Traits modify aspects of gameplay, granting a benefit in one area at the cost of hampering another. Each trait modifies (and hampers) the Players statistics in some way; this can include Primary statistics, Derived statistics, or SPECIAL points and skills. During character creation the Player may choose one of the traits listed below. A player is not required to choose a trait, it is optional. During character creation is the only time a Player can choose a trait..  

Built to Destroy 

Decrease your Critical Hit requirement by 2.

Your weapons take one weapon condition mark every time you use a critical hit.

Fast Shot 

Single shot guns and energy weapons you fire can also be fired as a bonus action, AP cost for your guns and energy weapons are reduced by one die level. 

Small Guns, Big Guns and Energy Weapon skills gain a permanent -10 to all checks and the skill maximum is lowered to 80. 

Four Eyes 

+ 2 Perception when wearing glasses. Bonus does not apply when determining Perk requirements. 

- 1 Perception permanent reduction. Penalty will still apply when determining Perk requirements. 


Good Natured 

Increases Charm, Doctor, Repair, Computer Science and Barter skills +5.

Decreases Energy Weapons, Explosives, Small Guns, Melee Weapons and Unarmed skills -5. 

Heavy Handed 

Melee and unarmed attacks add an additional dice to damage (ex 1d8 now does 2d8). 

Lockpick, Throwing and Sneak are reduced by -5


+10 Action Points. 

-3 to Armor Class. 


Loose Cannon 

Attack speed with thrown weapons increased by Double. 

Thrown weapons have half range. 


Small Frame 

+1 to Base Agility. 

Fragile limbs (you break your limbs on an attack roll of 1-10 instead of just a 1). 


Trigger Discipline 

Guns and energy weapons you fire gain +10 to hit. 

Single shot Guns and energy weapons you fire take an action and bonus action, AP cost for your guns and energy weapons are one die level higher. 



+3 to all skills while outdoors. 

- 5 to all skills while indoors. 



+ 25 lbs to total carry weight. 

- 10 to all skills while current equipment weight is below 160 lbs. 

Hot Blooded 

Your damage is doubled while at 10 or fewer hit points. 

- 10 to all weapon skills while at 10 or fewer hit points. 


Addiction Guaranteed  

Chems last twice as long and addiction rates are set to zero. 

If you haven't taken any chems in the last 24 hours you suffer -10 to all skills. 


Gain +3 points to every skill when you level up. This effect stops at level 10. 

You only gain half experience points (rounded down) when you receive any experience points.