FF Character Creation


Creating characters in Final Fantasy is realitively easy. A few choices and a couple of dice rolls and you will be on your way. 

Where To Start

Follow the step below to make sure to simplify your character creation.
Choose a Race: Check the FF Race section to decide which race you wish to play as.
Choose a Class: View the Final Fantasy Job section to decide the path you wish to follow. Keep in mind, you cannot mix and match your classes.
Roll your HP: Each class has a set dice to roll. If you roll below half on a die, you instead get half. (D6=3, D8=4, D10=5, D12=6).
Roll for Stats: You must roll 2d20+20 for each of your stats. Check your class as each one has a Plus and Minus next to each of their stat values. If there is a Plus, you roll 3d20+20 and take the two highest rolls on the d20. If there is a Minus, you roll 3d20+20 instead and take the two lowest rolls on the d20.
Choose My Story: Lastly, you choose a "My Story". This is the life you have been living and what has sent you on the current path you are on.
(Optional) Background: Using your "My Story", "Class" and "Race", you can write up a background for your character to help bring them to life. While not needed to play, it is highly encouraged to do as it will help with roleplay. 

What's Next

After you have created your character, you now need to equip them with items and equipment. Follow the steps below to simplify the process.

Spend XP: You have 1,000xp you can spend in the first tier of your chosen class.
Weapons: You have 100gil to spend on weapons
Armor: You have 100gil to spend on armor
Items: You have 150gil to spend on items.

Regardless of how much Gil is left over in each category, they are lost and all players start with 40gil.