Mage Creation

Character Creation

Here you will create your Mage and choose the path that you will follow. Once you have decided on your base stats, you will then choose a path to follow. At certain points on your path you can choose to change your destination. In doing so will take you off your current path and onto a different one.

Base Stats

Your stats are based on a value between 0-10. When you create your Mage you have 5 points to spend.


Power equates to your strength. This affects your Carry Capacity and bonuses to increase the attack power of your monsters. This also affects your star value.

Your carry capacity equates to 50 times your Power + 50.


Body equates to your constitution. This affects your Life Points and bonuses to increase the defense power of your monsters. You normal walking speed is equal to your two times your Body in feet per second. Running is doubled.

Your Life Points equal 1,000 times your body.


Mind equates to your Intelligence and memory. This affects your Library of Knowledge and affect your Heart Of The Cards. This also affects your star value.

Path of Destiny

Here you will choose your characters path. You start at the beginning at level 1. When you reach enough experience, you progress to the next level. You gain all special features of that level along the path. If there are two features with the same name or similar features, only one instance is used. 

Changing Paths

When you reach certain levels, you have the opportunity to change your path and start at the beginning or from where you left off from a different path. Example, when you reach 3rd level in Path of the Insect, you can choose to change paths and you choose the Path of the Fiend. When you do, you start at level 1 of the Path of the Fiend. This will mean you are 2 levels in Path of the Insect and 1 level in Path of the Fiend making you a 3rd level Mage overall. If you choose to go back to Path of the Insect, you must take the 3rd level special feature. 

Starting at Level One

Once you have created your character and chosen your Path of Destiny, you must build your Deck of Magic. As mentioned in the Deck of Magic section, you can only have 3 of the same named spell, trap or monster and contain a maximum of 40 monsters, traps or spells. Check your Library of Knowledge list depending on your Path of Destiny chosen. Create your Deck of Magic from this list and the generic list, but keep in mind you can only add monsters with Star Values equal to your Star Value.

Once you make these 40 choices, you cannot change them until you Buy or find Cards of Knowledge. When you find a Card of Knowledge, you can absorb its knowledge and power to add it to your Library of Knowledge.

You gain 100 gold to spend on items. Check the item section to purchase these. After which they can be bought at local vendors and shops.

Star Value

All mages are marked with a Star Value somewhere on their body. This helps identify how powerful a mage is. Your star value is equal to your Power + Mind scores. This affects how powerful your monsters in your Deck of Magic can be. You can only use Monsters with the same star value or below. Ex. If you have a Power of 2 and a Mind of 1, then you can only use monsters that have 3 Stars or less. 

Paths of Destiny Options

Here is a list of the Paths you can take. 

  • Path of the Aquatic
  • Path of the Beast
  • Path of the Dinosaur
  • Path of the Dragon
  • Path of the Fairy
  • Path of the Fiend
  • Path of the Insect
  • Path of the Machine
  • Path of the Pyro
  • Path of the Spellcaster
  • Path of the Warrior
  • Path of the Zombie