Component Sources

Component Sources

Name                   Source Items

Acid  (12)               Abraxo cleaner, Abraxo cleaner industrial grade, Anti freeze bottle, Bag of                                 fertilizer, Bloodbug proboscis, Bloatfly gland, Coolant, Ichor sac, Makeshift                                   battery, Suprathaw antifreeze, Undamaged Abraxo cleaner

Adhesive  (7)         Duct tape, Economy wonderglue, Military grade duct tape, Pack of duct                                      tape, Sealed wonderglue, Vegetable starch, Wonderglue

Aluminum  (23)       Alarm clock, Aluminum can, Aluminum canister, Applicator, Cake pan,                                          Carlisle typewriter, Cauterizer, Coffee tin, Coolant cap, Distress pulser,                                          Hubcap, Inactive distress pulser, Industrial oil canister, Sensor, spanner,                                        Surgical tray, Sweeper, Toy rocketship, Tray, Tri tool, TV dinner tray,                                              Tweezers, Wakemaster alarm clock

Antiseptic   (9)       Abraxo cleaner, Abraxo cleaner industrial grade, Blood sac, Empty blood                                     sac, Industrial solvent, Toothpaste, Turpentine, Undamaged Abraxo cleaner

Asbestos    (10)       Biometric scanner, Chalk, Cigarette carton, Coffee pot, Extinguisher,                                             Luxobrew coffee pot, Oven mitt, Pack of cigarettes, Rat poison, Teapot

Ballistic fiber   (2)   Military ammo bag, Military grade duct tape

Bone      (24)          Brahmin skull, capless skull, cat remains, Deathclaw hand, femur, human                                      jaw, jawless brahmin skull, left arm bones, left foot bones, left hand bones,                                  left leg bones, mole rat teeth, pelvis bones, rib cage and pelvis, rib cage                                      and spine, right arm bones, right hand bones, right leg bones, skull cap                                      bone, skull faceplate, skull fragment, skull, tibia, upper skull

Ceramic   (29)       Ashtray, bowl, cat remains, ceramic bowl, clean red plate, clean white plate,                               Coffee cup, cracked bowl, cracked deathclaw egg, dirty ashtray, empty floral                               barrel vase, empty floral flared vase, empty teal bud vase, empty teal flared                                 vase, empty teal rounded vase, empty teal vaulted vase, empty willow flared                               vase, empty willow rounded vase, empty willow vaulted vase, floral rounded                               vase, garden gnome, high-powered magnet, red plate, teal barrel vase,                                       teapot, umbrella stand, vase, willow barrel vase, yellow plate, yellow-                                           trimmed plate

Circuitry    (7)       Assaultron circuit board, distress pulser, enhanced targeting card, hot plate,                               inactive distress pulser, military-grade circuit board, telephone

Cloth        (25       Baseball base, Boston Bugle, cigar box, cigar, cigarette, cigarette carton,                                     comfy pillow, cotton yarn, dishrag, Duct tape, feather duster, Jangles the                                     Moon Monkey, late edition newspaper, lit cigarette, mop, oven mitt, pack of                                 cigarettes, pack of duct tape, paintbrush, pre-War money, rolled Boston                                       Bugle, straw pillow, teddy bear, trifold American flag

Concrete    (2)     Bag of cement, Cinder block

Copper    (18        Beaker stand, blue table lamp, broken lamp, broken light bulb, bunsen                                         burner, cooking pot, copper bar, fuse, high-powered magnet, hot plate, light                               bulb, magnifying glass, power relay coil, Shadeless lamp, shadeless table                                   lamp, telephone, vacuum tube, yellow table lamp

Cork         (3)        Antique globe, Baseball, crystal liquor decanter

Crystal     (6)        Camera, crystal liquor decanter, laser trip wire, magnifying glass,                                                   microscope, ProSnap camera

Fertilizer    (1)       Bag of fertilizer

Fiber Optics  (2)   Biometric scanner, microscope

Fiberglass    (9)    Abraxo cleaner, abraxo cleaner industrial grade, aluminum canister, Blood                                  sac, cigar box, Jangles the Moon Monkey, rat poison, Swan boat fragments,                                telephone

Gears        (12)      Adjustable wrench, camera, Desk fan, fishing rod, Giddyup Buttercup,                                         Giddyup Buttercup front leg, gold watch, microscope, office desk fan,                                           restored desk fan, silver pocket watch, typewriter

Glass    (42)         Alarm clock, baby bottle, beer bottle, blue table lamp, broken lamp, brown                                  bottle, burgundy bottle, chemistry jar, cracked glass bowl, desk lamp,                                          drinking glass, empty milk bottle, flask, fuse, glass pitcher, graduated                                            cylinder, Gwinnett ale bottle, Gwinnett brew bottle, Gwinnett lager bottle,                                    Gwinnett pale ale bottle, Gwinnett pilsner bottle, Gwinnett stout bottle, lab                                  bottle, lantern, large baby bottle, large beaker, light bulb, liquor bottle,                                          magnifying glass, microscope, Nuka-Cola bottle, pint glass, research test                                    tube, rum bottle, shadeless lamp, shadeless table lamp, shot glass, small                                    baby bottle, thin beaker, vacuum tube, Wakemaster alarm clock, white bottle,                              yellow table lamp

