Negative Qualities

Negative Qualities

These are all a collection of Qualities which, when applied to a Digimon, grants a mechanical downside but inversely grants the Digimon a bonus amount of DP to utilize. This section is in the GM Section as this is still a process which is being tested and refined, so it should be up to the GM as to allow it or not.

Bulky S -1 DP Per Rank

For every Rank a Digimon takes in this Quality, its Base Movement is lowered by 2. If a Digimon's Base Movement would be lowered to 1 or lower, it can no longer take Ranks of Bulky.

Recharge A, T -3 DP*

When applied to an Attack, after the Digimon uses the Attack once it may not immediately use it again. Instead, as a Simple Action the Digimon may roll 1D6. If the Digimon gets a Success, the Attack Recharges and may be used once more. This Quality may also be used on an Attack with the [Ammo] Tag, in which case this Quality only costs 1 DP.

Ammo A, S -1 DP Per Rank, up to 6 Ranks

When applied to an Attack, the Ammo Quality grants an Ammo X tag, which sets the number of times the Digimon may use the Attack in a row before needing to Reload or Recharge, starting at 6 at Rank 1, and being lowered by 1 for each Rank the Digimon takes.

For example, taking Ammo Rank 2 would grant the Ammo 5 Tag to an Attack. If an Attack does not have the Recharge Tag, once all the uses of the Attack are expended the Digimon may Reload to regain the uses of the Attack as a Complex Action.

Vulnerable S -1 DP Per Rank

For each Rank the Digimon has in Vulnerable, the Duration of incoming [Effect] Attacks are increased by 1.

Fragile S/A, T -3 DP per Rank, up to 2 Ranks

Fragile may be applied either to the Digimon's [Weapon] Tagged Attacks or to the Digimon itself, having a different effect based on where it's applied. If you take Fragile again, it must be applied to the other one.

Attack: the Digimon's [Weapon] Tagged Attacks have a chance to break on a successful hit. Roll 1D6 whenever the Digimon connects with a [Weapon] Attack. On a roll of 1, the Digimon's Weapon breaks and all [Weapon] Tagged Attacks cannot be used again. This also applies to weapons for Human gear. Armor: 

When applied to the Digimon itself, instead roll 1D6 whenever the Digimon is hit by an attack. On a result of 1, the Digimon's armor breaks and it no longer benefits from Qualities that improve its Armor Stat. If applied to armor for a Human, the armor breaks entirely.

One-Use A -9 DP

An Attack with the [One-Use] Tag may only be used a single time.

Full Action A -3 DP Per Rank

Full Action, when applied to an Attack, makes the Attack take a Complex Action to perform instead of a Simple Action.

Inaccurate A -2 DP Per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

For each Rank of Unweidly, the Attack that the tag is applied to automatically ignores one of its own Successful Accuracy Dice when using the tagged Attack.

Light Hit A -1 DP Per Rank, up to 3 Ranks

For each Rank of Light Hit, the Attack that the tag is applied to automatically ignores one point of its own Damage when using the tagged Attack.

Klutz S -3 DP

Whenever the Digimon uses an [Area] Tagged Attack, roll 1D6. On a roll of 5 or 6, it works as normal. On a roll of 3 or 4, the Attack has a chance to hit every Digimon present, including Allies, regardless of whether the Digimon has Selective Targeting or not. On a roll of 1 or 2, the Attack will only damage the Digimon's Allies and apply negative Effects to them, while applying positive Effects to the Digimon's enemies. Again, the effect of Klutz ignores the effects of Selective Targeting.

Weakling T -2 DP

One per encounter, the Digimon may re-roll all Successful Accuracy Dice on an Attack. They must take the second result.

Flat-footed T -2 DP

One per encounter, the Digimon may re-roll all Successful Dodge Dice against an Attack. They must take the second result.

Decreased Derived Stat S -1 DP Per Rank

For each Rank you take in Decreased Derived Stat, you may lower one of the Digimon's Derived Stats by 1.

Elephant in the Room S -1 DP Per Rank

Anyone attempting to spot the user of the Elephant in the Room Quality gains a bonus to their Roll to find them (usually Perception) equal to the Ranks it has multiplied by 4. For example, if you have Elephant in the Room Rank 3, anyone attempting to spot you will take a +12 bonus to their rolls.

Blind as a Batmon S -3 DP

The Digimon takes a -6 penalty to trying to find or track another character (Perception/Brains).

Elemental Bane S -3 DP

The Digimon takes additional damage based on the attacking Digimon's RAM if they deal the specified damage type. Choose one: Acid, Cold, Fire, Force, Lightning, Necrotic, Radiant, Thunder.