Welcome to Endlessea Entertainment

This is my website dedicated to my games that I DM and my wonderful players who join me in my Legends of Lore. This is currently for DnD 5th Edition and the Star Wars Conversion to 5th Edition currently in Testing and now Digimon, Fallout and Final Fantasy. I would like to put out a big thank you to Daspian who gave me a great starting point for this conversion. If you would like to see his original design contact me.

Disclaimer: This Homebrew supplement is not sanctioned by or affiliated with Lucasfilm, Square-Enix, Bethesda Games, Wizards of the Coast, Bandai or any other rights-holding company or entity. This is a non-profit fan made project for entertainment and information purposes.

Star Wars

In a galaxy far far away, a new game system combines the old star war ttrpg and D&D 5E as well as other star wars media to create a fun and easier way to enjoy exploring the galaxy. Use the force to aid your allies or become the sith lord you always wanted to be. Or maybe you prefer to be the gunsling smuggler, anything is possible with enough creativity. 

Dungeons & Dragons

New supplent material for the current Fith Edition. New spells, new classes and new subclasses to choose from. Add any of these to your sessions and explore new possibilites. 


The digital world has finally come in the form of clash between D&D and Media. The game takes reference from the tabletop game and creates a simpler way to play the game without needing a 100 dice to play. The game uses a simple d6 mechanic. 


The post appocaliptic adventure will be available on a d100 system with all the bells and whistles taking inspiration from the current tabletop and video games available.

Final Fantasy

The fantasy rpg will be placed in a d100 system as well taking inspiration from the current tabletop and video games available..


Ever wanted to play Pokemon but in D&D style. Well now you can with this brand new system allowing you to capture and battle some of the most iconic monsters in Dungeons and Dragons. Gather your friends or go solo to try can beat all the city leaders and become the best Dungeonmon Master there ever was. 


Fly around, turn super sayian and defeat your foes with mighty ki blasts as you explore the new system of Dragonball. Create your character and fly off to defeat the evil doers that wish harm upon the galaxy or become the villain and rule with an iron fist.