Gold      (3)         Gold bar, Gold plated flip lighter, Gold watch

Lead     (9)         5lb weight, 10lb weight, 25lb weight, 40lb barbell, 80lb barbell, 80lb curlbar,                                160lb dumbbell, Makeshift battery, pencil

Leather   (10)     Baseball, baseball glove, brahmin hide, deathclaw hand, deathclaw hide, hide                             bundle, mole rat hide, radstag hide, teddy bear, yao guai hide

Nuclear Mats.    Alarm clock, Biometric scanner, Blast Radius board game, distress pulser,                 (7)              high-powered magnet, inactive distress pulser, Wakemaster alarm clock

Oil      (18)          Aluminum canister, blowtorch, blue paint, condensed fog, cooking oil, cutting                            fluid, flip lighter, gas canister, Gold plated flip lighter, industrial oil canister,                                    industrial size shortening, lantern, Mr. Handy fuel, Paint can, soap, unused flip                            lighter, used oil can, yellow paint

Plastic  (52)      Anti freeze bottle, antique globe, baby rattle, baseball base, bowling ball,                                   bowling pin, bread box, broom, cafeteria tray, cigarette carton, clean broom,                               clothing iron, Coffee pot, cooking oil, coolant, cue ball, dog bowl, eight ball,                               eleven ball, empty coolant, enhanced targeting card, Fancy hairbrush, feather                           duster, fifteen ball, fourteen ball, hairbrush, Jangles the Moon Monkey, league                           bowling pin, life preserver, Luxobrew coffee pot, pack of cigarettes, pen,                                     pepper mill, plastic bowl, plastic knife, plastic plate, plastic pumpkin, plastic                                 spoon, salt shaker, scissors, shopping basket, six ball, Suprathaw antifreeze,                               synth component, ten ball, toothbrush, toothpaste, toy alien, toy rocketship,                              twelve ball, two ball, umbrella

Rubber  (10)     Basketball, bonesaw, extinguisher, kickball, large baby bottle, plunger, small                              baby bottle, spatula, toy alien, unfilled kickball

Screws  (14)     Antique globe, desk fan, Giddyup Buttercup, Globe, handcuffs, hot plate,                                    Hubcap, office desk fan, pepper mill, restored desk fan, tongs, toy car, toy                                  truck, typewriter

Silver  (9)       Assaultron circuit board, enhanced targeting card, Fancy hairbrush, silver bar,                             silver fork, silver locket, silver pocket watch, Silver table knife, silver table spoon

Spring  (15)    Alarm clock, battered clipboard, camera, fishing rod, flip lighter, Giddyup                                      Buttercup, Giddyup Buttercup front leg, handcuffs, kitchen scale, life preserver,                          silver pocket watch, typewriter, umbrella, Unused flip lighter, Wakemaster alarm                          clock

Steel    (75)    Adjustable wrench, antique table knife, ball-peen hammer, bandage scissors,                              blowtorch, blue paint, bonesaw, Brotherhood of Steel holotag, bunsen burner,                            can, clothes hanger, clothing iron, Coffee pot, collander, combination wrench,                            condensed fog, connecting rod, cooking pan, cooking pot, covered sauce pan,                          cutting fluid, desk fan, dinner fork, dinner plates, dog tags, empty paint can,                                enamel bucket, extinguisher, flip lighter, frying pan, gas canister, Giddyup                                    Buttercup, Giddyup Buttercup front leg, Gold plated flip lighter, handcuffs,                                  industrial solvent, jug, kitchen scale, ladle, lantern, lumberjack saw, Luxobrew                            coffee pot, medical liquid nitrogen dispenser, metal bucket, Mr. Handy fuel,                                office desk fan, paint can, power relay coil, rat poison, restored desk fan, sauce                         pan lid, sauce pan, scalpel, scissors, screwdriver, shopping basket, shovel,                                 small covered sauce pan, small sauce pan, spatula, surgical scalpel, table knife,                         table spoon, tea kettle, tin can, toaster, tongs, torque rod end, toy truck, tube                             flange, untarnished metal bucket, Unused flip lighter, used oil can, wrench,                                 yellow paint

Wood  (28)     Ball-peen hammer, battered clipboard, bowling pin, Broom, chessboard, cigar                             box, clean broom, cutting board, desktop picture frame, fishing rod, league                                 bowling pin, lumberjack saw, mop, paintbrush, pencil, plunger, rack,                                             screwdriver, shovel, small picture frame, tabletop picture frame, test tube rack,                           toy car, trifold American flag, wooden block - B & Y, wooden block - I & D,                                   wooden block - N & S, wooden block - V & F, yardstick