Zeni is the dragon ball unvierses currency and for the sake of ease 1 zeni will be equivalent to 1 dollar.


Weapon Special Qualities

Some weapons possess special qualities to represent such things as special damage or unusual effects.


Some weapons are designed with precision in mind and respond superbly in skilled hands. They grant an additional bonus of +10 to the firer's Ballistic Skill when used with an Aim Action, this is in addition to the bonus granted from Aiming.


Some weapons, such as swords and knives, are designed so that the weight of the hilt balances the weight of the blade, making the weapon easier to wield. Balanced weapons grant a +10 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests made to Parry.

Blast (X)

Many missiles, grenades and some guns create an explosion when they hit their target. When working out a hit from a Blast weapon anyone within the weapon's blast radius in metres, indicated by the number in parenthesis, is also hit. Roll Hit Location and Damage individually for each person affected by a blast.


A Defensive weapon, such as a shield, is intended to be used to block attacks and is awkward when used for making attacks. Defensive weapons grant a +15 bonus to tests made when used to Parry, but take a -10 penalty when used to make attacks.


Flame weapons project a cone of flame out to the range of the weapon. Unlike other weapons, flamers have just one range, and when fired, cast fiery death out to this distance. The wielder does not need to Test Ballistic Skill; he simply fires the weapon. All creatures in the flame's path, a cone-shaped area extending in a 30 degree arc from the firer out to the weapon's range, must make an Agility Test or be struck by the flames and take damage normally. If they take damage, they must succeed on a second Agility Test or be set on fire. Cover does not protect characters from attacks made by Flame weapons. Because Flame weapons make no roll to hit, they are always considered to hit targets in the body, and will Jam if the firer rolls a 9 on his Damage dice (before adding any bonuses).


Some weapons are made up from lots of loosely connected segments, such as chains or supple woven hides, such as whips. These kinds of weapons lash about when used to attack and cannot be Parried.


Weapons with this quality are either badly designed or simply woefully made, and regardless of the care taken when used, offer little better than a lucky chance to hit. No bonus is gained froom the use of the Aim Action with such weapons.


Crude and basic in design, these kinds of weapons, while still deadly, are less effective against modern armour. All Armour Points are doubled against hits from Primitive weapons, unless the armour also has the Primitive quality.


Because of the volatile nature of the weapon's ammunition or due to the way it fires, the weapon needs time between shots to Recharge. The weapon must spend the Round after firing building up a charge and cannot be fired-in effect you can only fire the weapon every other Round.


Based on tried and true technology, Reliable weapons seldom fail. If a Reliable weapon Jams, roll 1d10 and only on a roll of 10 has it in fact Jammed, otherwise it just misses as normal.


The standard ammunition of these weapons spreads out when fired, hitting more of the target. If fired at a foe within Point Blank range, each two degrees of success the firer scores indicates another hit (use Table 7-6: Multiple Hits on page 190). However, at longer ranges this spread of small projectiles reduces its effectiveness. All Armour Points are doubled against hits from scatter weapons at Long or Extreme Range.


Shocking weapons can Stun their opponents with a powerful surge of energy. A target that takes at least 1 point of Damage from a Shocking weapon, after Armour and Toughness Bonus, must make a Toughness Test, though they receive a +10 bonus for every Armour point they have on the location hit. If they fail, they are Stunned for a number of Rounds equal to half the Damage they suffered.


Rather than inflicting Damage, these weapons throw up dense clouds of smoke to create cover. When a hit is scored from a weapon with the Smoke quality, it creates a smokescreen 3d10 metres in diameter from the point of impact. This screen lasts for 2d10 Rounds, or less in adverse weather conditions (see the effects of Smoke on page 210).


Weapons with this quality are designed to entangle enemies. On a successful hit, the target must make an Agility Test or be immobilised. An immobilised target can attempt no other actions except to try to escape the bonds. He can attempt to burst the bonds (a Strength Test) or wriggle free (an Agility Test) in his Turn. The target is considered helpless until he escapes.


Tearing weapons are vicious devices, often using multitudes of fast-moving jagged teeth to rip into flesh and bone. These weapons roll two dice for Damage and choose the highest.


Some weapons rely on toxins and poisons to do their damage. Anyone that takes Damage from a Toxic weapon, after reduction for Armour and Toughness Bonus must make a Toughness Test with a -5 penalty for every point of Damage taken. Success indicates there is no further effect from the weapon. Failure however deals an immediate 1d10 points of Impact Damage to the target with no reduction from Armour or Toughness Bonus.


Heavy and difficult to ready after an attack, these kinds of weapons impose a -10% penalty when used to Parry.


Certain weapons misfire more often than normal because they are badly maintained or constructed. An Unreliable weapon suffers a Jam on a roll of 91 or higher, even if fired on Semior Full Auto.


Weapons with this quality use ammunition that is both volatile and unstable and can react unpredictably when detonated. When an Unstable weapon scores a hit, roll 1d10. On a score of 1 it inflicts only half Damage, on a score of 2-9 it deals normal Damage, and on a score of 10 it inflicts twice the normal Damage.


Huge and often top-heavy, Unwieldy weapons are too awkward to be used defensively. Unwieldy weapons cannot be used to Parry.

