FF Expenses 


Your lifestyle will determine how much Gil you have. Whether its through working in hard larbor, mercenary work or a desk job, you need to get paid. Also listed are the general costs of things that don't fall under the normal Final Fantasy Items.


Working is the main source of most of the residents on this planets way of getting Gil. Different jobs can pay different amounts as well as different locations can pay you more or less. GDP stands for Gil Per Day.

Work                            GPD     Example of Work

Slum                            30        Sewer, Garbage, Farmer, Fisher
Standard                     40        Shops, Construction, Servants, Soldiers
Experienced               70        Doctor, Mercenary, Scientist 
Advanced                   90        CEO, Presidents, Mayors

Inns & Homes

An important place to know about since it will be the cheapest way to replenish your HP/MP. Below are the general costs for Inns and Houses for rent and buy. If buying a house, you can get a loan with 5% a month interest equal to 40% of your yearly income times 30. 

When renting a room at the Inn. The Cost is the GPD times the number of beds.

Inn                       GPD       Note

Slum                    3            No Security, Medium chance of Intruders 20%
Standard             6            Low Security, Low chance of Intruders 10%
Advanced           11            High Secury, Minor chance of intruders  5%
Luxury                 16           Bodyguards, No chance of intruders. 0%


These are standard homes that have a one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room, one closet. To add additional bedroom or other rooms add 1% each to the total cost. To add additional bathrooms or Kitchens add 2% to the total cost for each. Sometimes homes are not available to rent or be purchased. In these cases, you can rent apartments by paying the monthy cost upfront. 

Home Style          Daily      Monthly    Total Cost      1%              2%

Slum                     12g         360g         129, 600g     1,296g       2,592g
Standard              16g         480g         172,800g       1,728g       3,456g
Advanced            28g        840g         302,400g      3,024g      6,048g
Luxury                  36g        1080g        388,800g      3,888g     7,776g

Slum House
This is likely built in a bad or poor part of an city or likely underneath the city itself. Because of the poor area, the houses are made from poor material or leftever items. Buildings in the slums could be made from broken or reclaimed wood/metal or a large metel tunnels that were replaced and discarded. Theses are build right next to the roads/walkways of the Slums and don't come with much of a yard space. They are often built in the middle of roads/walkways creating a winding and maze like roads/walkways in the slums. Power provided at a fee of 2g per day.

Standard House
These are what most people tend to live in. They are made with wood/concrete or durable metals. These are commonly built in residential areas with realitively nice roads/walkways nearby. Depending on the location, some come with yards. Amenities provided at 3g per day.

Advanced House
These are made with high quality material and are built on plots of land either in the open or in the city. They have good amount of yard both front, back and sides. They also have a good patrol of security. Amenities and security cost 5g per day.

Luxury House
Made with the finest quality across the lands. These are built on large plots of lands and have great size yards front, back and sides. Large enough for fountains, ponds and gardens. These are usually built in gated communities offering great security. Amenities and security 8g per day.


Good ol' places to find good drink and sometimes food. These are the general costs for their areas. Food and drink can be expensive depending on where you go.

Item                        Cost
Plate of Food         2g
Beer                       1g
Hard Alcohol         3g

Item                         Cost
Plate of Food          3g
Beer                        2g
Hard Alcohol          4g

Item                         Cost
Plate of Food          6g
Beer                        5g
Hard Alcohol          7g

Item                         Cost
Plate of Food          10g
Beer                         8g
Hard Alcohol           12g   


Trains are a big part of how people in Final Fantasy Travel. Listed below are the general costs of Train Tickets per person. The Intercity trains travel around a city that has only one level to it. Most cities are like this. Some cities have multiple large levels to their city such as Midgar from Final Fantasy 7. In this case they have both Intercity travel to move around their Sector and they have Sector trains that travel to the various levels of the city. Regardless if you are traveling to the nearest or furthest Sector, the price is the same. Most cities have a train station that leads to other nearby cities. These wont have direct access to the next city unless its the nearest city. When trains travel, they make stops at each city that is along their travel route. Characters can choose to depart early if they wish, but depending on the trains schedule, they might just be stopping to depart passangers and then moving on. Characters can inquire about the trains schedule while on the train. The cost is determined by the number of miles between the two cities as the bird flies, not along the train tracks. 

Item                   Standard       Luxury

Intercity             4g                  10g
Sectors             6g                  13g
Another City    1g per mile     3g per mile

Rentals & Gas

There are some places that allow you to rent vehicles. To see the stats of these check out the vehicles section for more information. Rentals come with a full tank of gas and are expected to be returned depending on how long you have the vehicle for.
Gas is 1 gil per gallon for vehicles with 4 or less seats. Gas is 2 gil per gallon for vehicles that have 5+ seats or are larger then a 5-seat truck.

Item                            Cost (per month)
2-Seat Car                  500g
5-Seat Car                  1,000g
2-Seat Truck              600g
5-Seat Truck              1,200g
Motorcycle                100g
2-Seat Motorcycle    300g