FF Archer


Archers are a support role that assists their party members either through sustained damage, buffs from songs or animal aid. Their primary weapon is the Bow. Though others can wield bows they are the only class that can wield Great Bows.

Base Stat Modifiers

HP: 2d8+10
Strength: Normal
Vitality: Normal
Potency: Normal
Spirit: Plus
Speed: Normal
Intellect: Minus
Hit: Normal
Magic: Normal

Bow Weapon Training

Archer's start off with Bow Weapon Training.

Archer Tier 1 Training List

Name                                  Cost          Prerequisite

Strength +5                        500
Vitality +5                           500
Potency: +5                        500
Spirit +5                              250
Speed +5                            500
Intellect +5                         750
Hit +5                                 500
Magic: +5                           500
Evasion +1                          500
Luck +1                               500
Acrobatics                         250
Aim                                    200
Awareness                        150
Bloodletter                        200
Charm                               150
Climb                                100
Dagger Training               100
Heavy Shot                      200
HP Up                               250
Leg Graze                        250
Move Quietly                   200
Quick Fire                        200
Second Wind                   150
Shortsword Training        150
Straight Shot                    150
Throwing Knife Training  150
Venomous Shot               200

Note: The Stat increases can be taken up to three times each.
Note2: You can take HP Up up to ten times.

Archer Tier 2 Training List

This unlocks after you have spent 2500xp in Archer Tier 1 Training.

Name                                   Cost              Prerequisite

Strength +10                        1500        
Vitality +10                           1500
Potency: +10                        1500
Spirit +10                              1250
Speed +10                           1500
Intellect +10                         1750
Hit +10                                 1500
Magic: +10                           1500
Evasion +2                          1500
Luck +2                               1500
Aim (Adv.)                           500                Aim
Arm's Length                      150
Awareness                         300                Awareness
Barrage                              400                Quick Fire
Bloodletter ll                      200                Bloodletter
Charm (Expert)                  300                 Charm
Climb (Expert)                   200                 Climb
Foot Graze                        500                 Leg Graze
Great Bow Training          100
Head Graze                      500                 Speed 65+
Heavier Shot                    500                 Heavy & Straight Shot
Heavy Shot ll                    400                  Heavy Shot
HP Up+                             500
Move Quietly (Expert)      400                  Move Quietly
Peloton                             500                  Spirit 45+
Quick Nock                      250
Repelling Shot                 150
Straight Shot ll                 300                  Straight Shot
Survival                            100 
Swim                                100
Venomous Shot ll           400                   Venomous Shot
Windbite                         250

Note: You can take the Stat upgrades up to three times each.
Note2: You can take HP Up+ up to ten times.

Archer Specialization 

When you have spent at least 5000xp in Archer Tier 2 Training, you can specialize into one of three Special Jobs. When you do, you cannot change it and you unlock the first Tier in that Job. You can still spend experience points in Archer Tier 1 & 2.

  • Arcane Archer
  • Bard
  • Beastmaster

Training List Definitions

Here is the description of each of the above items. Note that some of these items such as Heavy Shot have a distance dependent on the weapon you are using.

As a swift action, you can take aim at a target. This granst you a +3 bonus on your next Hit check. This lasts until the end of your turn. 
Advanced: You gain a +6 instead.

Arm's Length
As an action, you create a barrier around yourself that prevents you from being knocked back or pulled forward. This effect lasts until the end of the round.

This allows you to make up to three ranged weapon attacks with one action.

As an action, you deal 1/4 of your weapon damage to a target you have already hit this round. This action can be taken at anytime.
Bloodletter ll: Target takes 1/2 weapon damage instead.

Foot Graze
When you hit with a weapon attack, you can expend an action to force that target to make a Strength check. On a failure, they gain the Bind status until they succeed on a Strength check or the round ends.

Head Graze
When you see a target attempting an action, you can expend an action to force them to make a Vitality check. On a failure, they cannot take an action during this turn.

Heavier Shot
When you use Heavy shot or Heavy Shot ll, there is a 20% chance you gain the benefit of Straight Shot, or Straight Shot ll if you are trained in it.

Heavy Shot
Reduce your Hit by 10 for this attack, double your bonus damage from Strength.
Heavy Shot ll: You triple it instead.

When you take this, you gain +5 to your Max HP.
HP Up+: You instead get +10. 

As an action, the number of feet you can move is doubled for you and all your allies within 20ft until the end of your next turn.

Quick Fire
You can make two ranged weapon attacks with one action.

Quick Nock
As an action, you make an attack at all targets in a 20ft cone. Once you use this, you cannot use it on your next turn.

Repelling Shot
As an action, you can make one weapon attack at a target and jump backwards in a straight line up to 30ft.

Second Wind
As an action, you regain HP equal to 1/4 your Max HP.

Straight Shot
Reduce your damage by 2 and gain +5 to your next Hit check.
Straight Shot ll: You reduce damage by 4 and gain +10 instead.

Venomous Shot
When you hit with a weapon attack, you can expend an action to force the target to make a Vitality check. On a failure, inflict Poison 1.
Venomous Shot ll: Inflict Poison 2 instead.

When you hit a target with a weapon attack, you can expend an action. They are inflicted with Wind 1.