Digivice Designs

The Digivice

It really wouldn't be a Digimon campaign without some type of Digivice. This is one of the most important, if not the most important, tools that a character can gain access to during a Campaign. A Digivice is a small, handheld device which links the Tamer and Digimon together, allowing the former to help aid the latter in combat primarily through the ability to Digivolve on command instead of needing to train, but that may not be the end of it depending on your setting. 

Here's a short list of ideas for how you could upgrade your Digivices. But as with all lists: don't consider these an end-all-be-all list! Come up with your own ideas and special rules. However, for balance's sake, it may be best to limit yourself to only three to four items on this list tops unless you have a very specific idea in mind.

- Reader: The Digivice is capable of reading Cards or Chips (simplified as Boosters) of some type, which grant the Digimon a specific type of bonus. There are several different types of Boosters, which will be detailed in the TCG Tamers Packet. A Booster is applied as a Complex Action, as if Using an Item.

- Data Scanner: This upgrade allows the Digivice to scan and store information about a Digimon that the character has come into contact with. This can be particularly useful if they have no Digimon who are savvy on the environment or its inhabitants.

- Digital Map: The Digivice produces a map of some type of the current area. The specifics of the map may vary: some may be a simple grid with flashing dots on it to signify other objects (whether it's other Digivices, Digimon, or large objects), others give a more detailed layout of the immediate area. Some may even allow the party to set up waypoints to coordinate tactically over long distances. Be sure to give a specific radius that it works in. The map could be as simple as a static view of the area, or be a fully functioning, interactive radar of the current zone.

- Communicator: The Digivice can function as some type of communication, whether or not that is simply via voice communication, or if it can act as a video call system. Be sure to specific the distance, if any, that it works in.

- Digivolve Pause: This feature allows the tamer to put their partner's evolution on hold for a time, causing them to shift down a step in their Digivolutions, often reverting Champion stage Digimon or higher back into their Rookie stages. The effects of a Digivolve Pause last for a duration that is left up to the GM.

- Digi-Gate: This feature allows the tamer to open up a gate between the Digital World and real world. This could be however you need it to work: it may require a specific hub such as a screen, or it may simply open up a rift in spacetime for the party to walk through. The gate could also cause a compression in data, causing the Digimon to revert to their lowest possible stage, if not lower if you so wish.

- Storage Device: This allows the Digivice to scan and store objects, and possibly creatures within it by breaking it down into raw data. Larger and more complex objects take up more storage, for example a small rock would take up less space than a full grown tree, or a tree would take up less space than an equal sized Digimon. Game Masters are encouraged to give a data limit and assign commonly stored items and objects an approximate data size, to make players not simply scan everything around them to use for later.