you do this you add the number of Ranks in Sense Ki to your Awareness check when trying to sense Ki. Also you can sense a number of miles equal to twice your Sense Ki.

Charge Ki

Charge Ki is an ability that every character with at least 1 point into Core Ki can use. As an action you can use this ability to charge your Ki. You gain 1d6 + Core Ki to your Ki Pool, any excess is lost. There are different levels of Charging Ki as you will see in the Ki Features section that can help you charge more Ki at one time.