Ranged Weapons 

Laser Weapons 

Name          Class         Range   Dam      Clip    Special      Wt      Cost 
Pistol           Pistol          60ft      1d10+2   30     Reliable      1lb     50  
Carbine      Basic           180ft     1d10+2   40     Reliable      2lb    75
Rifle            Basic           300ft    1d10+3    20    Reliable      4lb    80 
Sniper        Basic           450ft   1d10+3    10      Accurate,   5lb    100 
Shotgun    Heavy           30ft      1d10+3   10          -              10lb   50 

Bullet Weapons 

Name              Class      Range      Dam         Clip    Special      Wt      Cost 

Autopistol       Pistol      30ft          3d4+2      18           -              2lb      75  
Revolver         Pistol      30ft          1d10+3      6        Reliable      1lb       40 
Magnum         Pistol      60ft          1d10+4      5            -              3lb      65 
M4                   Basic      180ft        1d10+3      30          -              4lb      100 
Hunting Rifle  Basic      300ft       1d10+3       5       Accurate     5lb      150 
Shotgun         Basic      30ft          1d10+4       2       Scatter,        5lb      60 
Combat Shot Basic      30m         1d10+4      18       Scatter        6lb       150 
Sniper Rifle    Heavy    450ft        1d10+4       8           -               10lb     750 

Plasma Weapons 

Name                 Class    Range  Dam     Clip   Special         Wt    Cost  

Plasma Pistol     Pistol    60ft     1d10+6   8      Recharge,     2lb   4,000  
Plasma Gun       Basic    180ft    1d10+6   20    Recharge,     5lb   3,000 

Flame Weapons

Name               Class        Range    Dam      Clip      Special       Wt        Cost 

Hand Flamer   Pistol         5ft         1d10+4    2         Flame         4lb       200
Flamethrower Basic         20ft       1d10+4    3          Flame         6lb       300

Primitive Weapons

Name          Class          Range         Dam        Clip       Special     Wt     Cost 

Bolas         Thrown       30ft                0             1           Snare        2lb    10
HandBow  Pistol          45ft              1d10          1              -               1lb    200
Flintlock    Pistol          45ft              1d10+2      1         Unreliable   4lb     10
Musket      Basic          60ft              1d10+2      1         Unreliable    7lb    30
Bow           Basic          90ft             1d10           1          Reliable       2lb   10
Sling          Basic          45ft             1d10-2        1             -                 1lb    10
Crossbow Basic          90ft              1d10           1              -                3lb   10


Name                        Class     Range   Dam      Clip    Special        Wt     Cost 

Grenade Launcher   Basic     90ft        *               1           *              9lb   500
RPG Launcher          Heavy    360ft      *               1           *              15lb  1,200
*Damag and Special Qualities are determined by the ammunition (i.e. the grenade) fired.


Name             Class          Range   Dam     Special      Wt      Cost 

Frag               Thrown       20ft       2d10    Blast (4)     1lb      10
Smoke           Thrown       20ft       0          Smoke       1lb     25
Flash              Thrown       20ft       0              *              1lb     60
Incendiary     Thrown       20ft      1d10+3   Blast (3)     1lb      5

Melee Weapon

Primitive Weapons

Name                  Class     Dam           Special            Wt     Cost 

Axe                     Melee    1d10+Str     Unbalanced    4lb    20
Brass Knuckles  Melee    1d6+Str            -                  1lb     5
Club                    Melee    1d6+Str            -                  2lb    5
Flail†                    Melee    1d10+Str     Flexible            4lb   20
Greatsword†       Melee    2d6+Str     Unwieldy          7lb   70
Hammer            Melee     1d10+Str     Unbalanced      4lb  10
Improvised        Melee     1d10           Unbalanced       -      -
Knife                 Melee      1d6+Str                  -              1lb   5
Shield               Melee      1d6+Str      Defensive          3lb   25
Spear               Melee       1d10+Str           -                    3lb   15
Sword              Melee       1d10+Str     Balanced            3lb   15
Staff†                Melee       1d10+Str     Balanced            3lb   10
*This weapon requires two hands to use



Name                              Cost/Amount 

Arrows/Bolts                   40/20
Bullets                             60/20
Shells                              60/20
Charge Pack (pistol)      100/20
Charge Pack (basic)      150/20
Charge Pack (heavy)     300/20
Fuel (pistol)                    80/20
Fuel (basic)                    100/20



Armor       Type                    DR         Wt       Cost

Simple        Leathers               1           5lb       25

Heavy         Leathers               2          7lb        100

Beast           Furs                     2           10lb       5

Chain           Metal                   3           18lb      50

Plate            Metal                   4            30lb     120


Armor           Type                 DR           Wt        Cost

Light             Flak                    2             4lb       80

Heavy          Flak                    3             5lb        50

Carapace Armour

Armor            Type                  DR          Wt        Cost

Soft                Carapace            2            2lb      250

Hard              Carapace             3            3lb       300

Power Armor

Armor               Type                DR        Wt           Cost

Light           Power Armour        5          40lb       8,500

Heavy        Power Armour         7          65lb      15,000


Armor               Type        DR        Wt           Cost

Saiyan               Space      4          6lb         Special

Galactic Patrol  Space      3          4lb          Special

Weighted           Mesh       *         Special    50 x weight

*DR for this armor equals 1 for every 100lbs