Noir: Abilities


These are the advanced skills you can learn when you gain a Noir Ability. You can acquire these at any time as long as you have a point to expend and meet the prerequisites. 

Single Skill Requirement

These only have one skill prerequisite to obtain.

Blind Fire

Cover & Shoot 5
Allows you to shoot while in cover using only half your dice, but can't be hit while you are in cover.

City Sleuth

Navigate 5
The city itself can be a maze and with all mazes their are shortcuts. When using your Navigate skill, you can always find a secret pathway that quickly leads to the street next over. 

Detective's Sight

Locate 5
Almost like magic, clues call out to you like a faint aura around them. When you roll your Locate skill, if you roll at least three 6's, if a clue is within line of sight it radiates like it has an aura. 


Observe 5
When you use the Observe skill on a person, you can penetrate through the lies of the less skilled. If the Set difficulty is 3 or lower, you can choose one of the dice you roll to get a +2.


Flee 5
This allows you to find a difficult path for those chasing you. Those chasing you use 1 less die when rolling their Chase skill to a minimum of 1.


Hide 5
When you step into a group of fouror more people you camouflage yourself among them and they act as a hiding place.


Drive 5
You dont need the keys to start the car. 


Block 5
If there is an object that you can grab within range, you grab it and put it in front of the oncoming strike. 

One Detail

Inspect 5
When you inspect an object that can fit in your hand, if you succeed at finding at least one clue, you uncover all clues from that one object.

Pressured Situation

Shoot 5
Sometimes the situation turns bad and hostages are taken. When a hostage is grappled by a hostile person you keep your calm in the situation and you focus in on the situation. You are not penalized by the Cover & Shoot rules and can roll all your Shoot dice as normal.


Chase 5
When chasing, if you roll a 1 on a die, reroll it. It can only be rerolled once and you must take the new roll.

Risk Taker

Gamble 5
When you roll your Gamble skill you can reduce the number of dice you roll by 1 and all your rolls gain +1.


Charm 5
This allows you to try to seduce a character. This can raise their point of view of you.

Six Sense

Intuition 5
There are a number of dangerous situations that you can find yourself in. Sometimes they can be fatal. When you feel like you might be in a bad situation or a situation might turn bad, you can roll your Intuition skill. On a minor success or better, you can learn a nearby present danger that would affect you or an area you will be in within the next 1 minute.

Stone Faced

Lie 5
Even when you fail it is hard for others to tell if your deceiving them. When you make a Lie skill roll, you can reroll 1's once. 

Strong Arm

Intimidate 5
When you get a Total Failure on a Intimidate skill, you and reroll up to half of your dice (rounded up).


Strike 5
Its not enough to just punch your opponent, you do it with style and force. When you hit with your Strike skill, you can immediately follow up with a second quick strike. When you do so, you can only use half the amount of dice (rounded up).


Health 5
When you make a Health skill roll, if you get a minor success or better when looking at drugs, you know who's dealers mark is on it if they are established in your state.

Two Skill Requirement

These require two different prerequisites before you can obtain them.


Block X, Strike X
When you succeed on a Block skill, you can immediately make a Strike skill against that target if able to. 


Lie X, Hide 
Change your look and voice to sound different so you are not recognized when traveling.

Passive Aggression

Charm X, Intimidate X
When you make an Charm or Intimidate skill roll and get a minor failure or worse, you can instead ignore the roll and roll the other Skill instead. You must take the new roll instead. 


Gamble X, Hide X
Secretly put something away in a container, your pocket or someone close by's pocket. 


Chase X, Hide X
This allows you to discreetly follow someone without their notice.